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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I will start off by saying we had from what I heard since Tuesday the intention was for us to go Tuesday night overnight to Wednesday morning. That was the intention.

What happened was President Trump wanted it to take place, but he wanted it to be obviously safe for us to go and speaking with Pentagon he found he was asked to give it a few more days. Even though the President wanted this to go yesterday just like  we do, better judgment took place to where we need a little bit more time for security purposes which  could be we need more clean up on aisle 3  because there has been a lot of that going on. Some people go Bruce you never talk about the Dark State. You never talk about this or that. I leave that for other people for other calls. I know what is going on. I know what is happening.

​I have better information than you realize and a lot of the stuff I can’t bring on the call. It is simple as that.
Bruce:  So what I am going to tell you is I believe those concerns are being taken care of and I believe we are in a very slight waiting period, but it shouldn’t be too much from what I am hearing. Here is sort of what we are hearing right now. When it comes to Iraq, sometimes we start with Iraq, Iraq did make a rate change that was for the Platform purposes. Nether words they had a Platform rate for the dinar so it could be initiated.

However, that rate has not fully been put out for people to know about it yet. I told you guys a week or two ago, I said I personally don’t think we will see a rate from Iraq until we actually have an 800 number and we are actually on our way. I just think it is going to be a shot gun start to that extend where we won’t even know the official rate.

Where we might know the rate but it won’t be on the website or out where we can see it until we get started. I just have a feeling that is what is going to happen. It is more of a gut feeling than anything else.  That is kind of what is going on.

Bruce:  We know that as of the brand new Visa cars that are designed to take the oil profits from Iraq could be activated on Thursday evening and could be available for funds to be accessed on last Saturday. Iraq has moved along in the way they needed to in that extent. We also know the troops were pulled out. I mentioned that on Tuesday to where Iraq is basically in charge of their country and they have their sovereignty and we don’t want to be there and we don’t have to be there to protect anymore.

​That is a good sign for us. We did have last week from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday we had 16.2 metric tons of gold reinstated to the United States. Don’t know where it came from.  I think it was gold that we might have we needed for our USN dollar to be gold asset back. That was a move over that 4 day period to the states.

Bruce:  Also the Redemption Centers are still on high alert.  They still are doing conference calls. They are still making slight changes to staffing and to procedures. It is all good. Also the fact the actual rates for the currencies are back on the screens.

The fact they have rates on the screens is very positive and the fact these rates can be not only seen by the Redemption Centers, but the Redemption Center can see all the rates at other banks. Let’s call them Tier 1 banks. I am not sure of the other banks. They can do that. Why is that?  Why is that under the new banking system that they are on that they can see other banks rates for these currencies?  I think it is really cool. 

​It looks to me that is transparency. That is the ability to be competitive by knowing what the other bank rates are. I think that will be beneficial to us even thought I do not know if we are going to need it at the Redemption Centers. It is kind of neat. That is new. We never had that before where Redemption Centers can see the rates of other banks. That is good. I think that is exciting. ​
Bruce:  I know that we were on a 36 hour track to the GCR that started at midnight last night and that would be theoretically over by over at noon tomorrow. I do not know if anything happens then or we get more information or what that means. I think we are looking at we are sort of in that moment and timing where something regarding the releases and we may be talking about releases out west first to take care of SKRs, to take care of groups, to take care of various people like that may go first or it may go first simultaneously with the release of the toll free numbers to me or to whomever besides me if there is anybody.

​That would be fine. In that case it would be a real shot gun start where everybody gets essentially liquidity and paid.  We know one of the very top Humanitarian funding sources has received basically all the funds they need to begin and receive those.  However, they still not able to access those funds and distribute those funds until we go. We don’t know exactly have the timeframe on that, but we know it supposed to be after we get started.

Bruce:  We have heard some very interesting things about upcoming announcements. We have heard that we have a delegation over in China renegotiating our trade program with China in a lot of different areas. Not just from our country but other countries as well are there.

We have a delegation of 14 people from the United States who are working and busy getting this done. Our understanding is that they will complete those negotiations with China on China’s Saturday morning around 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning where they could be wrapping up and on their way back to the United States. Because it is a 13 hour difference between there and the East coast of the United States with daylight savings time in play, and that would be 9:00 to 9:30ish tomorrow night, Friday night.

Bruce:  We also are hearing the possibility of announcements coming from China following the departure of that delegation. I don’t know if we are going to find out about it. I don’t know if it will be online. I do not know.  I don’t know if it will be aired here. I doubt it. However, we could be receiving an announcement about our own here in the United States on Saturday. No time has been given. Don’t know if it will be President Trump. I hope it will be.

It might involve the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin or possibly both or someone else completely. But I would think those two would be the key and possibly getting an announcement to us. What will it be about?  It could very well be returning to the gold standard or calling our currency an asset back currency because we are not going to be solely backed by gold, but I believe by gold, silver, platinum, and other properties and also other assets that can back our currency here in the United States.

Bruce:  My understanding is that after China makes their initial announcement late tomorrow night for us our time, other countries around the world will also make individual announcements to their people. It could literally be around the world global release information about asset back currencies, possibly something regarding peace time, prosperity for all. This type of information I think we are looking for to receive.  I am excited about that taking place, and also thinking because of that we are finally getting down to what should be our time.

Bruce:  When it comes to what we need to remember, I would say the main thing when you go in if you have any Humanitarian Project interest whether it is with what we are doing which is Rebuild America and working with the veterans with the Veteran Retreat Network and other things projects we will do, that what we are going to ask you to do if you are interest and you are interested in something higher than the screen rates when you go in, let them know you have plans for projects with longevity.

You have plans to do something meaningful with plans in terms of infrastructure, and in terms of creating jobs. Maybe it will be relating to new energy. There are so much new technologies that are coming online that we are finding out about.  I hope you caught last Sunday that 60 Minute segment episode. All 3 segments were very powerful. I hope you all caught that. If not grab it on YouTube or DVR from last Sunday. It was very good. All three were very good. 
Bruce:  So you will be looking at technology, creating jobs, and all those things are important to your presentation. The main thing is be confident. Be very positive what it is you plan to do. Don’t try to be somebody you are not. Just be who you are. Your particular person who you are will come across to be genuine, honest and forthright.

Listen, we all are going to be in a position we have never been before. We have never been there. Rehearse it in your mind. Run through the Redemption process through your mind. Run through your presentation of two to three minutes in your mind. Say it out loud if it helps you to feel comfortable with what it is you want to say.  Just let them know what your heart is. If you don’t know what to say ask for help to give you the words that you need to communicate. Be confident. You have so much more knowledge from listening to the Big Call for years than anybody out there.

​Sorry, but I believe it is true. Even though there are other calls out there, and there are some good ones out there, what we try to do is give you the latest, the best, most accurate information we can on what we can share. That is what I tried to do tonight.

Bruce:  This could happen for us. I have been told from two sources this could happen anytime meaning any moment now, but I do know that we may be looking for these announcements that I talked about. I just want you to be aware that we are looking very good regardless if we get started right away or we have to wait a few days. Thank you everybody for listening tonight. I thank you so much. Everybody have a beautiful night. We will talk to you soon.  Get some sleep. We will see what will happen the next few days.


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