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TheSnod:  Notice, the MR has went basically from security, to investors, to the public.  The next phase appears to be next week when they work the whole thing together IMHO.

From the best I can tell, from the Turkmenistan template, we are simply waiting in the gray land of implementation between these two paragraphs:

“Important as all these preparations are, the success of a currency reform depends just as much on a successful public education campaign. The central bank needs to coordinate this campaign with other agencies, financial sector representatives, merchants, and the general public. A delicate balance must be struck between providing sufficient public information and the need for confidentiality to avoid releasing clues to counterfeiters that could be used to undermine the integrity of the new currency.

The information campaign should encourage people to deposit their cash currency in accounts at banks. The campaign must make it clear that once the currency reform is initiated, account holders can withdraw their money in the form of new banknotes.”

We are watching it work itself out....:)

Don961:  2018-05-05

National Bank announces the completion of the electronic system for the completion of transactions

The head of the National Retirement Authority, Ahmed Abdul Jalil, announced the completion of the electronic system for the completion of the pension transactions, indicating that the system, which was under examination for 3 months before completion will contribute to the end of the paper transaction and electronic management, which develops the work significantly and provides effort and time and accuracy in the process Transactions.

Abdul Jalil said in a statement the success of the experimental phase of that system and that the next stage will see the deployment of the system to the state departments so that the latter to send pension transactions to the retirement services, which in turn completed and send salaries to banks electronically.

He said that the system will provide a complete database of retirees, which prevents the loss or damage to the transactions of retirees.   link



Iraq, May 5, 2018

The Kurdistan Regional Government has announced a new payment schedule for salaries that will come into force on May 6.

Employees of all ministries but two will receive their salaries on this date, the Ministry of Finance and the Economy announced on Thursday.

The Ministries of the Peshmerga and Interior are not a part of the new scheme – their salaries were paid on April 24.

This is the second consecutive month that the KRG is paying its employees on timefollowing adjustments made to the salary-saving system after an agreement with Baghdad.
Baghdad sends 317 billion Iraqi dinars monthly and the rest is covered by the KRG’s oil sales.

In 2014, Baghdad cut the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget amid a row over Erbil’s independent oil sales. The war with ISIS and a global drop in oil prices further crippled the Region’s finances.

Unable to pay its employees in full or on time, the KRG introduced the unpopular salary-saving system in which it slashed pay packets. The government scaled back the reductions earlier this year after Baghdad resumed payments and following Region-wide protests.

Erbil believes Baghdad will continue sending the funds. KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani has said there is no reason to believe the central government will renege on its pledge to do so.

Rudaw     link


Don961:  Read the economic archive morning

Author: Yasser Metwally

06/5/2018 12:00 am

As the government session oversaw the completion of the day, which is the last week of its economic activity until it found that it is not necessary to review the achievements of the economic program of the outgoing government.

Waiting for what will be the elections next week and what concerns us is its economic program within the specialization of the page. Many lights of economic power of morning on most of the economic achievements that have been achieved and we are not here to evaluate the results but we are looking at how to deal with the economic file in the next stage.

Regardless of who will take power, the predictions predict that a change will occur in the nature of dealing with the achievements made in the direction of corrective of the government program. These predictions are based on the end of the causes or the challenges of application of the economic reforms of this era that were not completed due to known circumstances. How do economists view the image of the new Iraqi economy?Or rather what do you wish for in the government program in the coming days?

Starting with the independence of the economic file and isolating it from the conflicts, so that the building of Iraq in accordance with the foundations of the correct construction and by working on the stability and stability of economic plans and the implementation of the strategies that have been drawn for most of the economic sectors and make some amendments to it as required but provided that these amendments are compatible with the requirements Change and economic transition towards a curriculum guaranteed by the Constitution.

Although it is the duty of the next government to draw attention to the proposals and opinions of economists on the management of the economic file and its sponsors. The expected economic development requires the stability, stability and durability of the economic decision, and this requires those who draw, plan and prepare the content of this decision to be highly experienced, independent and secure. The economic decision is always hesitant and worried about everything, so we said that the sound economic decision must be based on the views of experts in the sense of experience and not in the expertise. We are very optimistic about a change in the next economic program, but we have not been able to neutralize the rate of this change further see the quality of decisions and economic legislation and ways to implement it.

We hope to change the management of the economic file after digesting the concepts of market economy and the conviction of his transition to the private sector in accordance with the Constitution regardless of personal convictions, with the adoption of this economic approach or that and this applies to the Iraqi economy, which awaits the stability of Rai any economic approach to be followed by To move towards it, we follow to see what will happen.


Don961:  Media silence

06/5/2018 12:00 am

The success of Ali
A few days before the date of the parliamentary elections on the twelfth of this month, preceded by the period of silence of the media, which precedes the date of the elections by twenty-four hours, and the purpose of the adoption of the silence of the media is to maintain the right of voters to get enough opportunity to think about the decision to vote, Therefore, the right of the media to deprive the media of this right by broadcasting election propaganda to any candidate, entity, coalition or political coalition during the silence period, which starts from the end of the election campaign that began on April 14 and ends with the closing of the last polling station.

All media, print, electronic, telecommunications, Internet service providers and advertising companies are to respect this right and not to broadcast material that includes any kind of electoral promotion, direct or indirect, to any of the entities and alliances competing in these elections or their candidates

The media is also committed not to broadcast any material aimed at insulting candidates or entities or alliances competing in the elections in the period of silence media, and any talk or media material in reference to or against a candidate or entity election propaganda, and applies to programs and For the debates and materials re-broadcast in the silence, and also included prohibitions in accordance with the instructions and laws in force that no media can broadcast or broadcast election propaganda for any candidate or entity or coalition or political coalition, nor should the media broadcast media coverage of any of the entities or coalitions Or candidates during the silence period, and the media can not publish any public opinion polls for voters from polling stations.

All media outlets are allowed to broadcast educational materials related to the elections in general, such as the importance of participating in elections, the form of the electoral card, how to vote online and voting places, provided that Completely refrain from broadcasting material that directly or indirectly affects the voters' decision to choose their candidates.

The silence of the media or the electoral silence is a principle applied in most electoral systems, the period leading up to every presidential, parliamentary or provincial or governorate elections. It is prohibited to practice propaganda and promotion, although it is a departure from the principle of freedom of expression and opinion guaranteed by most constitutions and international conventions , But it is an exception to balance between the competing parties and create a calm atmosphere that allows the voter to make the right decision away from the influences and influences imposed by the media and away from the impact of political money, which imposes its presence clearly through the media.   link

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