Friday, May 4, 2018

"So Anna Von Reitz has a Different Point of View?" by Jo Ana, 4 MAY

5/04/2018 09:21:00 AM 
Entry Submitted by Jo Ana at 9:11 AM EDT on May 4, 2018

Wow! On a site where all or most of us have a view regarding the RV that differs with the majority of humanity, Anna gets slammed! Because her view of an RV is different from most of us here? I have to say to those haters on here.....grow up! Do you enjoy being criticized by others for believing in the RV? I hope not. So then why criticize a woman who has done more to free the slaves (us) than anyone else in our history for having a different opinion than yours? In America, we are supposed to have free speech. I would hope that here on DC, we would allow any person can to say whatever they want to without being ripped to shreds. And basing that ripping on another anonymous alleged human called Virgo Triad??? Good Lord!! Just when I thought I'd already heard the most stupid thing possible. Surprise, surprise.

Look, Anna can't stop an RV with her opinion, and I support her right to have an opinion that differs from mine on this topic. I believe that the Iraq RV is imminent, but since I'm not God I can't guarantee that. As always, time will tell. And in defence of Anna's comments, for those who can read you have discovered that she has a plan to distribute the world assets that now belong to the people of the United States of America (unincorporated) because of her efforts for us, the people. She's merely saying that all those incorporated governments are now debtors to us, and her plan to distribute these assets which now belong to us will take the place of a GCR which would likely never happen because getting 209 people, let alone countries, to agree on anything is nearly impossible. Her plan to provide an essential sum of money monthly for basics to every one of us in the world, and then additional money for investments, etc seems like a pretty appealing idea to me.

And she's right. If our government hasn't cut some kind of deal with Iraq, as suggested by many, our becoming wealthy overnight could very well cause a crisis of inflation. I don't believe that will happen because I believe there is a backdoor deal to prevent that but again, time will tell.

We live in a world with very few heroes. I dearly cherish my few- Anna, Neil Keenan, President Trump, Frank Villa, and our Patrick. Each of these people has a real name, and we can contact any of them. Is that true for Virgo Triad... really?? Anna's given name is Anna Marie Reitzinger, and she uses a version of that name, Anna Von Reitz, as a pen name, I believe, and you can find her email, mailing address, and phone number on her website. Can someone give me Virgo Triad's phone number please? 

it's way past time to learn how to differentiate the sh*t from the shinola. Wise up. 

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