Saturday, May 5, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

According to various sources, multiple groups have been called to Reno to begin exchanging/redeeming currency.

Other sources have confirmed that exchanges/redemptions did occur however, the veracity of this is to be taken as rumor.

Throughout history there have been specific points in time where humanity was uplifted by random events.

These were not random events. It is all a divine plan for humanity to evolve quickly within a time span of 13,000 years.

The goal is for us to reach the level we were at during the times of Atlantis.

Normally, this would take approximately 100,000 years.

What's happening on Earth has never been done before in the Universe.

We are being observed by everyone as a result.

The 13,000 years is almost up.

The Earth is beginning to act unusual.


Sequence of events:

1) The RV is released, exchanges/redemptions begin causing a sudden influx of humanitarians.

2) GESARA is enacted, the new financial system is introduced, all currencies reset, military tribunals begin.

3) Ascension begins, sudden blast of energy from the galactic central sun causing the Earth's magnetic poles to shift, also resulting in our consciousness being raised to the 5th density.

In the words of Sam Cooke, a change is gonna come.

Source: Operation Disclosure

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