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Thursday, May 24, 2018


Chattels    I won't live 20 years, but I expect to be here or somewhere in " dinarland " while I breathe and until the event.

Spectra    xyz to me there comes a time for rest ...i will not be watching this like i am ....soon enough..when that is i cannot say right now..but soon enough.

Spectra    chattels now you know how you live...

 chattels    This has become in a constructive sense educational for me. I expect to continue learning all of my life.

Spectra    chattels learning should never stop ...but the learning of iraq for me has it's limits..

chattels    Spectra I study / learn about all / anything of interest to me or in which i have " skin in the game ".
xyz    chattels there's a huge difference between then and now ... over the 8yrs or so, there has been incredible positive changes.

Spectra    Many people in this community know more about the government of Iraq ,than their own....

chattels    Spectra A very sad commentary upon the state of our electorate.

Spectra    chattels yes

chattels    xyz Yes and No, I think. Repetitive behaviors and mistakes by Iraq. Democracy is a messy business. Iraq is only " 15 years old ".

xyz    We have a better chance now than never imho

chattels   Banking and currency issues occupied our nation until after the Civil War, almost 100 years.

chattels    Substitute " troubled " for " occupied " herein above.

xyz   Whether positive or negative .... negative in a sense we would cease from existing on dinarville chatrooms without a reward --- I don't believe in this path

Spectra    The Parable of the Weeds
24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.

27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’

28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.

“The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’

29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

chattels    Weeds and wheat, sheep and goats, wheat from the chaff.

chattels    xyz I do not know that they MUST co-exist, but the reality is that they do. There is good and evil and the enemy is all around us.

Spectra    pluck a weed and another one grows..

Dave      Spectra have a lot of grannies using cannabis products for pain.......off the opoids.....

Dave     opoids is the real garbage most of the time.....

Dave    chattels do you know when the election results are to be ratified?

Dave    election losers calling for an emergency seesion tomorrow....hoping no Quorum on that....

Dave    then 15 days to form up elect speaker.....  Dave ?

chattels    Dave Depends upon Court ruling / resolution of grievances / complaints about voting irregularities I think.

chattels    The Supreme Electoral Commission, Saturday, that ratifying the final results of the election after considering appeals take 20 days.

Board of Commissioners Chief Riad Bedran agency/information/"the Commission will publish the results of the electoral process in official newspapers and then opens the door to appeal blocks and candidates for receipt of appeals for three days."

"The Supreme Electoral Tribunal is considering appeals and then ratified the results and submit it to the Federal Court for approval," adding that "the duration of consideration of appeals and validation take about 20 days.


chattels    Dave As best I can recall there is no Constitutional timeline for ratification.

Dave     arrg thought so....    thanx

chattels    Dave Still looking for my notes on the Constitutional timelines.
chattels    These are the steps to form the next Iraqi government
According to the Constitution ...14/05/2018

The Iraqi parliamentary elections, which took place yesterday, have followed the steps of forming the new government within 90 days. The steps in accordance with the Iraqi constitution will be as follows:

- The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) will announce the election results on Monday.

- President Fuad Masum calls on the new parliament to convene within 15 days of announcing the results.

- Legislators elect a speaker and two deputies by an absolute majority at the first meeting.

- Parliament elects a new president by a two-thirds majority of deputies within 30 days of the first meeting.

- The new president nominates the candidate of the largest bloc in parliament to form a government.

- The prime minister-designate shall have 30 days to form the government and submit it to parliament for approval.

- Parliament must approve the government program and each minister separately in a separate vote by an absolute majority.

If the prime minister-designate fails to form a coalition government within 30 days or if parliament rejects the government proposed by the prime minister-designate, the president must appoint another candidate to form a government within 15 days.


chattels     Ratification by the Court is not mentioned herein above.

chattels     Article 54: The President of the Republic shall call upon the Council of Representatives to convene by a presidential decree within fifteen days from the date of the ratification of the general election results. Its eldest member shall chair the first session to elect the speaker of the Council and his two deputies. This period may not be extended by more than the aforementioned period.

chattels    http://www.wipo.int/wipolex/en/text.jsp?file_id=230001

chattels    fifteen days from the date of the ratification of the general election results.

chattels    ratification of the general election results.

chattels    This period may not be extended by more than the aforementioned period.

Dave    thanks for the vagueness.......HEHE

chattels    If I am reading / understanding the foregoing then 30 days maximum to ratify the results.

chattels    Dave Am I being responsive to your question ?

Dave    So not until after EID .....     so after any appeals

chattels    18/5/2018  The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Friday the results of the parliamentary elections, .................

chattels    So, we are less than 7 days into the timeline I think.

chattels      If it is 30 days maximum then just after the Eid AL Fitr Holiday.

Dave      okay that is what thouight

chattels     Dave It appears to me that all appeals MUST be resolved within at most 30 days.

chattels     30 days from the announcement of the election results or 15 days after ratification by the Court.

Dave     this emergency session tomorrow?

chattels    If the Court were to ratify tomorrow then Masum must convene Parliament within 15 days, but it may be that such can be extended for another 15 days.

chattels     Dave Read a little about it.
Dave    Trust ya!

Dave    Thought that they required quorum tomorrow to launch an appeal regarding the results

chattels    23/05/2018    Baghdad   A representative of the coalition of state law, Mohamed Chihod, on Wednesday, that nearly 150 deputies will attend the extraordinary parliament session on Thursday.

The Chihod said in a press statement that "the number of deputies who will attend the extraordinary parliament session on Thursday to discuss the electoral process and the violations that occurred in them, reached about 150 deputies."

Dave    Wow a lot of sore losers....

chattels     The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to hold an extraordinary session on Thursday, 24/5/2018 at 4 pm to discuss the electoral process, according to a statement to the Presidency of Parliament.


chattels        Dave Sounds like a political posturing complaint session.

Dave      still no quorum

chattels     Dave Correct.

Dave        allll GOOOD

Dave    just a BIATCH session

chattels     " ..... discuss the electoral process and the violations that occurred in them, ....."

chattels    Yada, yada, yada. :)

Dave    to deaf ears...

Dave    what comes around goes around

chattels     As Jerry Seinfeld said, " Not that there is anything wrong with that." :)

Dave     !50 is a good number........
chattels    The Supreme Court determines the largest bloc, which will form the government conditions

5/24/2018 0:00  Baghdad / morning   identified the Federal Supreme Court, on Wednesday, the constitutional concept of the largest bloc , which will cost the formation of the government, indicating that these conditions came because of the surrounding circumstances have the Constitution in 2005 and to create a kind of balances and understandings between the parliament blocks.

 Read more

chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

sandyf    Over the years there has been a significant amount of garbage posted in dinarland. I am quite prepared to challenge the garbage so it is a case of like it or lump it.

It is quite obvious that there are those that find comfort in the garbage and will create any scenario that they can dream up to try and discredit the challenge.

At no time have I ever tried to convince anyone of anything and neither have said at any time that there will be a redenomination. People should read and understand what is posted, address the facts and draw their own conclusions.

It is a fact that Iraq has for years discussed the project to delete the 3 zeros.

It is a fact that ten years ago that Iraq considered the "Turkey model" for their redenomination.

It is a fact that in April 2012 the Iraqi cabinet postponed the redenomination indefinitely.

It is a fact that in 2009 an investigative report was published into redenominations.

It is a fact that the 2009 report concluded that a major contributor to a "successful" redenomination was low inflation.

It is a fact that the ISO is responsible for the management of global currencies.

It is a fact that Zimbabwe has had 4 national currencies, ZWD, ZWN, ZWR & ZWL. ZWC was the Rhodesian dollar.

It is a fact that China has 2 currencies, the onshore Yuan CNY as the national currency and the offshore Yuan CNH traded on the HK exchange. The CNH is a pseudo currency with no physical banknotes.

It is a fact that the US has 3 currencies, USD the national currency, USS for same day trading and USN for next day trading. About 4 years ago USS was discontinued.

It is a fact that a redenomination introduces a new national currency and that the previous national currency co-exists in-country for a period of time. It would become an ISO historical currency.

It is a fact that ISO historical currencies are not recognised internationally.

sandyf    It is a fact that the Central Bank of Kuwait did not revalue the KWD following the occupation. The KWD was reinstated at the same value as it was prior to the occupation.

It is a fact that the CBI published a figure for “Currency Issued” of 42.172 Trillion IQD as of 31st March 2018.

It is a fact that people post statements that indicate they do not understand “Currency Issued”.

It is a fact that no country on a floating exchange rate has allowed “rapid” appreciation of the currency. In recent times the greatest appreciation seen was the Yuan at about 3% per year, many said that was rapid. In the eye of the beholder.

It is a fact that I have never said there was no possibility of a positive outcome, Just that it would not be in the way some want to make out.

It is a fact that I have no connection whatsoever to anyone in dinarland.

It is a fact that forum members have fabricated lies in an attempt to discredit the facts.

It is a fact that this post is not open to Q & A.

sandyf    @dinard 2.4e13 is the display in E notation (exponential) It means 2.4 x 10 to the power of thirteen, or 24 x 10 to the power of 12(trillions). 
​xyz    sandyf careful Mr guru ... some of us know that statement is false .... The number e is a mathematical constant, approximately equal to 2.71828


foxmulder     IT'S a fact .00086 shows a worthless currency ,it's a fact to have a viable trading platform the currency will be on level with their neighbors ,

 its a fact I raq is producing about the same amount of oil as Kuwat , the big difference is population. It's a fact the CBI is in charge of monotary policy.

Iraq talked about the " turkey " model !! Ok so what im sure they have looked at all avenues . Its a fact currencies float !! And thay CAN !! Rise quickly . and to be honest NO ONE KNOWS what has been PLANNED

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