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Tuesday, May 15, 2018



Sunny:  Notes: FRANK, KTFA CC, Monday, May 14, 2018 "Fist of King Kong"

Frank was dressed in a black suit, blue shirt and white tie and on his “blue couch.”   The blue couch meaning, is facts not in print is what he is presenting. 

Part I is not on the recording of the call.  I transcribed it while the call was live this evening.  When I went back to the recording it starts with Part II below and Frank says they had to reboot.  - Sunny 

Notes of FRANK, KTFA CC, Monday, May 14, 2018

PART I (unrecorded): 

[Frank]: Sadr and Abadi are the perfect combination to establish a new government and the citizens know so.  . . Sadr is a holy man.  He supports Abadi.  They just slapped Maliki and Iraq with the fist of King Kong and Amer as well.   There is no panic.  There is no worry. 
Abadi is IMO going to be seated as the Prime Minister.  Abadi said he had no incentive to campaign and run.  Of course not, they knew what was going to happen.

Sadr is happy to see Maliki shot down by the citizens of Iraq.  That is what you should have paid attention to last night. . . Maliki has become an innate drone to . . .his party . . . Iraq.  He’s useless.

Sadr is not in favor of the USA.   You know what happened to him when he was a young man.  His father . . . brother were killed in front of him.  Of course he doesn’t like the USA.  He blames them for it.  Sadr had to hide in Iran.  He ran to Iran, not the USA.

BUT, IMO Sadr darn well knows that Iraq, the ME and he needs the United States.  I don’t think you’ll see him reject Abadi or the United States. 

The reality of the US in the ME is vital.  Sadr knows this.  He knows he needs the US to rid Iraq of the parasitical influence of Iran.

Sadr likes Abadi.  And now with no Maliki, no political power on Maliki’s side, the parliamentary seats will be in favor of Sadr.   Sadr knows Abadi is accepted well both regionally, internationally and by the people of Iraq.  That Abadi is the perfect person for him to endorse.

PART II (recorded):

There will be electronic boards inside of the banks and exchange centers in Iraq that will be educating the citizens about the lower notes with descriptions and photographs.  These will be displayed in financial institutions.

Walkingstick posted, Quote" “In place, In place In place . . .have been.” What?  The electronic boards.  . . . They will be inside financial institutions and outside in Iraq hanging all over the place.

These are two separate things.  The billboards and the electronic boards are both for the citizens.  Billboards will be outside everywhere and the others, presentation boards, inside financial institutions.  Will educate the citizens about the smaller notes.

[Frank]:  “There will be three things, billboards, electronic boards and the second and final article.  Iraq is now taking every step Turkmanistan made when they RV’d their currency.

It will be hours to days for the reinstatement release when these three entities are out.  All to come soon, IMO!  I pray it is next Monday.   When the conditions are suitable for these three things and IMO, . . . these three things are ready.  These three things are ready!   They have been.

They’ve been constructed and ready and they are being protected to be launched when the conditions are suitable.  Realize that these electric billboards were made months ago IMO.

They can be programmed at any moment, at any time when the conditions are suitable.”
It will be all over the place (when it happens)  All over the earth.  Banks will no longer be able to deny it.

Final elections results will be coming out.

The people trust Sadr. The people trust Abadi.  I told you there would be no problem. . . If it turns out Sadr did gain the most votes.  He was voted on by the citizens and then these votes will be ratified through a federal court when Parliament sits.

Allegiance will be made by a 2/3rds majority vote.  Then they will choose a President of the Republic within 15 days.  Then this President of the Republic of Iraq picks the most vote winner to name and to establish a government within 30 days.

Then that government will then approve a new PM.  Then all of this, the PM has 30 days to form a new cabinet of ministry.  If it is not done in 30 days then the new president is to select a new PM to form the government.

Pay attention.  In 2010 Maliki took 209 days to do this!  Stupid, but his ass was kicked out.  Maliki abused the system and Abadi replaced him.

When Abadi was elected as PM in 2013 it only took him 30 days as required to form his new cabinet.  Maliki actually set a country’s record for the longest non-government in the history of Iraq.

We stand in unprecedented times.  President Donald Trump has gone to the “eye of the storm.” In Iraq, in China, in N. Korea, in Syria, in ?.  In many places.

Then today our US Embassy was dedicated in Jerusalem.  Who did that?  President Donald Trump.  No other President before him had the desire to do so.

In the Jerusalem post this morning, in a full page ad, they are thanking the President of the United States of America for making Jerusalem great again.

We are seeing a lot of natural evidence caused by spiritual warfare.  God is doing something on this planet earth never done before.  IMO God is repossessing the earth.  Amen.

It is also the 70th Anniversary of Israel.  Happy Birthday! It is also a Pentecost.  There are a lot of spiritual things that are occurring.

We told you the price of oil was going up.  By next Monday it will go up even more.  A suitable environment is when conditions are ready.

We have been telling you since the summer of 2017 about the 1 . . . .2 .  . 3 zeros of the exchange rate. . ."

At this point Frank talks about ending the call, how long he has been in this, thanking people and closing with a prayer.
Monday Night KTFA CC -14-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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