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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Just when I thought I wouldn’t have to talk about Iraq anymore they are back.

There is some real interesting stuff what has been going on in Iraq over the last 4 or 5 days. Their election for Prime Minister was Saturday. They were going to be able to start voting as early as 7am local time, Baghdad time on Saturday.

Prior to that about like 4 days prior to the Election Day, they were busy, the military and some of the other people who were chosen, to help set up billboards and increased the number of billboards in Iraq to almost 8,000 in all 17 Provinces.

They added a number of static billboards already and they added a number of digital billboards to that number and came up with just under 8,000 total. You say So What.

Bruce: What was on the digital billboards was pictures of the lower denominations and let’s go to the digital billboards first.
The digital billboards pictures of the lower denominations and they also had a rate of the dinar as compared to the US Dollar.

The individual pictures of the lower denominations currency of the new dinar also had a value for each denomination whether it was a 5, 10, 20, etc. It had a relative value in US Dollars.

So someone could look up and say Hey, we got a new value for our dinar and there it is and it is compared to the US Dollar. What is interesting about this it took 3 to 4 days to get this all together and set this up all over Iraq.

The morning of the voting about 5am or 2 hours before the voting would start on Saturday, the Baghdad Province billboards were revealed. They were exposed where people could see that the dinar had value and they could see the value of it before they voted. So they knew under Abadi the dinar had revalued. They waited until almost the last minute. I do not know why, but they did.

Bruce: What is interesting is the next day which was Sunday morning at 5am local Baghdad time, they revealed all of the billboards throughout the country. So it means in all of the 17 Provinces all the billboards were revealed so all could see it.

Also at that time which was Sunday, the first business day of the week over there, they were able to begin to use the ATM machines, and see the lower denominations and have it up and running. Where that was sort of the big reveal so the people would know the value and the rate in country, evidently it still hasn’t been put out for the international world to know it yet which is wild. We thought that was pretty much the end of it.

Bruce: We know what the rate is. We know that all the rates populated back on the screens as of Sunday night on the bank screens. So then when they came in Monday morning they had rates. That was yesterday morning. We all thought we are ready to go.

We are ready to get started. Remember this: yesterday what was really significant was you remember when the US Embassy in Jerusalem was made known and you all seen the coverage of that on the news. It was made known. It was announced. Our President Trump made a video announcement that was played at that particular celebration yesterday where Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke.

Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, was there and a number of dignitaries were there. Ivanka Trump was there and Jared was there. All of that was happening.

Bruce: What was significant about it for us and we understood it today, Tuesday, that yesterday when that Presidential speech was played on video that was our start for what we are looking for with the GCR to be revealed around the world.

Even though we talk about a shot gun start, which those of you that play golf, it is a gold term that means when everybody lines up tees off on 18 different holes with their 4 person team, when a gun or pistol shot they all start at the same time.

They start playing at the same time. We have used that term shot gun start for quite awhile regarding our start for being paid out or being exchanged or redeemed in terms of the Zim for years and years. What I am saying is it appears what is happening we had that start effectively yesterday morning. We are in the process now of waiting for our turn again.

Bruce: What has been happening is there has been a lot of money moving again especially today around the globe. In a very real sense the shot gun start started in Hong Kong, Zurich, London, and here with Pay Masters’ accounts being fully liquid and with some Pay Masters having already paid out the start of some of the groups.

There is quite a bit of activity going on everywhere. We as Tier 4 are pretty much lined up to go I would say shortly, because everything we are hearing and I have people with several hours to go let’s say which would put us in the middle of night.

Then we also have people talking about putting us receiving our toll free numbers within 48 hours of this morning. We have a range of things being told. It is quite possible we can go anytime in the next couple of days we are getting.

We don’t have to wait out necessary the two days. It is within those 48 hours. We are not trying to call it. I am just trying to say it seems based on everything I am getting we are finally ready.
Bruce: There were conference calls toward the end of last week. There was one on Saturday that was a big one between all the Tier 1 Banks, Tier 2 Banks that had currency exchange locations. HSBC, Wells Fargo, and the Treasury were represented. It went about 2.5 hours.

They were going over final protocols and procedures and discussing all of that. They actually had another call on Sunday. Now yesterday on Monday there was a meeting that lasted almost 12 hours. It started around 10am and finished around 9:30pmlast night east coast time. It was in 3 different sections.

This meeting was like in 3 parts. This was basically the information that was coming out a little bit today about it. It hard to know exactly what was discussed, but we believe certain issues like taxation that was solved in our favor. That was really positive. I just think everything is moving along with good speed right now.

Bruce: When it comes to what we are looking for of course they had a check or two of my phone number so I can be called with the information and the Toll free numbers when they are to be given. I understand that information has been checked and rechecked. Some people in certain groups have been notified already and verified their currency amounts. That is a good positive thing moving forward.

I think we are getting to the point we should be getting excited again. People say have we been here before? No we haven’t. We thought we were there forever. For the last two to three months we have been hearing a lot about this we are. I know I said it a lot, but I really think that the time has come where everything has been agreed upon and we are moving forward. I really believe we are.

Bruce: The proximity looks really good. There has been some discussion about Iraq with the election. Al-Sadr did really well, but we believe what his intention is to do is secede his power over to Abadi’s coalition let’s call it for him to take the position of Prime Minister again in Iraq.

But to do that al-Sadr wants the assurance that the RV is completely done in Iraq which means the rate needs to be put out and there is a time frame for that. I think that we all know that and they are looking forward to have that complete and then the election results may reflect that. We will see how that goes.

Bruce: As far as I can tell the program that we are under with the receiving of this toll free number for Tier 4 is lined up and set and ready to go. I think that what I am looking forward to is letting the people know at the Redemption Center what our humanitarian project efforts are going to be like.

I have been working in the last couple of weeks to get that established with structures and ready to build that. We are ready. I am excited to work with the veterans with the Veterans Retreat Network and also with Rebuild America. I know another thing we are going to need to work on and I want you guys to be thinking about this.

Bruce: We are going to need a lot of people that are working in the area of the building trades. We will need to see what kind of trade schools are going to be available to take students that are ready for that type of career and probably create scholarships for a lot of them so they can get in the trade schools and get trained on some of these trades that we are going to need, the building trades.

We are going to need people all over the country. I think there is going to be sort of a lack of that all over the country since the unemployment rate is so low around the country. We are down to 4 percent. Anything under 5% is considered full employment. We are looking really good.
Bruce: We are going to need to get our mentorship program up and running especially in the inner city. Also our apprenticeship program directly tied to the trades. We will be working with the trade schools. We might have to open our own trade schools, and we are also going to have apprenticeship with young people and older people alike, 18 years and older to go in there and try to scholarship them and get them trained.

Also on the job training as well so when they do get in there if they find they can be a plumber or electrician helper and do that a couple of hours or what works out for them with their schedule, we can compensate them for that. They can be compensated to be on the job learning as they go. That is what I want to see around the country. That is kind of what my mindset is for Rebuild America. I know I only touched on it. There is going to be a lot of information we will put out when the time is right.

Bruce: For right now everybody needs to focus and be ready. When it does happen and we do get the numbers, we will put them out on both of our websites and a few other places online. I know Bob will send out emails if you are on our new website:bigcalluniverse.com, if you are registered on that site, you will get an email with the numbers that will apply to you.

We should have two toll free numbers for the United States, and then 3 different bank numbers for Canada.

I do not know at this point if there is a number for Mexico. If I was in Mexico I would try to get in touch with an HSBC Bank. That is what I am getting so far. The 3 numbers in Canada are and this is what I understand, one for Royal Bank of Canada, one for Scotia Bank and one for Toronto Dominion Bank. That will be the theory I believe. That is what I have been told.

Bruce: That is all I really want to bring to you tonight. I am getting a few calls coming in and I want to check to see what that is. Thank you Big Call listeners all over the globe into Big Call Universe. Thank you everybody for listening in again and we got it done under an hour and we appreciate you. Thank you everybody. Thank you Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven. Thank you everybody. Good Night everybody. Get some sleep tonight.


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