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WhitelionsThe Central Bank of Iraq deserves to be honored with the title of victory and excellence


In the military tradition, the armed forces can not achieve the victorious victory over the enemy without a civil effort and the most important effort and the most important effort must be provided by the government and all its organs is the economic effort that contributes to the decisive military victory.
And this is what has been achieved already and work and reality Corps of the Central Bank of Iraq and its national team led by the province of perseverance and Mujahid and keen to serve his country and its people and national economy.

 That the remaining age of the current government a few days and here requires them and the Iraqi people conscious to assess the stage of the previous four years in which our country faced economic crisis and financial suffocation for the reasons known and achieved the victory over terrorism and accompanied by another victory is the steadfastness and economic victory,

The Iraqi Central and Governor Ali al-Alak key role and leading in achieving. The most important of which is the support of the State Treasury with 21 trillion dinars, stability in the exchange rate, recovery of the Iraqi dinar, reduction of inflation, maintaining less than 2%, maintaining a foreign reserve of $ 51.5 billion, Of gold within an excellent record rate. Added to that is adoption. FOR THE REST


Whitelions    Iraq signs 13 investment agreements


"We signed 13 investment agreements during the past few days," the secretary-general of the Iraqi cabinet Ali al-Alak told a news conference on Thursday. "Within two months, 15 companies signed investment agreements with Iraq."

He pointed out that "the Prime Minister issued new investment decisions, which will provide a suitable ground for investment."

"The political situation will be better after the elections and will not constitute a crisis for the investor," al-Aalak predicted.

The Iraqi parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 12, amid heightened security alert, after the threat of "urging" voters, especially in areas where their fighters were expelled.

WhitelionsIraq agrees to terms with partners ExxonMobil, Petro China on project to boost production


Iraq has reached key preliminary terms with ExxonMobil and PetroChina on a project that will be crucial for the country to reach its new production target of 8 million b/d in the next five to seven years.

The South Integrated Project, which leverages the development of two fields in southern Iraq to pay for gas plants at the two fields, a multi-field water injection project to boost reservoir pressure, and repairs and upgrades to storage, pipelines and export infrastructure, would be a core driver of production and export growth.

Iraq's Oil Ministry, ExxonMobil, and PetroChina have been negotiating since 2015.

Abdul Mahdy al-Ameedi, director general of the ministry's Petroleum Contracts & Licensing Directorate, told S&P Global Platts that "the scope of work, the schedule, and cost" have been agreed to.

"We need to agree on the fiscals," he said.

The last key hurdle in the technical terms had been the baseline production and plateau production target of the Nahr Bin Umar and Ratawi oil fields, which in recent days was agreed to as a combined 112,500 b/d and 550,000 b/d, respectively, he said.
​Whitelions      Doug_W IF you just open that link in a new window you will get a picture but if while you have the picture you take off from the http://www.alliraqnews.com/ uploads/news/image/medium/story_img_5aeb3c4c6fa11.jpg you will get the article on the site hope this helps

Whitelions     when I post them in here I have them set up to post on my site I don't post news links only government links because of the haters out there . Since we have stop posting the links our hate emails have gone down to almost none now we get a lot of people that are mad because we can't make it rv when they want lol Blows my mind lol

Doug_W     it is a dilemma

Whitelions    A US security team is visiting Baghdad airport for the purpose of relaunching flights to New York


A delegation from the US Transportation Administration (TSA) visited Baghdad International Airport to inspect the level of the security team and its procedures, a security source said Saturday.

The source told Al-Ghad Press that "the visit of the US security team to Baghdad airport came to see the security situation in it, in order to open a flight line that runs flights directly from Baghdad to New York City," noting that "the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority is who was receiving The US security team. "

"The US security team has reviewed the work manuals, security programs, procedures related to plane security, passenger inspection, baggage protection and registered goods," he said.

"The US team will present a detailed report to the US Transportation Security Administration at the end of its tour on the level of security procedures followed at Baghdad International Airport," he said.

Whitelions    wow they are going to start flying into the USA THAT is a big step

Futuremoney     well...Kap has said that the float will be (maybe) within the next 6 months...now he's saying it could be years...proof he has no clue

NickNak    Kap is part of and pitches a pay website other than that I might have some respect for him

Spectra     NickNak how long have you held dinars?

NickNak   Some kid is running it just for the money I guess as he has no interest in the Iraqi Dinar

Spectra    The news is very dull today on the iraq stuff....
chattels     Dollar and other currencies in Iraq prices on Friday

4/5/2018  Economy News _ Baghdad   Recorded the foreign exchange markets in Baghdad on Friday morning, it increased slightly at the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar , despite the continued decline rate compared to the past few years.

The record market price in the fight in Baghdad Stock Exchange 1201 dinars per dollar, ie , 120 thousand and 100 dinars for one hundred dollars, and the price of yesterday at 1200 dinars per dollar. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12180

chattels     The buying and selling of the dollar in the prices of banking companies were:
selling price per dollar 1205 dinars, ie 120 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar to 1195 dinars, 119 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars.

chattels     This is the first that i have noticed a rate on the Stock Exchange and also " banking companies ".

chattels  [Ayna-Baghdad] showed the highest religious authority, its position on the parliamentary elections scheduled for 12 May.

The representative of the supreme authority in Karbala Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, in his Friday sermon delivered inside the dish Husseini Sharif statement to the Office of the Supreme Religious Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani on the elections of the House of Representatives, he said:

As the date of parliamentary elections, many citizens the position of the supreme religious authority of this important political event, ..........................

Read more at http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73378

chattels     Eight days until the election.

Spectra    Abadi has this already i my opinion..

chattels    Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad

I've done a quick informal review of all the polls conducted over the past three months and the results are consistent. Abadi will win, it's just a matter of how many seats. Being PM and forming a government is another issue though https://goo.gl/okDeJF

chattels      Abadi will win, it's just a matter of how many seats. Being PM and forming a government is another issue though

Zig     As long as Maliki does not sneak in the back door somehow.....lol

chattels    In anticipation of the PM nomination process post election, some review of the process may be informative.

Tebow5-4-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni "I must have said this at least a thousand times there is no overnight RV or are RI.". And we don't believe you Everytime!

chattels    See https://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/2014/07/

Zig      GO KAP!!....lol

chattels     And https://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/maliki-the-presidency-and-parliament-in-the-iraq-pm-nomination-battle/

chattels     And https://gulfanalysis.wordpress.com/2014/08/

Spectra     Every story needs a villain and that is exactly what Maliki portrays.

chattels" ............. what counts is bloc size at the time of the first sitting of the new parliament.

chattels" ............. the Iraqi constitution is far from crystal clear on the nomination of the PM, and that at least a degree of presidential discretion should be taken as a given – and certainly with respect to what point in time the “largest bloc” should be estimated." 
​chattels" the Iraqi constitution, ...... simply says in article 76 that within 15 days of his election, the new president must charge the candidate of the largest parliament bloc to form a new government within 30 days. The new cabinet will then be presented for parliament for approval by an absolute majority – for ministers individually, as well as the cabinet programme."

Tebow    it's how many members of largest will gradual float your side

chattels    " Beyond the constitution there is an opinion by the Iraqi federal supreme court – no. 25 of 2010 – that sets out to clarify some of the vagueness of article 76."

chattels" This piece of constitutional jurisprudence ................ does is basically two things. First, it provides a specification about what is meant in article 76 of the Iraqi constitution on the duty of the president to charge the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc to form the government."

chattels" ............., the opinion suggests that it is irrelevant whether the bloc was formed before or after the election, ................ "
Tebow    chattels just tell us whens the RV

chattels" ............... the opinion of the court goes on to introduce a point whose relationship with the constitution is more unclear. It establishes a cut-off date for bloc formation by saying that what counts is bloc size at the time of the first sitting of the new parliament."

Tebow     so the election doesn't matter

Spectra    Tebow good question
Spectra    and how will the election matter for our dinar?
​Zig    Nobody can answer that question....

Spectra    Zig some may try...

Zig    LOL....As usual....

xyz    Zig ^^^ still waiting

patrik73    recording links missing ?

Zig     patrik73 : For what?

xyz      Zig wow you buddy @Kaperoni ... or is he chattels best buddy? Has called it for this year! ;banana
Newshound Guru Kaperoni ... I said it could take years to increase but I fully believe it'll start this year.

Zig     'happy-dance      Zig     GO KAP!!!

patrik73     Zig frank26 wednesday call

Zig     I never see them...

patrik73  i hear them :-)

Zig    Live?

patrik73     no...last monday call

Zig     Where do you see the recordings?

patrik73      https://livestream.com/frank26

Zig     patrik73 : So you enjoy Frankie??

patrik73     yes

xyz     Zig Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you. -Adams

Zig     patrik73     is in Sweden...

Spectra     ??????? ??-?????  Retweeted @muhammadalwaeli   May 3    Important video of PM Abadi talking about some background information regarding the assassinating of the PMF finance executive Qasim Za’eef Al-Zubaidi:

Spectra    https://twitter.com/muhammadalwaeli/status/992153161799536641

xyz     Maliki haters may smile ...Sistani hints at his opposition to Maliki's return to power


xyz     A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. -Bergman

Baxter    An official source said on Friday that the company "FedEx" shipping canceled the shipment of goods through Baghdad International Airport, and headed towards Erbil International Airport in the Kurdistan region.

"FedEx informed all its customers in southern Iraq that it has decided to withdraw its goods at Baghdad International Airport due to complex airport procedures and multiple sources of decision between the airports and customs administrations," the source said.

He pointed out that "there are shipments of the company has been disabled at the airport for more than a month and did not reach its customers."

He pointed out that "the company decided to go to Erbil airport in the Kurdistan region and cooperate with him in the transfer of goods to customers," pointing out that "Erbil airport has fast delivery of goods and within hours only."

The source explained that "the abandonment of the company from Baghdad airport for the benefit of Erbil, will suffer the central government in Baghdad, large funds come from customs and tax."

xyz  A man's kiss is his signature. -West
xyz      Baxter invalid source
 xyz   A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. -Brooke

Spectra     Baxter that would catch your eye being a aviation guy... :)

xyz     A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil. -Hugo
xyz    To find a prince, you gotta kiss some toads. -Foxy Brown

NickNak     Is this Dinar ever going to go?

xyz    NickNak i ask u a question
xyz     138 Years: Is This Kenyan Granny from Kericho the World's Oldest Person?


xyz    Swiss Bank Replaces Seven Employees With Five Robots


xyz    Kiss me out of desire, but not consolation. -Buckley

dinard    5-4-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...I didn't say years in the sense that it won't happen for years. I said it could take years to increase but I fully believe it'll start this year.

[reference Guru Kaperoni post 5-4-2018] I must have said this at least a thousand times there is no overnight RV or are RI. When the Central Bank of Iraq moves to Article VIII to make the dinar internationally convertible and exchangeable and tradable worldwide they will have to leave the Peg and move to a float.

How fast the dinar rises is directly related to the investment that comes into Iraq and its capital account. There is no way to know how fast it will rise until it actually happens and we see what investors do.

So first we're looking for 41 more days for compliance, then we're looking for the CBI to make a decision to move to Article VIII and write the letter to the IMF requesting acceptance, then it's the CBI exiting the peg moving to a float. How fast it rises once it begins to float is directly proportional to investment which could be fast or could be months or even longer. This is not an overnight event.

5-4-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Based on our calculations there are still 42 days that Iraq needs to meet the 2% compliance under the IMF guidelines before they can even consider moving to Article VIII.

The CBI may be waiting for many things including not only the 2% compliance, the elections to conclude and a government formed, laws to be passed through Parliament and any other number of contracts for investment. In other words,

This could still be months away before we see the CBI write the letter to the IMF. And what I am describing is only the transition to IMF Article VIII, Iraq still needs to choose a new exchange rate regime which is a float and it could take months or even years before the dinar appreciates to a value that we all wish for.

foxmulder    Hey everyone has an opinion or theory    Even me ! And it aint worth much

Blackgold    Iraq has been at 2% compliance for years,its just that no one noticed it

chattels     blackgold what documentation do you have for such a statement please ?
Chattels    My recollection is tha there was a period(s) of compliance before Shabbibi was threatened with criminal investigation / prosecution, but that was some years ago.

Tebow    run and hide

chattelsIraq was certainly not " in compliance " over the past year and until just recently.
chattels" ............. the parliamentary elections will be held on 12 May of this.

Competing 7376 candidates representing 320 parties, coalitions and a list of 329 seats in the next parliament, which will elect the prime minister and the republic, and 24 million people are eligible to cast their ballots in the elections out of 37 million."

Chattels   The supreme religious authority , Announced today its position that the parliamentary elections, "confirming that they stand at a distance of one of all the candidates and electoral lists and stressed on the exploitation of the title and position in the promotion of elections and that does not support any person or entity or list at all, "It's all up to the voters to believe and to settle their views."

Chattels    Prime Minister Haider Abadi, his position on the directives of the Supreme Religious Reference, on Friday on the parliamentary elections scheduled for 12 May.

"We express our full support for the position and directives of the supreme religious authority led by Mr. Ali al-Sistani, which was included in the Friday prayer sermon for this day," Abadi said in a statement. Holy war of history ".

"In particular, the call for broad participation in the elections and the right choice [and see the practical process of candidates and heads of lists, especially those who were in positions of responsibility in previous sessions to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters and corrupt experienced and untrained].

TWW   chattels I had a friend today that said rayren & tony are demanded to shut down their site due to fraud & tony violating a court judgment once hez out of jail/prison. Both in court today...I really have no idea cause I looked all over for a link and or the story, not avail. Do u know?

JoeSchmoe    TWW sounds accurate going by what's been said lately

Blackgold    first of all does anyone in here know what 2% compliance is?   guess not i'm    safe

bizhawk    the 2% compliance was achieved months ago-refers to their ability to maintain the inflation/deflation rate within that spread - I believe

sandyf      Some on here believe that no one in dinarland is prepared to give a redenomination any consideration, yet guru Frank claims that the CBI will follow the Turkmenistan model

"On the 1st Jan 2009 Turkmenistan redenominated the currency by a factor of 5000 to 1 and changed the currency code from TMM to TMT."

Over the years it has been assumed that "delete the 3 zeros" meant some change at the ratio of 1000 to one. That is not necessarily the case, as can be seen from Turkmenistan. Iraq, if it chose, could redenominate at 2000 or 3000 to one.

A redenomination of 3000:1 would put the money supply at around 20 billion in redenominated dinar, similar to what it was in 1990. In this case the redenominated dinar would have a value of $2.53, at 4000:1 it would be around $3.38.

Sandy    fFor years we have heard stories about tellers being trained, trained for what? There has been not talk of tellers being trained elsewhere, only the US.

On the streets of Pattaya there are hundreds of exchange booths handling a substantial number of foreign currencies on a daily basis seven days a week. How much training did they get before getting behind the counter, everything must be kept in perspective.

Sandyf      There has been some posts recently trying to justify the funding of the mythical RV. Every one of them refers to an arrangement between the US and Iraq. Where does that leave other countries or is this global event to be resticted to the US. For some strange reason some seem to think of it as an entitlement.

Sandyf      @JoeSchmoe One thing is for sure, if Iraq is ever to announce a redenomination, it will not come as a surprise. 
​Sandyf     Kap's theory is all very well but it would mean the Iraqi money supply remaining at current levels for years to come, does little to address the concerns of the CBI.

"The central bank said last August(2011) it planned to redenominate the Iraqi dinar to simplify financial transactions in an economy that is still heavily centralised and dominated by oil, and where deals are often carried out in cash."

People that want to deal with Iraq do not want to see telephone numbers on the bottom of an invoice, they want to see figures that they can easily relate to, in other words, simple financial transactions.

sandyf  Last night I watched the movie "BACKSTABBING for BEGINNERS" with Ben Kingsley. Well worth watching,set in 2002/3 gives a good insight to the corruption in the "Oil for Food" programe, on both sides of the fence.

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