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Hoosiergirl:  Welllll...  I've been thinking of all the things we are reading, studying and the older articles, etc.  Something tells me this whole RI has been happening in a BIG way for quite a while - a year OR more.  Soooo we see some of these "strange" numbers.
If the citizens (per WS's one comment yesterday) have been in training and teaching mode for a couple of years, then this PROCESS has been much further along for a long time than we have been privy to know about.  ALL IN MY OPINION IMO!!!!!

Walkingstick:  Yep... certainly has....

Hazen:  Things have been happening for a long time.....how long can this process keep going?   Don't these credit cards (visa/mastercards) need to be activated???
Hoosiergirl:  I really don't think it can go much longer.  Remember what Frank has always said - when you see it in print - IT'S ALREADY DONE!  These malls, banks, rebuilding of Mosul and other cities, with citizens returning - today we say 75% returning - all of these things did not happen since last August when we "had Mosul"!  We are getting "old news" from all these articles. IMO  The only "new" info we get is from WS, Frank & Delta, ITeams - and even then they must be careful what they share.  THAT'S why Frank is about to pop!  It's ALL done - as he has said, Alak said WE ARE READY.    All In My Opinion!

Walkingstick:  In brief: It, will continue... until, the environment is right... I, do not... understand your confusion/ questioning how long this process can continue or why this is in question... Your question/s .. has/have been covered/ addressed many times via Franks cc's ... It is, unfolding before your very eyes... has been, for some time...

Just an FYI... Do, you realize...the process, itself.. The technical aspects for implementing this process have been in place for a number of years...  it will not be implemented haphazardly/ carelessly for risk of failure..

History has shown, us/ them the many failures over the past 40 years for doing just that...and, for the very reason/s I have stated many times... 

Frank26:  MANY MANY MANY ...................... TIMES !!! !!! !!!


Samson: Ahmed begins to pay the salaries of retired military for May

3rd May, 2018

The General Retirement Authority announced on Thursday the immediate payment of salaries of retired military personnel for the current May

"In coordination with the Rafidain Bank, Al-Rashid, the Iraqi Bank for Trade (TBIand the International Smart Card Companythe salaries of military retirees have been paid for this May," the agency said in a statement

"The pensioners of the smart card holders and cardholders can exchange the manual exchange centers to receive their salaries.​​    LINK

Samson:   Rafidain pays the salaries of military retirees for the month of May

2018/5/2 22:47

Rafidain Bank announced the retirement of military retirees for the month of May.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "the bank distributed the salaries of retired military personnel for May meal to holders of electronic payment tools." 

The statement called "all retirees to receive their salaries from the branches of the bank all in Baghdad and the provinces instead of going to the outlets of the special exchange, some of whom are deducted from the pension large sums for the receipt of his salary."   LINK


Samson:  Financial Kurdistan announces a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of staff of the region

 3rd May, 2018

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Thursday, May 3, 2018, a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees of the region.

The ministry said, in a statement received to the obelisk, that it "will begin to distribute salaries of staff of the region according to a new schedule, starting on Sunday, 6-5-2018, and the distribution will be as follows:

1- On Sunday, 2018/5/6
- Ministry of Education.
- Ministry of Health.

2- On Monday, 2018/5/7
Ministry of Finance and Economy.
- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs.
- Political prisoners and the families of martyrs and anfal.
- Ministry of transportation

3. Tuesday, 8 August 2018
- Ministry of Municipalities
- The Ministry of Electricity
- The Ministry of Construction and Housing
- The Ministry of Planning
- Judicial Council
- Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Industry and Trade

4- Wednesday, 9/5/2018
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
- The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
- The salaries of people with special needs
- Office of Financial Supervision
- Human Rights Commission
- Management of areas outside the administration of the region
- Environmental Protection Agency
- Investment Authority  
- Integrity Commission
- Election and Referendum Commission
- Maine Foundation

5 - Thursday, 2018/5/10
- The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs
- Ministry of Culture
- Presidency of the Territory
- Parliament
- Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Region
Kurdistan Security Council
Samson:  His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq participates in the World Forum of the Council of Islamic Banks

3rd May, 2018

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, participated in the annual global forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions held in the Turkish capital of Istanbul from 2-3 / 5/2018. The forum will be on several sessions during the two days. How regulators remain relevant in a changing economic environment that includes many technological upheavals and developments, which raise many questions about the roles and presence of regulators in light of the turmoil in the financial sector

The Governor also addressed the Islamic banking situation in Iraq and the great development that has taken place in this field especially in recent years in addition to the financial services offered by Islamic banking



Samson:  Association: 30 media institutions closed due to the financial crisis and 1000 journalists without work

11:23 - 03/05/2018 

The Association for the Defense of Press Freedom revealed on Thursday that more than 30 media outlets were closed because of the financial crisis in the country, while confirmed that more than 1000 journalists are currently sitting without work.

"The last period witnessed the closure of more than 30 media institutions as a result of the financial crisis experienced by the country," said the president of the society, Ibrahim Al-Sarraj. "As a result of the closure of these institutions, more than 1,000 journalists have lost their jobs and are currently sitting without Action".

He added that "Iraqi journalist faces a number of difficulties in his work, including the right to access information and non-cooperation bodies involved with him," calling on state institutions to "help the Iraqi journalist under the complex circumstances that he lives."

The United Nations General Assembly, by its resolution 48/432 of 20 December 1993, proclaimed May 3 as World Press Freedom Day, and since that time every year the anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration has been celebrated.    LINK

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