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Samson:  Launch of the Global Forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions with the participation of Iraq in Istanbul

 2nd May, 2018

The two-day Global Forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (ICFM) kicked off in Istanbul this morning

The conference is attended by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alaq, also participates in a delegation representing the Association of Iraqi private banks headed by its President Wadih al-Hanal and ten of the leaders of Iraqi banks

The conference, which will be held under the slogan "The new face of financial services, presents problems, opportunities and renewed challenges", which deals with Islamic finance, the development of the traditional financial industry and ways to put the Islamic finance industry on the right track

The council is an international organization of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), founded in Bahrain in 2001

It seeks to protect and defend the Islamic financial industry sector and to promote cooperation among its members   LINK


Samson:  A high-ranking US delegation heads to China to stave off a trade war

 2nd May, 2018

A high-ranking US delegation will head to China on Wednesday to try to resolve many disputes to avoid a trade war between the two countries. 

Trump, after denouncing months of "huge" US trade deficit with China and Beijing's "unfair" trade practices, sent a high-level delegation led by Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin to negotiate for a settlement, the Agence France Presse reported.
The Treasury Secretary, Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross, Trade Representative Robert Laitheiser, and White House Chief Commerce Adviser Larry Cadlow are accompanying.

"The list of problematic issues is long, and this is a very big challenge," Whitehouse said Tuesday before heading to Beijing. 

"I do not want to predict what will happen or not, we are going there for frank discussions," Menuchin said on Monday, expressing "cautious optimism." 

The US president is trying to get the Asian giant to open its markets more to American products, calling for a reduction of trade deficit with Beijing by 100 billion dollars, after reaching 375 billion dollars in 2017. 

The United States also intends to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and prevent China from forcing companies Operating in the establishment of joint companies "forced"

"President Trump has clearly expressed his view, the time has come to move, our trade deficit is too large, it is too long and too long to be tolerated," Wilbur Ross said on Tuesday. 

After the US administration imposed customs duties on its exports by 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum at the end of last March, China is now facing a new tariff threat that may be imposed from May 22, according to the trade representative. United Nations.    LINK

Samson:  Rafidain announces the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment to settle salaries

 2018/5/2 8:12

Rafidain Bank announced the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment tools in the settlement of salaries of state employees electronically.

"The bank has been able to develop its banking business and introduce modern systems used over time through the use of electronic payment tools and international banking technologies," said Khawla Taleb Al Assadi, general manager of the bank.  "The bank is working to contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi economy and activate the concept of financial inclusion and sustainable economic development." 

"Providing all banking services to citizens in accordance with quality standards and simplifying procedures to add value to all banking products and instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and to win international partnership with the banking and financial institutions, including the prestigious [Key Card], which is the strategic partner of the bank.

The director of the Rafidain Bank that "the bank is struggling to win the achievements and confidence of citizens," noting that "the Rafidain Bank works to achieve a secure infrastructure in accordance with international standards and strengthen banking mechanisms and enhance the role of banking and it does not work alone, but with the participation of everyone."  LINK

Samson:  Iranian delegation arrives in Erbil to participate in economic conference

 2018/5/2 9:07 

The Minister of Industry, Minerals and Trade of Iran, Mohammad Shariatmadari, arrived with his delegation on Wednesday morning to the city of Erbil for the purpose of participating in the conference for the development of economic relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Ali al-Sindi, Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade and Industry, received an Iranian delegation on arrival at Erbil International Airport.  The two-day conference on the development of economic relations between Kurdistan and Iran will begin at 10 am today. 

The conference was organized by the chambers of commerce in the Kurdistan region and is scheduled to receive at the opening of the conference the words of Kurdistan Regional Government President, Nigirvan Barzani, Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammad Al Sudani, Minister of Industry, Minerals and Trade of Iran Mohammad Shariatmadari, Ali al-Sindi.  The conference will discuss the development of economic relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran, and promote trade and tourism between the two sides through a series of seminars and lectures.

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Erj Musjidi, visited Erbil yesterday to participate in the conference and met with Barzani and discussed during the meeting "the comprehensive development of bilateral economic and cultural relations between the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran."  The meeting also stressed the importance of increasing the presence of Iranian companies and discussing the development of trade and investment cooperation and removing customs obstacles in the context of the prosperity of production through enhancing participation in the priority sectors of the region. 

During the meeting, which was also attended by the Iranian Consul General in Arbil, Morteza Ebadi, discussed the topics of the conference.  The meeting was also attended by the commercial attaché at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Nasser Bahzad.   LINK

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