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Friday, May 18, 2018



 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I want to bring you some information that we call Intel that is very excited. We will start with Iraq. We found on Tuesday call we knew al-Sadr had sort of a majority coalition with him for the vote that took place on Saturday. Yet we also knew that Abadi still was very interested in continuing as Prime Minster of Iraq, but he needed some support ceded from al-Sadr. The deal was al-Sadr was going to do that if Abadi had the RV rate out so that everybody could see it and it was done. He had basically until today according to their agreement to do that. The good news is he did it. The good news is that they will go about setting up their government over the next couple of weeks, but Abadi from what I understand and we got this directly from Fallujah today and it was one of our contacts over there. We understand that it was a done deal and that did occur. Abadi will continue as Prime Minister.

Bruce: What that really means for us is I believe I let you know this was the case on Tuesday’s call. We do have the ATM machines turned on. We have the lower denomination in there. We had proof today that the military, Kurdistan and other people in Iraq had been paid throughout the country were getting paid with the new rate. They were very happy about that. We still do not know the new rate. We know where the new rate is. We know it is over $4. We do not know exactly where the rate is in Iraq right now, but we know the lower denominations are available and the people are using them, and the prices are changing and things are happening.

Bruce: When are we going to see it here? We understand that they are not even going to let the United States know the result of the election until over night tonight or sometime tomorrow. It could be in the morning. We supposed to get that, but right now they, Iraq, has had kind of a blackout on a lot of the information. We thought it was going to be lifted by now, but at least that particular bit of information about the election being absolute has been held back from us. I heard a report yesterday and I thought OH OH. They were talking about it in terms of al-Sadr. I thought he supposed to cede the election over to Abadi, but we needed this to occur and that is what happened. Fortunately everything turned out the way it was intended. So that part is really good. We have that aspect pretty much done. I would call it mission accomplished in terms with Iraq’s point of view.

Bruce: We have heard that this RV, we tend to call it GCR-Global Currency Reset, has begun already in Hong Kong and in Dubai. We believe it is going to follow its way throughout the globe with all 209 countries doing their revaluation as part of the Global Currency Reset very shortly, very shortly. I just what you to know we seem to be on the precipice of something major happening. I know certain banks that are lead banks such as HSBC and Wells Fargo are on high red alert to begin. I know that they are expecting with memos that have gone out for everybody to more or less be available for the next several days to several weeks not to go anywhere. Basically be ready for this to happen. That was what I was getting out of it. It came from a memo. I think that the time is finally here so we can move forward.

Bruce: I know when we talk about out west we talk about the various groups. We do have sort of clarification on Tier 3. Remember now we know Tier 1 and 2 have already completed and they completed yesterday early morning like 2 or 3amyesterday morning. Tier 3 got started and they are moving right thru with pretty good pace. We had 3 parts of Tier 3. We had 3 phrases of Tier 3. The first phrase was VIP or the privileged. The second phase we tend to call the core groups. The third phase is everybody else in Tier 3. There is quite a few. There were 11,500 and some initially that needed to get paid. That was down to 9,400 last night, and down to 8,500 tonight. It is just moving thru at a pretty good clip.

Bruce: The good news is what I heard, of course we are looking for the verification of all of this, but I been told that we do not have to wait for Tier 3 to complete before Tier 4, gets notified and gets ready to set appointments and begin. Even though we got couple more days of Tier 3 to continue and pay out, the word I have we could go before they finished. We are not dependent on Tier 3 completing. That is what I am trying to say. That is really good news. It tells us we are right there in the middle of the process. We kind of been on Go ever since Tuesday morning from Jerusalem when President Trump made the video announcement there. That was the point to begin to releasing everything globally. That is when we were noticing a lot of funds moving around from bank to bank and so on. It really has been very active out there with money moving around crazy since then. We are in the midst of it right now. We are in the midst of it going down. Our turn is coming, and I would bet our turn is coming very shortly.

Bruce: One other thing that happened that we can talk about is at 1:01am in the morning EDT that would be early this morning just after 1:00 am there was a new protocol that was put out that involved the NSA and the FCC, Federal Communication Commission. This was to introduce I am going to call it software protocol whatever you want to call it to keep the bad guys from siphoning off funds of the bank transactions. Even thought the system is ready to go, this is one they introduced and it might have a military component to it from what I understand to make it no longer possible so that people can no longer get in there and hack these banks and get the funds and siphon off funds. It is very important for us because we want our funds protected and we want them safe and we want to be able to trust the banks that we do business with. My impression was since that has occurred, we are in a much better place now.

Bruce: We did get another bank soft ware update last night overnight. That was a good thing and it was sort of in conjunction with this new system that happened at 1:01am. I think that is a very positive thing for us to look forward to. We all want the security of our funds in whatever bank we choose. I think now a lot of things have happened. We did get word on some people who were picked up for trying to do just that like siphon off funds that happened prior to 1:01am. That was good. Now is all the clean up complete? I would say NO. It is still in process. The clean up on aisle 3 as I call it is moving around at a very fast clip. That is good for us. We believe the security is in place to begin. Everybody from what we understand as a Go ahead from the President, from the Pentagon, from the Treasury everything is set to GO.

Bruce: I believe we are right where we need to be. I thought we could have had this thing happened for us today. I believe it was initially at least the plan, but you know what, we can make it another day or two. That is what I am looking for. I am looking forward for this to happen pretty quickly here. I think we got great rates that are shown back up on the screens. We got rates on front and back screens. One of the vendors more than doubled the cost of a 100 Trillion note. That is a very interesting sign. When you go up that much on a little bit of remaining inventory you have, that is a very interesting and positive thing for us. I know there is probably is more.

Bruce: The gist of it is we are excited and we looking forward for this to happen. We are looking forward to do the humanitarian projects we talked about. Everybody is pretty much ready to get started set your appointment and Go. I know that the Redemption Centers are ready. What is so unusual especially today and yesterday a little bit, but more today is the absolute level of quiet that is out there from most of our sources. Most people that we hear from a little here and a little bit there is very quiet now. I can just tell you that is a good sign for us. It as if we are in the calm before the storm. I think that is a really good thing.

Bruce: What I am going to do is thank you for listening again tonight. This is our last call of the week and it could be our last call for awhile if everything comes through from what we think. What I mean is we will take time off to get our house in order with our finances, and take a little vacation time and go about our business while the Big Call starts creating. We already got the structures created and we are just going to go and work on how we are going to build out our two major projects Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America We have other things we have to talk about. We haven’t forgotten anything just so you know. Those are the two biggies.

Bruce: We did talk last time about apprenticeships. It is important we get that going. There is a workers shortage with a lot of the trades in some of the cities. We are going to work closely with trade schools with tuition and opportunities for the peopleyoung and old if they want to work. If they want to work we will be able to put them to work even if it is apprentice type situation until they get qualified to take over as a welder, plumber, and electrician whatever it is, a builder. It takes time, but we want to be able to pay these individuals as they go, as they learn. That is going to be really good for us. We got plans for all of that. We are looking forward to it.

Bruce: From the Big Call we are excited. We want to thank you for listening again. We are in our 7th year of the Big Call, and I am excited everybody is still with us. I am looking forward guys coming to a rightful conclusion just as much you guys are. I enjoy doing the calls. I enjoy getting information I get to bring to you. I can’t bring everything I hear. It is not quite appropriate. It is too sensitive sometimes. Overall you get what I get, and I am just doing that bringing you what I have. Tonight is no exception. We love you. We care about you. Thank you very much everybody. Looking forward to a great pre weekend and weekend. Let’s see where it goes. I am feeling very good where we are, and I am feeling a lot better as time has gone on today. Thank you everybody and good night.


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