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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

TNT: "Sadr wants Reinstatement", 23 MAY

Yesterday on Franks call he accused “Sunny” of belonging and posting information from his “premium group.” I DO NOT belong to Franks premium group. The notes below were sent to me anonymously through a third party. 


Frank in a blue suit, blue vest, gold on white striped shirt with white/gold striped tie and pocket handkerchief sitting on his blue couch. He is a snappy dresser. All is in Franks opinion.

Sadr and Abadi working together. Maliki is not needed. He’s done! Maliki was given two ultimatums he could not meet – to bring back the trillions he stole and the martyrs he killed.

Corruption was brought out in the election. The General from Iran ran and Maliki is nowhere to be seen. Without a political position you are stripped of your immunity. USA has the evidence of Maliki’s wrongdoings.

Sadr did not get the most votes but you or I going to tell them? The media jumped the gun.

The National Bank of Iraq was told while the elections were going on, that they need to update their software on their ATM machines. Then told them we are going to give you 24 hour notice when to activate the ATM machines. 

Iraq’s currency was removed from International status by the United States, IMF and World Bank. The US is in control. The US is in control of a lot of things in Iraq. 

Complaint’s about the election was taken to Parliament last Saturday. Parliament members did not show up. No quorum.

CBI has given every bank notification to have ATM's ready.

The 24 hour period will include: billboards lit up; Presentation boards inside financial institutions. and both in Article form for citizens read.

Iraq will soon form a basket in the Middle East of currencies to include the Iranian Rial, USD, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait with IQD.

The value of these countries currencies can't be lower than of AMF. (Arabic equivalent of IMF).

These basket currencies can't be higher than AAD (Arabic Counting Dinar.)

Highest value of currencies in basket: 3 units of IMF 's SDR is the highest rate.
(not a clue what that means!)


(Trinidad posted link this am on chat.... nice catch 

Zimbabwe applies to re-join Commonwealth, 15 years after leaving

By Bukola Adebayo, CNN

Updated 4:05 PM ET, Mon May 21, 2018

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivers his state of the nation address at a joint sitting of the parliament and the senate in Harare on December 20, 2017.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Zimbabwe has applied to re-join the Commonwealth after the country withdrew its membership 15 years ago under former President Robert Mugabe.

Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland, said Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa submitted a application on May 15 for the country to return to the 53-member group of mostly British former colonies.

"Zimbabwe's eventual return to the Commonwealth, following a successful membership application, would be a momentous occasion, given our shared rich history," Scotland said in a statement.

(pic) Zimbabweans finally laugh at ex-leader Mugabe in new comedy

To rejoin, Zimbabwe must go through an assessment followed by consultations with other members states, the statement said.

Zimbabwe was first suspended from the Commonwealth in 2002 on the grounds that Mugabe, who had ruled the country since independence in 1980, rigged his re-election in 2002 and persecuted his opponents.

The former dictator withdrew Zimbabwe's membership out of the group after the country's suspension was renewed in 2003.

Mugabe was ousted last November following a military takeover and impending impeachment ending his 37-year rule over the country.

The Commonwealth secretariat will send observers to monitor the country's elections in July, following an invitation from the Zimbabwean government, the statement said.


Reuters: Iran tells Europe to step up and save nuclear deal


CNBC: Brent crude oil trades near $80 as supply concerns mount


Zimbabwe applied to rejoin. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/21/africa/zimbabwe-commonwealth-countries/​index.html

CNBC: Forget Iran. Here's the real US foreign policy 'catastrophe' in ​the Middle East

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya revealed recentl​y that the central bank had imported $400 million this year to ease ca​sh shortages, but depositors continue to struggle to access their mone​y.= https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-business-sc-companies-byo-135917.html

Interesting insight on the USD/ Martin Armstrong – Rates are Going to Jump to 10% Instantaneously= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFRuRoqLKZU

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