Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Dansmr:   B.O.A. ON 05/01/18

The branch manager knows me really well at BOA.  I moved from TX to another state and she told me I would not need my lease to prove my new address, but it would not hurt to have it.  She told me because they know me from coming into the branch every week.  They don't even ask for my ID anymore, I just slide my cc in the machine and put in my password.

I asked if she knew that they were one of the lead banks in the currency exchange for the RV and she said YES we know.  She has been trained and that she trained all the other tellers over the last few weeks.  She said It didn't matter that I just moved to this state in Dec and not over 6 months.  Her training didn't say to look for that.  Just proper ID.

In the new system you have to have all the 10k notes together, etc and how many you have (I have mine on a spread sheet with types of notes {10k 25k etc}, country {IQD, VND ETC} and how many notes I have by each order. 

I also have every invoice number, Company purchased from and date purchased on the spreadsheet.  Just in case it is needed.  I have kept each order together in an envelope with invoice just in case they want a copy.  I have a copy of my divorce showing me taking back my maiden name.  (most of my orders purchased with married last name)

Bringing my Lease, divorce papers, drivers license, pass port and birth certificate should be all I need.  Although she told me I would not need them. 

She checked the new software today and nothing has shown any changes.  admin hold on IQD.  NO zim showing today at all. IDR showing but at old rate.  VND showing but at old rate and will not let your purchase if trying to.

She has my email address and said she would email me when she see's a change in the rates, she doesn't know when but has been told it would be soon.  I asked her if I should schedule an appointment when she emails me.  She said most likely they will with people that have as much as I do, but would exchange a small amount before appointment if I wanted. 

Anyone with under a million will not need to make appointment...  all tellers are trained. Assistant Managers & Managers will assist the tellers if there are a lot of people wanting to exchange.  They are not expecting a lot when it first goes.

That's all I have for now.
Harambe:  NBC: US crude sinks nearly 2% to 2-week low, settling at $67.25, as d​ollar surge weighs on oil market https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/30/oil-market-iran-sanction-worries-in-fo​cus.html      

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