Thursday, May 3, 2018


Paperboy:  FROM TNT MEMBER bonkers

Thanks for sharing your experience. I went to a WF branch just outside Denver on Monday afternoon just to make a deposit and I waited in line and then the next teller that opened was the one at the foreign currency desk.

I don't question them about our investments (dinar/dong) but I did start a conversation with the teller just saying I have friends that had invested in foreign currencies and they were expecting some big returns.

He did ask if I knew what currencies they held and I said I believed it was the dinar and dong. He told me they were not selling dinar but they were the dong and they had been busy. He pointed over to the 3rd or 4th teller window from his and he pointed out the smaller sign on the counter that also said foreign currency exchanges (his sign was larger and mounted on the glass).

He told me that they had added a second window and trained additional employees to help with the exchanges; they where expecting higher volumes of traffic. He offered no additional information and seemed like he didn't want to.

I had been in just two weeks earlier and the sign on the second window was not there before. Simple story but I left feeling pretty darn good! 

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