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Retirement Authority start paying the salaries of military retirees for May

May 4, 2018

The General Retirement Authority announced on Thursday that it is paying salaries of military retirees for the current May meal. The Authority said in a statement that in coordination with Rafidain Bank, Rashid Bank, the Iraqi Bank for Trade (TBI) and the International Smart Card Company,

The agency added that pensioners of cardholders smart card card and manual exchange retirees can check the exchange centers to receive their salaries.


Samson:  Iraq has signed more than 13 investment agreements over the past days. 

"We signed 13 investment agreements during the past few days," the secretary-general of the Iraqi cabinet Ali al-Alak told a news conference on Thursday. "Within two months, 15 companies signed investment agreements with Iraq."

He pointed out that "the Prime Minister issued new investment decisions, which will provide a suitable ground for investment."  "The political situation will be better after the elections and will not constitute a crisis for the investor," al-Aalak predicted.

The Iraqi parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 12, amid heightened security alert, after the threat of "urging" voters, especially in areas where their fighters were expelled.   LINK

Samson:  US Treasury Secretary: "We have very good talks with China"

 4th May, 2018

US Treasury Secretary said that the trade delegation headed by China to hold talks "very good."

Yesterday, an American delegation led by Treasury Secretary Stephen Menochin began his visit to Beijing, ending a day to discuss economic and trade issues with Vice Premier Liu Hu
"I am very happy to be here," Menuchin told Reuters on Friday in response to a question on whether he expected a development in the talks

"Our great financial team in China is trying to negotiate a fair trade for all," US President Donald Trump wrote in a tweet on social networking site Twitter yesterday

"I look forward to not being far away with the Chinese president in the future," Trump said. "We will always have a good relationship."

China and the United States have entered into a trade dispute last year, with Trump accusing Beijing of commercial manipulation with it, and then decide to apply tariffs on US imports from there

China responded by applying tariffs on imports from the United States

A senior Chinese official before the talks began that it should be held in a manner that guarantees equal and reciprocal benefits , noting that Beijing will not succumb to any trade threats by Washington   LINK

Don961:  Al-Rashed: Giving the local employees their salaries is an advance of 10 million instead of 10 nominal salaries

Economy ,  2018/05/04 10:48


Al-Rasheed Bank announced that the employees of government departments who have completed their salaries will be paid an advance of 10 million instead of 10 nominal salaries.

"We announce an increase in the salaries of state employees to 10 million instead of 10 nominal salaries," the press office of the Rasheed Bank said in a press release. "It will be awarded to state employees whose salaries have been settled exclusively at Rasheed Bank."

The office added that "the bank's doors are open to receive all other departments wishing to settle." He pointed out that "the advance will be granted if the contract is signed with the bank and will be directly granting loans to local employees salaries."

Al-Rashid Bank announced on Tuesday (18 April 2017) the launch of the ten million dinars to employees, pointing to the near publication of instructions for this advance.    link


Don961:  Abadi: The world has begun to look at Iraq positively

5/2/2018 4:48:59 AM

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday (May 2nd, 2018) called for scientific research to address the need of Iraqis in all fields of agriculture, industry, oil, energy, security and others.

This came during a speech by Abadi, followed by the obelisk, at the Sixth International Scientific Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials and its Applications, where he held the convening of this conference which is held at the appropriate time with the direction of the country for construction, reconstruction and development of the economy, industries and energy.

Abadi pointed out the importance of integration of the technological and scientific aspects and the reduction of scientific research to be applied on the ground.

Abadi stressed, issuing an order to form the Higher Committee for the search for alternative economy and the transition from dependence on oil to other alternatives, pointing to the need for scientific research in order to be the front in this aspect.

Al-Abbadi said that the world has begun to look at Iraq with a positive view after it was seen as a different view as a result of wars, siege and terrorism.

Abadi stressed the importance of protecting the victory achieved and to build on this victory another victory is the victory of construction and reconstruction, because we can combine our efforts to make a significant shift in our scientific and economic status, and to provide employment opportunities.

Abadi said that with the determination and determination of the Iraqis, defeat has turned into a victory and a fracture of power and liberated one region after another to defeat Iraq and liberate all of Iraq's territory, and also to seek the reconstruction of the country and the welfare of its sons. link
Don961:  (Monetary effects of Iraq's fiscal policy after 2003)

House of Cultural Affairs

03/05/2018   Yasmin Khader Hamoud

The book "The Monetary Impacts of Iraq's Financial Policy After 2003" was recently published by Dr. Bassem Abdul Hadi Hassan as part of an economic chain that provides Its pages are 272 pages of average pieces
The first chapter deals with the importance of financial policy, its objectives and tools, and the second topic (the evolution of the role and efficiency of fiscal policy). The third topic is: ).
Monetary policy is an important part of macroeconomic policy as monetary policy plays an important and effective role in regulating money supply and controlling cash and credit.

It is through this important role that the monetary authorities, represented by the Central Bank, can have the highest monetary authority, as it achieves a certain vitality according to priorities determined by the economic problem in which the economy suffers. Sometimes monetary authority uses intermediate objectives such as money supply and interest rates to achieve the ultimate goal of stabilizing prices and reducing inflation Which is one of the most important and most important goals pursued by all the economies of the world, including the effects of inflation reflected on the economy and economic growth in general, so the challenge faced by the monetary authorities in Iraq after 2003 is inflation inclusive but pervasive

And must be controlled through the formulation of monetary policies independent of any political decision and the need to be the work of the Central Bank after 2003 mechanisms and tools, including the independence gained by the Central Bank under the new law No. 56 of 2003 Iraq access to foreign exchange resources through revenues export oil , The unification of categories Iraqi currency dinar after the issuance of the new Iraqi currency with international specifications and the use of this currency throughout the country to the north and south.

The second chapter (Pathways to fiscal policy in Iraq after 2003 changes objectives and mechanisms of trust) included the first three topics determinants of the fiscal policy in Iraq and its objectives, the second section analysis of the structure of public expenditures in Iraq and trends, the third section analysis of the structure of public revenues in Iraq and its importance.

The last chapter included the analysis and measurement of the monetary effects of the fiscal policy in Iraq after 2003. The first three studies included analyzing the financial dimension in the development of the money supply in Iraq after 2003. The second section analyzes the second dimension in the development of interest rate and exchange rate. The effects of monetary policy in Iraq after 2003.

Finally, the most important characteristic of this subject is that it dealt with the monetary impact of the monetary policy resulting from the use of surplus budget in addition to the monetary impact of the disbursement of financing the budget deficit and other aspects of the effects of interest rates and exchange rate as well.

The study is based on the descriptive method of analyzing financial policy paths according to the logic of economic theory, in addition to using the standard method in the research of the monetary effects of fiscal policy in Iraq after 2003.   link

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Hilton:  Frank and Teams - It just doesn't get any clearer than this.

MilitiaMan:  This is put out to the Public today and again Banks are closed in Iraq.. I see it speaks of the NEW IRAQI Currency. Now lets keep that word NEW into perspective. Frank has been using it for purpose and on purpose, imo. The Final Articles Page 5 is a place to go. Notice with a search for the word in page 5 and that includes FA 81 - # 84 shows the word not once, or twice or three times, but, 110 times. Kinda puts that into perspective. This article about the NEW from the beginning to the end of the PROCESS! imo..~ MM

" The unification of categories Iraqi currency dinar after the issuance of the new Iraqi currency with international specifications and the use of this currency throughout the country to the north and south.”

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