Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Baxter    gas fell here today 30 cents a gallon to 2.40

Clay    well thats good
 Baxter    yeh.. I filled up yesterday...LOL

Clay    lol    figures right
 Baxter    stock market is down about 100....

Clay    wish Frank would be right for once
 Baxter    so do I clay    just once

Clay    yep    I would take 2.22    RI    IMFs old rate not Sadaams
 Baxter    dont be greedy now

Clay    lol    ok a buck fifty
 Baxter    I got a feelin the next couple of months will tell a lot
blackgold    Baxter sounds good to me    i'll take it    i hear ya,me too

Dinard     any fascinating and exciting dinar news today?
dinard    how about them oil prices huh?

 xyz    rockstar can't handle the truth

 chattels    Dollar exchange rate and gold in Iraq on Tuesday, prices

6/5/2018   Economy News _ Baghdad   Recorded dollar exchange rates, Tuesday, Osagtarara slightly in front of the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures in the "Economy News", the selling price of the dollar recorded in Baghdad today 120 thousand purchase price 121 000 dinars per dollar cent. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12231

chattels     The dollar is stabilizing slightly against the Iraqi dinar
08-05-2018   The dollar exchange rate on Tuesday was slightly lower against the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures, the sale price of the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand and the purchase price 121 thousand dinars compared to $ 100.


chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

dinard    JoeSchmoe leave my boy sandyman alone

chattels    Hakim: The existing consensual political system requires drastic adjustments
Editorial Date: 2018/5/8 15:23 •


Chattels      Hakim .............. emphasize the importance of going to the national majority
Date of release: 2018/5/7 23:07 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73487

chattels    Legislation / government by majority vote versus the consensus system will be one of the great political battles in the next term.

chattels    Four (4) days until the elction.

chattels     Add to the foregoing the putative transfer of power to the provinces and it promises to be a very interesting political dynamic following the formation of the next government of Iraq.

‘Chattels    A kaleidoscope of opinions about Iraqi PM Abadi


blackgold    I thought when oil reached $43 a barrel it would RV, how much is oil a barrel? $70

black    goldman somebody really lied to us

chattels    blackgold Who stated that there would be an " RV " at $ 43 / barrel of oil ?

blackgold    All the gurus

chattels    I do not remember such, but if all / any guru said such then you have your answer.

blackgold    lol    that was when i didn't know any better
blackgold    and I was only stating it to be funny

chattels    blackgold Some times I wish that I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
blackgold    chattels sometimes I wish I didn't know then,what i didn't know now

chattels    Smear campaigns shame Iraqi women candidates into withdrawing from polls


chattels    http://www.arabnews.com/node/1299091/middle-east

chattels    BAGHDAD: Women standing for election in Iraq have withdrawn as candidates after being shamed, threatened and smeared by opponents.

More than 20 candidates, mostly women, quietly withdrew from the election race in the last few days, candidates and observers told Arab News, and that number is expected to rise before the vote on Saturday.

chattels    West’s hopes for Iraq rest on Moqtada al-Sadr, the rabble-rousing cleric who fought occupation

Once described as the country’s biggest threat to stability, he may now be the key to it, writes Richard

Spencer https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/west-s-hopes-for-iraq-rest-on-moqtada-al-sadr-who-fought-occupation-ct87t76fc

blackgold    chattels better to withdraw from the polls than to withdraw from life

chattels    blackgold Hardly the democratic enlightenment envisioned by many for Iraq.

blackgold    i knew    lol

dinard    chattels wouldnt their value of dinar increase since value of oil increased since thats all they export?

xyz    Attention Attention @Zag went to Thailand to meet a buddy guru

blackgold   oil is sold in the us dollar not dinar

dinard    blackgold or petroyuan

blackgold    thats only in the past year

chattels    dinard Oil income is not sufficient to fund a substantial increase in the value of the dinar many would argue.

dinard    chattels well what else are they exporting? terrorism? lol

blackgold    funny how oil price almost doubled but Iraq can't fund itself--yea right
dinard    chattels i think since they have arguably largest oil reserves that it would increase value. just   my opinion

Chattels   dinard I am a confessed macroeconomic moron.

dinard     chattels samesies
dinard   chattels i wonder what kind of precious metals they export as well

chattels    dinard Could not be much as historically oil is 90-95% of their revenues.

Blackgold    Iraq has all kinds of minerals and some of the most ancient strains of wheat in the world, before Mosantos got there

Dinard    chattels Oil: US$52.5 billion (99.3% of total exports)
Gems, precious metals: $214.5 million (0.4%)

Fruits, nuts: $53.5 million (0.1%)
Raw hides excluding furskins: $30.7 million (0.1%)

Plastics: $13.3 million (0.03%)
Electronic equipment: $9.2 million (0.02%)

Woodpulp: $9 million (0.02%)
Machines, engines, pumps: $7.2 million (0.01%)

Gums, resins: $4.4 million (0.008%)
Medical, technical equipment: $2.7 million (0.005%) 

tebow    so basically they export about 55 billion.... Nothing!
Dinard     chattels only thing that could impede the main export of oil is demand going down with rising oil prices but i think that would not affect them do to oil prices not rising because of reduced demand 

dinard    Tebow number would rise if oil prices rose though wouldnt it?

Chattels     Iraq's budget when oil was $ 100 + / barrel was never more than about 130 billion.

dinard    xyz am dinard newbie. please explain lol

chattels    Iraq's revenues have always been short of their budget.

dInard    xyz also younger person floating around here so can not call me kiddo no more

blackgold    Iraq is virtually desert, what budget do they need

chattels    blackgold There are 32 million people with needs.

dinard    chattels well if their value based upon exports hasnt increased why would one assume IMF would value them back to their old value?

blackgold    thats all

dinard    blackgold i think socal is more populated an iraq lol
blackgold    lol    We don't export crap, how do we support 4 humdred million

chattels    dinard I no longer believe that any value approaching the guru numbers will eventuate.

blackgold    What is our biggest export?

dinard    chattels perhaps it will float float once they stabilize their security and tap into more of the untapped crude oil supplies. they still seem to be working on their oil drilling and transportation infastructrure

dinard    whom the heck knows thats the fun lol

Tebow    The United States exported $2.3 trillion in goods and services in 2017. That generated 12 percent of U.S. total economic output as measured by gross domestic product. Exports are a critical component of GDP.

America has the potential to export much more. That's because only 1 percent of U.S. businesses export. As a result, the United States is the world's third largest exporter.

Dinard    Tebow wow amazing figures. imagine if up to 10% exported

Mdinard    Tebow would be MAGAnificent

Tebow    blackgold    Crude oil, fuel and other petroleum products: $109 billion. This is one of the fastest growing areas of US exports, up 37% in just the last year.

Civilian aircraft and aircraft engines: $99 billion. This is what makes Boeing (BA) the nation's largest single exporter.

Auto parts, engines and car tires: $86 billion. Many of these are shipped to assembly plants owned by both US and foreign automakers in Mexico and Canada. It's one of the reasons losing NAFTA would be so hard for the auto industry.

Industrial machines: $57 billion.

Passenger cars: $53 billion. American auto plants supply much of North and South America with cars, and also ship to other markets as well. BMW's largest plant is in South Carolina, where it builds all of its X series SUVs. Last year it exported nearly three-quarters of the 371,000 cars it built there, making it the biggest car exporter in the United States.

Pharmaceuticals: $51 billion.

Top U.S. service exports 
​But the goods that the United States exports only tell part of the story. Services are the biggest US export, with total foreign sales of $778 billion last year. Indeed, the United States has a $243 billion trade surplus in services, which is good news since service industries account for 71% of US jobs.

These are the service industries that bring in the most money:

Travel and transportation: $236 billion.

Finance and insurance: $76 billion.

Sales from intellectual property: $49 billion. This includes software, movies and television shows.

blackgold    Lol thats a joke ,we don't manufacture anything, our biggest export is empty containers that go off shore and come back full

Tebow    blackgold wrong again

dinard    Tebow ditching NAFTA would bring automakers back here and export from here so wouldnt it increase passenger car exports?


blackgold    It was dumb americans that created NAFTA

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