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Saturday, May 19, 2018


Chicano98:  Okay so the elections are in.  Sadr wins... Now what?

Pattycakes77:  We pray that they show us the bloody rate. 

Stephenmac63:  I read those articles that bring clarity and understanding. 
Sadr won the most seats in Parliament with 54.  His block now has the most influence to choose the next Prime Minister.

Iran has always in the past blocked Sadr because he is AGAINST Iranian influence in Iraq.  But this time he won.
Articles are educational.  Did not know election was about seats in parliament.  And then parliament chooses the prime minister.  All is good.


PLEASE ENJOY !!!!!    https://fccdl.in/cinRH6u31a


Salamon69:  Frank, very powerful conference call.  Mirrors in many ways what happened in our country when Obama thought he could continue his legacy thru Clinton, but Trump won bringing corruption to light.

Iran thought they could block Sadr and have Malaki's Dawa party as majority to continue corruption.

But the Lord had different plans.  As our brother KI'm Clement prophesied that he had heard the prayers of Iraqi Christians.  God is bringing the suitable conditions to reinstate.

It all makes sense now.  The dust is settling........

God is piercing to Darkness with Light!


StephenMac63:  For Frank to release Team Chat CC to the KTFA forum is a real treat. Thank you Frank for taking the time out to help educate us.

There we a couple of items that stand out in my mind from the Friday TCCC and not in order of importance were the following:
"Hiccup", tis ok, we have had several hiccups on this travel, the greatest hiccup imo was when Maliki was PM(what a waste of time that was), but he eventually got belched out and there was another hiccup that stopped the financial reforms.....the war with ISIS. Just a couple of gastric burns we needed to deal with.
The other item that stands out is "suitable environment". I know we have the Economic Reform and the Security and Stability of the nation and the Monetary Reform that was re-initiated as soon as Mosul was announced as liberated...but what in the heck was the definition of "suitable environment"?
Ahh, Political Stability, which also needs to root out the obvious corruption in the meantime. As much as I want to be standing in line trying to redefine "nouveau riche", we need Iraq to be stable.
I guess sometimes ya gotta rip off that scab in order to heal.

IMO, of course.

By the way, yes, I did have to google how to spell “nouveau rich” as I have only heard it in sentences throughout life but not quite knowing the actual definition.

It is defined as:  people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste.

Don961:  Al Sadr: Our neighbors are friends, not enemies

May 19 2018 01:17 AM
Al Sadr meets ambassadors of neighboring countries
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, met on Friday with ambassadors of five neighboring countries where both  sides discussed means to boost bilateral cooperation. 

The guests included ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey.

Al Sadr's media office revealed the meeting tackled the historical and cultural ties between Iraq and neighboring countries.

However, the prominent Shia cleric stressed the need for those countries not to interfere within Iraq's internal affairs. 

He added that the ties between Iraq and its neighbors must be based on the principle that "we are friends, not enemies".

Sairun Alliance, which is supported by Al Sdar, won the majority in the Saturday elections.

Don961:  Sadrists, Saraya al-Salam on alert after Soleimani's threats

May 18 2018 03:06 PM
Moqtada al-Sadr
Sadrist Movement and Saraya al-Salam have been on alert on Friday after the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani threatened the movement's leader, Moqtada al-Sadr.

A member of the British House of Lords told BBC News that the United States has ordered Soleimani to leave Iraq immediately, pointing out that the U.S. will not be responsible for the protection of the Iranian official if he decided to stay in Iraq.

Soleimani has a notorious role in the Iraq-Iran War in the 1980s.

In 2012, he fought beside Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad through thousands of terrorists sent to curb the Syrian revolution that erupted in 2011.

Moreover, he has a strong political clout in Iraq, Syria and other countries. It is widely thought he controls the political scene in Iraq.    link

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