Thursday, May 10, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 10 2018

Compiled by Judy Byington,

The following is a compilation of information found on the Internet. It would be up to you as the reader to make your own decision on whether or not you find it valid.

A. May 9 2018 9:48 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: Geopolitical GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 9, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Alliance has solved the Middle East situation behind closed doors with all participating countries.

. The Iran Nuclear deal is a master denuclearization plan for both Israel and Iran. The plan will also expose the Uranium One deal including all involved Cabal/Deep State officials.

3. Netanyahu attended Russia's Victory Day which signifies his surrender to the Alliance's ultimatum via Putin.


4. The escalation between Syria, Iran, and Israel was being orchestrated as part of a soft disclosure plan.


5. Those in the know of what was going on were in the minority, thus why the Alliance deemed soft disclosure was necessary prior to GESARA.

6. According to several sources required activations for the RV release were completed today May 9.

7. There was a high chance of the toll-free 800 number release this midnight between 11:58 PM EST and 12:01 AM EST.


B. May 9 2018 3:29 pm EST Intel Update: Current GCR/RV Situation Intel Update from R104525 5-9-18

1. The Iranian Nuclear Agreement was related to the Uranium One Deal, which was part of a plan by Cabal to create a false-flag nuclear attack in the United States.

2. The agreement would be released quietly, revealing traitors to the Kabbalah / criminals involved in the agreement.

3. Kim Jong-un met with Xi for the 2nd time ahead of the talks with Trump. Kim Jong-un was being informed by the Alliance through the Xi of the transition event and the future of North Korea in a post-GESARA world

4. Iraq is the only country in the world that used the new financial system, the official rate of the Iraqi Dinar era of fiduciary exchange.

5. The Alliance has to resolve the situation in Syria, Iran and Israel and were just one step away from being completed. The Alliance would address the matter internally for a security agreement that could be reached at any time - that put the launch of the RV at any time.

6. The RV would start after the agreement.

7. Once a certain "agreement" was reached, there would be nothing to prevent the promulgation of GESARA.

8. The new financial system would be revealed after the promulgation of GESARA.

9. The system was ready to receive the new rates on the FOREX and be at the banks the next day

10. All banks in the world would have the same rate on the screen when the new rates appeared on the Forex. Everyone would go at once once the rates reached the Forex.

C. May 9 2018 TNT Call

1. The banks were ready and saying it could go at any moment, though possibly after banking hours on Wed. May 9 or Thurs. May 10.

2. Our contact in Kurdistan said everything was done and it could go within the next couple of days, meaning within three to six days.

3. The banks were gearing up for tomorrow, May 10.

4. We feel it could go Thurs. May 10, Fri. May 11 or Mon. May 14.

3. The Iraqi citizen Qi Cards and Visa Cards were accessible, international and have been for some time.

4. The Zim rate was the equivalent of $.11 to $.16 cents with six zeros taken off (or .00000016). The Dong rate was $.47 cents. The Dinar rate was $3.71.

5. It is our opinion that the Iranian Rial was still in the first basket.

6. Closing statement: Based on what Alak is saying, and the information from US banks, we expect to see this on Forex and in the banks tomorrow Thurs. May 10 or Friday May 11. Whether it’s tonight, tomorrow or any time up to Mon. May 14, we are in there and ready. It seems very likely Abadi would be re-elected, so this was not an issue. The CBI would let this go in the next 6 days (by Tues. May 15).


D. May 9 2018 3:16 pm EST, QAnon: QAnon: Pull-out from the Iran Nuclear Deal

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