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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Here is where we are. Here is our Intel. This was one call I was thinking we weren’t going to do because so much information between Thursday and was pointing to this already happening.

Let’s look where Iraq is right now.

Ultimately it seems it comes down to Iraq. Are they ready? Do they have their rate out yet? Here is what Iraq is doing starting tomorrow morning in Iraq which is a few hours from now. What they have is brand new Economic Development Program which starts tomorrow. It is a five year program. It involves so far 57 countries, 360 companies.

​Let me ask you this: If you were going to start that program tomorrow and go 5 years with it, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have your currency at an internationally tradable rate? Yes it would. It is very important. It is crucial they have that rate out tomorrow before they start this program which is due to start tomorrow. Now that is kind of cool.
Bruce:  The other thing is the Qi cards that are new, the Visa cards, that have the oil revenue sharing money on them, are to be accessible. They already had been able to access those cards last week. Those funds are accessible and useable tomorrow morning. We are also hearing Iraq will have a rate out tomorrow morning that their ATMS will be turned on.

Their lower denominations have been loaded in them for awhile, and they will be accessible, available. Iraq should be rocking and rolling tomorrow morning. They are 9 hours ahead of us. That is late tonight daylight savings time. I am feeling very good about that the situation.

Bruce:  Iraq’s neighbor, Iran, as of today is not in the first basket. Gone. Sanctions are going to go back on. The agreement was pulled. So they are not going to be part of that. It might give them additional incentive to sort of change their thinking a little bit. We will see what happens. They are not going to be in the first basket.

Bruce:  Who is in the first basket?  You know the other currencies, but there are a total of 34 currencies that will go up in value. We know about 5 or 6 of them. There are some others. The rest of the currencies of 206 or 207 countries or nations depending on what you use for your starting number, those currencies will stay the same or go down slightly, but 34 currencies will go up.

Bruce:  We do hear that there is a lot happening now. Certain things tend to start and have started either around midnight, 11:59pm, 12:0l am, that time frame. Then there has been other things started around 3am EST, sort of varies, but we are hearing Tier 1 and 2 groups have been paid and are complete.

We are hearing Tier 3 got started last night and are continuing to be paid and should have liquidity when we get our toll free numbers. We are hearing the Core groups and some others type groups are being told they will be paid either today or tonight.

I think we are moving along very nicely. I think the Forex rates that were sent over to us Sunday night or Monday have been finally approved here. These rates came over from London.  We are getting the impression the rates are not only been approved, but are solid, no rates flashing. That is good.

They have decided everything is in Go Mode.

Bruce: We had a big meeting down in Dallas Saturday. What it meant was it was strictly between HSBC and Wells Fargo. They had a good time and discussed a lot of things that were very positive about the timing and where we are going. There was a conference call with the Redemption Centers and with Tier 1 and 2 banks all across the country yesterday. Final things are being finally discussed and final training is lining up for us.

I believe the last the latest information I got which was about 5 minutes before the call tonight that came from sophisticated bankers from New York was that this was going down shortly.  We do not know what that means exactly, but I feel very confident where we sit, why we have been chosen for this, and where we are going.

Bruce:  Another quick thing I am thinking of and may be important to you. What is Bruce not? Not an attorney or CPA, and doesn’t play one on the Big Call.  There are two basic types of accounts that we can set up with our banks. You need to know this and ask your attorney or do a little research yourself. One account is called Judiciary Account. A Judiciary Account is one that you might want to look into. The other one is called Current Account. Not a word you think of relating to a bank account.

​I want you to look them up: Current and Judiciary Accounts. Learn about them so that when you see language at the Redemption Centers and setting up your accounts you will be able to talk intelligently to the people about the type of account or accounts you want to set up. Just a little tip for you to look into.
Bruce:  We are moving along nicely with the Humanitarian Projects we plan on doing on the Big Call. We got our structures set up for the Veterans Retreat Network and for the Rebuild America. We are moving along to get ourselves in position to get started when the time is right. Know this you guys: Do your thing. Get yourself exchanged. Get your bonds for the Zim redeemed.

​Take a breath. Pay off any bills you got, and just take a little vacation if you want. Chill. If you want to go out get your car. Save a few nicer cars for everyone else. If you want to shop for that home, Do it, but take a little time to enjoy life and be thinking how you are going to give back, how you are going to do it. Get with your attorney and CPA how you are going to give, plan to handle your time, how you going to bless people without it being directly from you. Figure that out with your CPA staff, your attorney the best way to stay relatively invisible.

Bruce:  We are obviously closer than we ever been. I am feeling very good with the timing where we are. That is enough of what you need tonight. Thank you all for listening. Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven, and Bob.  Everybody, I am excited and I am looking forward to staying in touch with all of you.  Good night everybody, have a great night.


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