Saturday, May 12, 2018


RVAlready:  As soon as Abadi gets the results, he will have a good idea about his next term. I think the press is overblowing the difficulty of this process.

Denese:  Parliamentary elections were held in Iraq on 12 May 2018.[3] The elections decided the 329 members of the Council of Representatives who will in turn elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister.

We will know officially who the 329 are 48 hours after the polls closed. we will probably know who they are UNofficially tonight with MSM getting inside info…. but IMO it doesnt make a lot of difference as far as RV.

Abadi will remain PM until the negotiations for next PM are done, even if it takes months which it usually does. Abadi has promised to delete the zeros after elections and restore Iraq to its former glory. i believe he will do what he said

Rock1949:  the positives are that the populus election went off w/o a hitch should confirm to Alak who wanted to see stability & security

Harambe:  Reuters: Turnout in Iraq's parliamentary election is 44.5 percent BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Turnout in Iraq’s parliamentary election held on Saturday was 44.52 percent with 92 percent of the votes counted, the electoral commission said. https://reut.rs/2IaQgSG

CJ101:  Iraq vote results: low turnout indicates al-Abadi likely to win   https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2018/05/turnout-iraqis-vote-time-isil-defeat-180512155813741.html
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