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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Monday Night KTFA CC 4-21-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Clare:  Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & Teams...Awesome...Marvelous CC ...Just Amazing!!

Loaded with information...truth!  Loved that - the CBI reached out to the NBI and many banks inside & outside of Iraq were given notice to update the software...WOW!

24 hour notice coming soon, in conjunction with releasing the ultimate 3..... that says it all.... but there was so much more...

Dinar has more value than the US Dolllar

CBI has the Rate & Date

Suitable environment is here!

Venturi effect of time in the RI

Honest Government is suitable Environment Now

We are in Control

Parallels of USA & Iraq

CC was loaded

Frank you closed with saying the Greatest of suitable environment is upon us...For such a time as this..for God's people!! I couldn't agree with you more..Because it's OUR TIME!

Laf1954:  To add to Frank tonight...the "upper limit" of the dinar, the ADD number (3x SDR)...

Today the SDR was $ 1.42 and a bit more.  Multiply by 3= $4.26 which is the upper limit of dinar, in line with what Frank has said for quite some time... $4.25 or so.

The lower limit...I can't find that.  Maybe MM or Sunk or someone else can find that for all of us!  Peace

Frank26: (Big Grin)  LOL............ I ONLY CARE ABOUT THE HIGH END CAP OF THE RV (wink)

ChrisC:  I am pretty sure one of those numbers is the 4.63 that was dropped a while back .


Frank26:  KTFA KONA .................. WE RAN OUT OF TIME LAST NIGHT ................... BUT THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF YOUR MONDAY CC LAST NIGHT ................. PLEASE ENJOY ........... TY MM ............... ALOHA OI \M/ 


22/5/2018 12:59 am

 Mohammed Sharif Abu Maysam 

The concept of banking culture is not only about raising banking awareness among the public, but also of banking awareness objectives that are intertwined in more than one detail with the goals of sustainable development that reach the stages of realizing the welfare state.

In other words, the goal of achieving a state with a minimum level of well-being can not be carried out without the presence of an audience that possesses the awareness of banking, which qualifies it to claim its banking rights, in addition to knowing its duties, which are indispensable in overcoming the bureaucratic and routine rings and their illegal products in banking transactions and transactions towards creating an environment. The informal trading areas of the monetary bloc issued by the Central Bank are reduced.

On this basis, the axes of banking awareness and financial culture were given a high priority, not less than the priority of the introduction of technologies, which will contribute to the reduction of workshops slack in the production of banking service.

But the question here is the extent to which the possibility of achieving a banking awareness among the public contributes to the culture of saving and leave the stage of rupture with the banking sector caused by the accumulation of events and facts that contributed to the establishment of mistrust over more than three decades between a total economy and an uncontrolled market economy created excruciating factors From the arena of banking to parallel markets and quarries quarrying, which calls us seriously to reflect the means of restoring confidence in conjunction with work on the axis of the introduction of electronic systems and the activation of payment tools and exchange  through them.

This has made the National Program for Financial Inclusion to combine banking awareness with the protection of the public in one axis. It is no longer a matter of banking awareness without preparing answers to protect the public, which invites us to talk about the infrastructure within the human resources operating in the sector The banker in both government and private.

As close to the field of work may be aware of the state of non-harmony inherited among employees in the government sector specifically with the public, and certainly recognizes the public view of these institutions as institutions of authority, so it may be strange to touch the public the possibility of dealing with the beautiful "to always be right customer "When you buy the service, as it would when you buy the item from any
special store  .

Hence the need to intensify efforts on the so-called "internal customer" in the philosophy of quality assessment a reference to the workers in the establishment, and work on this element to create a link through which to promote the culture of banking and catapulted the mass of cash condensed into the arena of banking.


MilitiaMan:  So the ability to show the citizens that the banking system has a new face on it has been in the forefront of objectives for the monetary policy to be absorbed into the culture in regards to trust, as it has not been about that for the past 30 years.

They now have made progress in public awareness to instill in them that the Banking system, is not your enemy if you will. They go so far as to suggest they are creating an environment in which the customer is now right, whereas, in the past, it was not that way, thus, savings was not with the banks.

This is a call for to tell citizens that the electronic system is in place, activation of payment tools are available and for exchanging there "NEW" currency through them, imo. That is a final step in the MR based off the Turkmenistan Model in the Final Articles. They have overcome the illegal behaviors of the past. A secure environment is now.. imo. ~MM 

Samson:  Al-Nasr: Abadi and Sadr agreed on a map to organize the next political life

 22nd May, 2018
Spokesman for the alliance victory, Hussein al-Adly, said Tuesday that the head of his alliance Haider Abadi during his meeting with the leader of the Sadrist movement agreed on a map of the organization of political life to come.

"The meeting of the President of the alliance of victory Haider Abadi with the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr was positive and witnessed a convergence of views and got an agreement on the road map and the future foundations and principles to organize the next political life." "He added that" Asrun and victory are open to all political blocs to form the largest bloc in the next phase away from quotas. "

He stressed that "the agreement on the parameters of the next phase standards and bases, which is approaching and away from victory based on these standards," noting that "victory is working on an integrated program to build the state and closer to us and far away is determined on the basis of this program."   LINK

Frank26:  A ROAD MAP.
 Samson:  Rasheed Bank: Keycard refuses to update the program to raise salaries for state employees

2018-05-21 at 22:14 (Baghdad time)

Al-Rasheed Bank said that the smart card company Kart card refuses to update the program to raise salaries of state employees on the cards

The bank said in response to the developments of the Card Card crisis that "the smart card company Kart card refuses to update the program to raise salaries of state employees on the card Kart."

He added that "the Central Bank gives a 24-hour period for the company to address the situation under his book No. 11655 in 2018/5/21 and otherwise the company is subject to legal consequences."

"We have been employed until this hour and are at the headquarters of the Kart Kart without interest."

The Central Bank of Iraq, in a letter urging the wave to the International Company for smart card Key Card to pay the salaries of employees and retirees within 24 hours, stressing otherwise that "the company will be subject to penalties from the Central Bank."

Mawazine News obtained a copy of the book addressed to the company Key Card and confiscated by the Central Bank of Iraq signed by Saleh Ali Department General Director of the Banking Control Department at the Central.

The Rashid Bank announced on Monday that the non-payment of salaries of retirees and employees is due to the cessation of the card system.

"The reason for the suspension of the salaries of retirees and employees to card holders is due to the disruption of the electronic system by the International Smart Card Company," he said in a brief statement to the bank obtained by Mawazine News.

The bank denied in its statement that it has a hand in stopping salaries salaries of retirees and employees for any reason.   LINK

Cleitus:  Uhmmmmmmm..., not that it means anything..., but didn't Frank mention the "24hr thingy" at least twice last night?  As I was reading the above article the "24hr thingy" ( mentioned four times) just happened to have caught my eye.

Connie:  Is this the "24 hour notice" we were to be looking for?

Don961:  imo ... no ... different animal ... this is about a glitch in the Key Card system used to pay salaries and pensions ... and the CBI  giving the company 24-hours to fix it or receive penalties from the CBI  ... 

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