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Chattels   Kurds should expect a difficult but decisive four years ahead By Arif Qurbany http://www.rudaw.net/english/opinion/04052018

Chattels     " the outcome of the forthcoming Iraqi parliamentary election will be as decisive for the future of Iraq in general, especially for the people of Kurdistan. It will put an end to the transitional phase.

The real identity of Iraq will be fixed after this election, which will end the rivalry for the identity of the country. The next four years will be the time to change legal and constitutional bases in light of the new Iraq that will be decided by this election."
Chattels      " ................ the result of this election will lead to majority rule in the parliament. And this will put an end to these rivalries and will lead to a one-man show in the country."

Davechattels How many election cycles have we heard about art 140,amnesty,federal court laws?

Dave      ...fingers crossed
Dave     gosh to think that the election is only 1 week away....

chattels     Dave There was 2014, 2010, and 2006.
Doug_W     and here we are 4 years later Eh?

chattelsDoug_W     Another cycle.

Doug_W    exactly

Baxter     Did I miss an RV today???

Doug_W     Baxter no just 3,41" of rain

chattels    Joel Wing @JoelWing2

After surge of terrorist attacks in Baghdad from Dec-Feb capital province now seeing best security in years Used to be attacks every day now sporadic https://twitter.com/joelwing2?lang=en

Baxter  the 90 second Kentucky derby is coming up... on a muddy track.. just like last year

Doug_W      Baxter what channel?

chattels     Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk    Statement of clarification from Sistani's office on this sermon statement:   via @BalsamAwni

Baxter    doug.. NBC

chattels    Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk
The language of this "clarification" I interpret as being aimed as not being framed to so clearly focused on Maliki but the political class more broadly. But then for whom does one vote when all the major blocs are led by establishment figures?

Baxter      I think in about 10 min Doug
Baxter      they have to have 10 million dollar commercials before the muddy race

chattels      Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk
And of course, if you take this statement literally, as opposed to contextually, it doesn't really help Abadi, a former Maliki ally whose list is filled with former Maliki MPs, or Allawi, who headed one of the said corrupt previous governments, or Ameri, who served in one.

Doug_W      ty

Baxter     You should have seen the line of corporate jets parked at the airport... sickening

chattels     The above point includes all coalitions - so I think that not only will Maliki lose to Abadi and Ameri, and very likely Sadr's Sairun, he could easily end up with fewer seats than the KDP (which should also lose seat) and possibly the Nationalist Coalition (Allawi-Jiburi-Mutlak). - Sowell

Baxter     Lets all pray that Maliki and his goons... dont get one seat....

chattels      Maliki isn't really in contention for a return to office, as some continue to suggest. I expect his State of Law Coalition will come in 4th, maybe 5th or 6th among blocs. - Sowell

chattels        https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en

chattels     Kentucky Derby - 144 years - quite a tradition.

Baxter     yes it is....    and it rains.. almost every year..

chattels      My daughter is attending. She is a horse photographer.

Baxter       wow Chattels...thats great

chattels     No corporate jet though.

Baxter      Im just so afraid these horses are gonna slip and fall going around the turns...

chattels      What a muddy track.

Baxter      awful

chattels      Dangerous conditions.

Baxter      remember about 10 years ago they had to euthenize one right on the track.. broke its leg..

chattels      Georgeous animals !

Baxter   you know... most of those horses are trained down in Ocala Florida... not Kentucky..
Baxter     there are some gorgeous farms in Ocala on Rt 301... about 10 miles east of I 75
Baxter     money.. is not an issue

chattels     The black colored horses are stunning.

Xyz    chattels     do you have horses?

Baxter      wow.. they had 3 inches of rain  what a mess

chattels     xyz I do not. My daughter has a couple of rescue thoroughbreds.
chattels     xyz Never wanted to own anything that ate while I slept.

xyz      chattels I plan to have a horse post rv

chattels    xyz Magnificent creatures. Their domestication changed the course of human history.

xyz     chattels indeed
xyz     2018-2020 Iraqi development plan next Wednesday, Ministry


Baghdad/ Iraq Trade Link: Iraqi Planning Ministry reported that the government will initiate the
National Development Plan 2018-2022 next Wednesday.

Under  secretary Mahir Hamad Johan pointed that the plan will include stages to develop business, economic development, development of the private sector, environment and other matters.

He added that the plan will concentrate on developing education, higher education, health, women, youth and social development.

Johan pointed that the private sector represents 37% of the Gross Domestic Product, hoping that this sector will be a partner in services and production sectors during the stages of this plan.

chattels      Mnt Goat ........look deep into what the CBI and the GOI have been telling us... ...“Look at what they are saying and what they plan to do”, “They may be bit late and even change target timeframes, but they always eventually carry it out”...
chattels     ????????????????      Bovine scatology

chattels    " ........... they always eventually carry it out”... ???????????
chattels     Not my experience and observation

Dave    chattels he could be referring to getting IMF compliant to get those loans?
Dave      thought that M CP /auctionshad to go?

Dave     MCP

Dave    could    be that CBI still requires this to make the spread'profit ... Not yet enough confidence in the banks?

blackgold    Reguard the society of women as a necessary unpleasantness of life and Avoid it as much as possible, Leo Tolstoy

spankie     https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-chevrolet-el-camino-6/

BREW    spankie THAT'S NICE.

spankie    check the other rides out too- the el camino is getting rare and the one pictured is cherry!!!    movie time - laterz peeps

blackgold     spankie peace

xyz    Look like @Zig went to Reno ... may be madam Wu has arrived

xyzThe heads of currency smuggling and money laundering eyes on the House .. The extent to remember the "files Chalabi" neglected


xyz    To remind .. (Range) re-publication of files on currency smuggling operations and money laundering .. The biggest accused in the "Chalabi files" at the top of the electoral list .. No objection!      http://almadapaper.net/Details/210300/-

xyz     In a major economic event is almost the first of its kind in the presence of a large number of international companies and diplomatic bodies in the Forum for Investment and Reconstruction, which was organized in Baghdad recently, we wonder here was the map of investment opportunities presented in the Forum

The (1100) professional opportunity in technical and economic description is successful and meet the needs of ... local and sectoral? The use of technologies investment is almost the first choice for Iraq and all ministries, provinces, regions and sectors ...

which must meet three main components is the acquisition, absorption and employment of modern technologies and investment of its services, and training and rehabilitation of human resources to produce innovations and inventions of goods and services to meet different needs, And the use of cash blocks and the capital needed to buy the financial elements to establish the investment project and the formation of economic cities and free zones.

xyz    Two economists applaud the results of the Investment Opportunities Forum


Zeir said that "the government turned to the importance of financing projects from abroad, and to overcome obstacles to investors," noting that "Iraq began to offer itself Arab and international land and investment opportunities attractive to investors."

xyz     As the government session oversaw the completion of the day, which is the last week of its economic activity until it found that it is not necessary to review the achievements of the economic program of the outgoing government.

 Waiting for what will be the elections next week and what concerns us is its economic program within the specialization of the page.

Many lights of economic power of morning on most of the economic achievements that have been achieved and we are not here to evaluate the results but we are looking at how to deal with the economic file in the next stage.


xyz    Iraqi who threw shoes at President Bush runs for Iraqi parliament https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/02/middleeast/bush-shoe-thrower-iraqi-parliament-intl/index.html

xyz    Flying shoes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-4EyRelUr8

xyz    A Haircut Costs 5 Bananas And 2 Eggs https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-05/when-money-dies-venezuela-haircut-costs-5-bananas-and-2-eggs

xyz    assault came after he had boasted about his wealth on YouTube https://www.rt.com/business/42519-russian-cryptocurrency-millionaire-death-suicide/

xyz  Warren Buffett: I was wrong on ... RV too?


blackgold      Warren Buffett wasn't wrong about the RV, we were just robbed or held up by the elite who could care less about us
blackgold     xyz what are the two eggs for?
Blackgold    just happened to look in, i guess everyone went nighty night

Chattels       Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi pledges to appoint a civil investigative committe that would make recommendations for prosecutions re the collapse of the Iraqi army in 2014 & the fall of Mosul.



Posted by Iraqi Thoughts | May 6, 2018 | http://1001iraqithoughts.com/2018/05/06/why-iraqis-should-be-hopeful-about-their-future/

chattels" ............ for the first time in many decades there is real hope for Iraq."

chattels     " ............ the optimism about Iraq is not baseless. It is always good to have an optimistic outlook, but there are genuine indicators that the hope about Iraq’s future is realistic."

chattels     " The first indicator is that regardless of Iraq’s current situation, Iraq had and still has a lot of potential. "

chattels     " The second important indicator is that for the first time, there seems to be a direction the country is moving towards, and it is not downwards."

chattels      " The third important indicator is that Iraq is showing leadership."

chattels     David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1   2h2 hours ago   Today, Iraqi Air Force strikes ISIS HQ south of Dashisha in Syria.    http://mobp.as/mZ0Pl

chattels     Government of Iraq

@IraqiGovt    Eligible Iraqi citizens overseas will be able to exercise their democratic right and cast their vote in Iraq’s parliamentary elections at 136 election centers in 19 countries

chattels       Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad

Crystal meth is a growing problem in Basra. An agency similar to the DEA is required to tackle it. Also judiciary needs reform and resources to deal with narcotics


chattels      Iraq’s War on Meth https://vimeo.com/268047936

Mchattels1001 Iraqi Thoughts commissioned a public opinion survey in Iraq to gauge the popularity of competing parties ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for 12th May. The nationwide poll was conducted between 22-28 April featuring 3,032 randomly selected telephone interviews across all 18 provinces. Sampling was weighted against population size and gender on the provincial level to ensure fair representation.

​chattels     The results show a number of key findings:

chattels     Some 60% of people overall support a second term for Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. His popularity is highest in the three liberated provinces of Ninewa, Salahadin and Anbar. Even in the Kurdistan Region, Al-Abadi enjoys support from over 50% of those interviewed.

chattels      The popularity of Haider Al-Abadi’s Victory coalition consistently ranks highest among the competing lists with 24% of the vote share, while there is a close race for second place among Moqtada Al-Sadr’s Sa’iroon coalition and Hadi Al-Ameri’s Conquest alliance.

Meanwhile, Nouri Al-Maliki’s State of Law appears to be far less popular in Baghdad than it was in the 2014 elections, and will likely pick up most of its seats from the southern provinces including Karbala and Basra, where Maliki still retains a strong support base.

chattels     The popular vote as to a favored coalition is decidedly for Abadi's Victory list. Three to one as to Sadr and Ameri and almost 5 to 1 as to Maliki / State of Law.

chattels    Six (6) days remaining until the election.

chattels   Abadi will win, it's just a matter of how many seats. Being PM and forming a government is another issue though Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad https://twitter.com/SajadJiyad?lang=en

chattels       " Being PM and forming a government is another issue though "

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