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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


JoeSchmoe     chattels were you able to see my question to you from earlier today when you weren't around?

JoeSchmoe    I have known you since the golfer guru starting days, and I as well as many hold you in the highest regard for your opinions in this thing

JoeSchmoe    So had you ALWAYS felt the way about the dinar as you do currently? I had always felt you thought along the same lines as the lot. So I was wondering what has happened to change your views?

chattels     Once Hated by U.S. and Tied to Iran, Is Sadr Now ‘Face of Reform’ in Iraq?

​ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/20/world/middleeast/iraq-election-sadr.html
chattels    JoeSchmoe I once believed that an overnight rate increase was possible / probable.

JoeSchmoe    not even the overnight rv dream. But more of a return scenario

chattels    I now wonder whether such can happen.

JoeSchmoe    do you wonder such because of time and frustration?

JoeSchmoe    or as I asked,has something specific happened to change your views

chattels    My hope is that the removal of the three zeroes would be accompanied by a " substantial increase " in value.

JoeSchmoe    because if it is clearly frustration, then that helps me hold strong to my hope/belief in this thing.Because the best of them are frustrated.

chattels    I now define substantial as .10 cents.

JoeSchmoe    most would take that and run lol

chattels    JoeSchmoe  I would certainly exchange a portion of my holdings for such.

JoeSchmoe    and since most of us that know you, that hold you in high regard...when your down views are accompanied by a sandy LOP/RD view, it is hard to 'keep the faith'

JoeSchmoe    so this has helped me alot to see that it seems like frustration mostly

chattels    JoeSchmoe     I have never sought to tell anyone what to do. I am holding on, but it may not happen at all.

JoeSchmoe    there is definitely not as many notes in circulation now as there were when we all believed strongly...so that can't be the issue

JoeSchmoe    ya I feel that way A LOT

chattels    I  continue to be concerned about stability and security.

JoeSchmoe    do you believe that they actually have LD's, but just not released yet?

chattels    And now I am more skeptical of the funding source.

JoeSchmoe    ya...that is an issue with many

JoeSchmoe    but i always say it's like the lottery. Not one winner takes it in CASH. It is all digital

chattels    JoeSchmoe I have no idea about lower denominations and little info about circulation other than the very high numbers mentioned by certain sources.
JoeSchmoe    but still less than 9 years ago

JoeSchmoe    when we all believed

chattels    JoeSchmoe Not according to the several CBI publications.

JoeSchmoe    really

JoeSchmoei    s that mostly in country?

chattels    BUT, as always what is reliable / accurate ?

JoeSchmoe    trudat

JoeSchmoe    anyway, time for dinner. Thanyou for letting me pick your brain!

chattels    JoeSchmoe Remember I am a long time confessed macroeconomic moron.

JoeSchmoe    lol NOT

JoeSchmoe    you are smarter than the lot

Tebow    certain sources = Kaperoni :laugh

chattels    And not necessarily in " recovery " :)

JoeSchmoe    and much smarter than many gurus

JoeSchmoe    'most'

chattels    Tebow Please do not start with the same tired diatribe.

JoeSchmoe    Tebow its funny how you feel the same way about kap, as I do for sandy. And I actually don't mind kap....just not his view. We should put just the 4 of us in a room and have a freeforall! lol

xyz    Sunni forces are waiting for the names of their new deputies to begin direct talks that would consolidate their 45 seats in a single coalition and join the larger bloc that will nominate the prime minister. http://almadapaper.net/Details/210700/-

JoeSchmoe    Since Kap lets me call him Pennywise,he's aalright lol

xyz    Associated Press: Tehran is pressing to form a political force to counter the alliance of Sadr     http://almadapaper.net/Details/210699/-

chattels    Elizabeth Dickinson  @dickinsonbeth

#Iraq: Sadr election victory "marks first time Iraqi leaders who are not former exiles have won...ordinary Iraqis always viewed returning exiles w great suspicion believing they were intent on grabbing power...they were not wrong in majority of cases"

chattels    https://twitter.com/dickinsonbeth?lang=en

chattels    David M. Witty @DavidMWitty
Main Iraqi election winner Sadr says new Iraqi government must abolish Baghdad's Green Zone & remove walls.     http://mobp.as/NwoZl

chattels    http://mobp.as/NwoZl

Baxter    evening everyone....    kind of quiet in here......

dinard    Baxter good evening
Baxter    G E dinard    where is everyone
dinard    almost too quiet in here..............
Baxter    sure is    very unusual​
​chattels    Kaperoni [correction] ...the 3 month IMF requirement...I want to correct how much time is left. Our countdown indicates 24 days.

chattels    US vows 'strongest sanctions in history' on Iran http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44200621

dinard    chattels i heard that sanctions on iran were good for iraqs economy

chattels    dinard Not informed about such.

chattels    dinard My Rial is worth far less than what I paid for it.

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