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Chattels    Doug_W  Another day in " DinarLand ".
Doug_W    yes sir

chattels    A/K/A " The Twilight Zone " :)
Doug_W     not sure even that "covers it" adequately

chattels    " There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call ... DinarLand orThe Twilight Zone."

Doug_W    lol

chattels    " ............. between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination .............. "

Doug_W    (insert twilight zone music here)

chattels    I have " dreamed the dream " for years now.
​Doug_W    as have I but remember we are "volunteers" no one "Drafted" us

chattels    Doug_W     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If3SXJeZzMQ

chattels    Doug_W " We the willing working for the ungrateful are doing the impossible.
We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing...."

Doug_W    wow that is a goldie oldie

chattels    Can Baghdad-Erbil relations be based selectively on Iraqi constitution? By Paul Iddon http://www.rudaw.net/english/analysis/09052018

chattels    The Iraqi population is more than i stated recently.

World Bank: 38.5 million Iraqi population and poverty rate 22.5%
 Release date: 2018/5/8 10:07 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73493

chattels    " The World Bank expects Iraq's growth prospects to improve due to a favorable security environment and gradual recovery of reconstruction investment amid forecasts of GDP growth despite an OPEC cut-off agreement that obligates Iraq to commit."

chattels    " Threats to growth in Iraq include the possibility of heightened political tensions and the possibility of terrorist attacks that could compromise future prospects over the medium term. In the long term, there are risks looming like oil price volatility, failure to improve the security environment,

The reform of public finances, the containment of current expenditures, the lack of priority for investment in reconstruction, and the public debt remains vulnerable to the shock of a decline in oil prices or a decline in the real exchange rate of the dinar."

chattels" ............... remains vulnerable to the shock of a decline in oil prices or a decline in the real exchange rate of the dinar."

chattels    Three days remaining until the election.

chattels    We have chosen a volatile part of the world in which to invest. The uncertainties attendant to Syria, Iran and others have ripple effects upon a fragile Iraq, Such is true politically, socially and economically. We can only continue to hope, sometimes against all better judgment and prior experience, that the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Chattels    Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the corrupt in Iraq have become restless by the measures taken by the government, pointing to his quest for a new renaissance in Iraq.

Abadi said in a speech during an election festival in the province of Wasit and followed by "information", "The corrupt in Iraq are getting mad with every action by the government," noting that "the corrupt failed in the face of government action."
​He added that "the corrupt were pressing for the collapse of the dinar prices and work to raise prices, but failed to do so," asserting his quest for "a new renaissance of Iraq to restore its past and even better."


chattels    "the corrupt were pressing for the collapse of the dinar prices and work to raise prices, but failed to do so," asserting his quest for "a new renaissance of Iraq to restore its past and even better."

chattels    Credit Dinar Updates

chattels    It appears that we are competing / fighting against forces within and without Iraq for monetary reform / stability.

foxmulder    chattels   Thats pretty obvious for sure.. and reality.

chattels    Kaperoni : " Dollars are being sucked up right now in Iran. As well, the Rial has dropped to 67,000 to one US dollar. We're going to have to keep a close watch on the CBI over the next few weeks Iran has a tendency to suck dollars out of Iraq when it needs them and this could affect the spread.

Course if this happens is bad for the CBI cuz it'll affect its reserves as well it'll knock the spread out of whack with the IMF forcing them to start over again on the 3 month compliance. Hopefully Iran's weak currency and lack of dollars does not affect the CBI. They must be pretty confident since they are liberalizing even more. Remember the IMF and US Treasury helped them figure out how to get the spread within compliance last fall."

Chattels     Kaperoni : " It's going to go up and down. As long as it stays under 1214 to $1 were ok. I am concerned over the Iran issue. The Ryal is tanking bad and dollars are hard to come by. Iran has proven to suck dollars from Iraq when they need them so the spread could go way out of wack soon. And with the CBI's new additional liberation (confidence) it may be easy for Iran to do so."

chattels    I do not know whether Kaperoni is correct or not, but I do find his commentary / theory to be more relevant and informative than " guru situational garbage ".

chattels   Tuesday, May 8, 2018  Lack Of U.S. Help Rebuilding Or Developing Iraq


chattels   The U.S. Export-Import Bank did say that it would sign a memorandum of understanding with Iraq for $2-$3 billion to help finance projects and trade.

At the start of May however, the Intercept talked with the Bank and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and neither said they had any projects planned for Iraq. The State Department is in transition with Secretary Tillerson having been fired so there could be a period before it works out a plan for what the Export-Import Bank and Overseas Investment Corporation could do in Iraq.

The conference was also only three months ago. On the other hand, maybe America really isn’t going to help since the White House doesn’t seem much interested in Iraq after the war with the Islamic State ended.

chattels    2018-05-08  The World Bank published its forecasts and estimates for the Iraqi economy during 2018, where positive indicators overshadowed the scene despite warnings of the fragility of the situation due to the dangers of the Iraqi situation.

​chattels   " .......... positive indicators overshadowed the scene despite warnings of the fragility of the situation due to the dangers of the Iraqi situation."

chattels    We wait, watch, wonder and wish. Keep the faith. Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi Banking Sector Reform Project.

patrik73    is the dinar thing a fairytale ?...
patrik73    why does iran has so low currency value ?

Spectra    patrik73 why do you say that/

patrik73    all talk about an rv..but nothing happens

Spectra    patrik73 Iran has been making threats in the past..They punish countries by destroying their currency..That's my opinion.As far as Iraq is concerned this is a speculation.Therefore we cannot be sure of a time..you know this.

patrik73    all things have a timeframe 1...10..100 years

Spectra    patrik73 true...and ...none of us know....all we can do is wait..what else?

patrik73    well, i would be dead 2100

Spectra    patrik73 lol we all will be

patrik73    maybe not :-) medbeads

Spectra    patrik73 oh yeh hmm?

patrik73    sorry Jared Rand Med Beds

Spectra    patrik73 whats so special about them?

patrik73    you get younger    lol

Spectra    patrik73 oh my gosh ..like a real fairy tale...

patrik73    alien tech    who knows :-)

Spectra   patrik73 and why on earth would a race of aliens give this guy the technology ?

patrik73   i don´t know..ask them

Spectra    patrik73 WHAT MAKES jared Rand so special?

Spectra    patrik73 lol   patrik73 its funny

patrik73   what makes my friend special...he sees many ufo:s

Spectra    patrik73 what friend is this?
patrik73    my best..

Spectra    patrik73 ive seen some very unexsplainable things in my life as well.

patrik73    i did to
Spectra    patrik73 where?

patrik73    i think he was crazy...until i saw a ghost    on the road...cloud being

Spectra   patrik73   I laugh at people who laugh at the realms of spirituality......There are many things we know nothing about still today...Many
Spectra    patrik73 i believe you
​Spectra    patrik73 i seen a indian youth running in full tribal clothes on my property in oklahoma.Broad daylight.

patrik73    i did not believe my eyes...but he see the same

Spectra    patrik73 but the indian disapeared as fast as it showed its self

patrik73  ok

Spectra    patrik73 These things are very real ..I never dought ive seen many things.....

patrik73    this was my first and only

Spectra    patrik73 so dont stop believing in your investment ...lol
Spectra    patrik73 well it changes you

patrik73    yes

Spectra  when you see these things

Baxter   I saw a UFO once..... it started as a distant star..and it just kept getting brighter and brighter...then... it started slowing down all of a sudden...and then... it came to a complete stop in mid air... glowing very brightly... All at once... it just started slowly descending and landed right beside the road I was on.... the door opened....and out came this guy with a pony tail... and I thought I recognized the guy.... YES... it was Frank26... He said... Good Evening Sir... Could you direct me to the RV??

Spectra    ( The collapse of the Toman after the US sanctions .. Will it make Iraq's economy on the verge of impasse? )

Nawara al-Aqabi    2018/5/9 01:34:43 PM     As soon as President Donald Trump announced his country's withdrawal from Iran's nuclear deal in 2015 and the reinstatement of US sanctions on Tehran, the Iranian toman broke down in an unprecedented manner against foreign currencies, bringing the exchange rate of the dollar to 6800 to 7200 tomans.

The decision was accompanied by a significant rise in oil prices to a three-and-a-half-year high of more than 2 percent, as Trump's move is likely to limit Opec's exports of crude in a market already suffering from tight supply.

US crude rose to $ 75.76 a barrel on Wednesday, its best performance since November 2014. It was $ 76.66 a barrel at 0137 GMT, up $ 1.81 or 2.4 percent from its last close. .
9 May 18, 03:47 PMSpectra    US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 1.51 dollars, or 2.2 percent, to 70.61 dollars per barrel, also nearing their highest level since late 2014.

As soon as Trump ended, his national security adviser, John Bolton, announced that reinstatement of US sanctions linked to Iran's nuclear program would immediately apply to new contracts, adding that foreign companies had a few months to "get out" of Iran.

The US Treasury Department said the United States would re-impose a wide range of sanctions on aircraft exports to Iran, trade in minerals, sanctions targeting the Iranian oil sector and transactions with its central bank, and any efforts by Tehran to obtain US dollars.

A move in which observers see a rise in the risk of conflict in the Middle East, raising uncertainty about the global oil supply, as well as the impact of the Iraqi economy market as a result of the demand of Iranian tourists to buy the dollar and this causes the crisis of foreign currency out of the country, As a result of the lack of tourists in religious areas, which rely heavily on Iranian visitors.

Iraq is Iran's economic outlet

Spectra   "The withdrawal of the US from the nuclear agreement and the collapse of the Iranian currency again will affect Iraq in terms of imports of Iranian tourism, which will decrease in the coming days, this will increase the stagnation of the Iraqi markets and hotels, especially economic experts," Salam Samisem told The News. In religious areas that depend not least on Iranian visitors. "
"When the currency of a particular country falls, exports will increase directly, and imports from that country will become profitable, and thus increase the amount of Iranian exports to Iraq because of the neighborhood relationship and the political ties between the two countries."

"Iran will not find a way out but Iraq, as in 2009 when the economic blockade was intensified, Iraq was its only outlet," Smisem added.

And draws that: "Iraqi markets will be open to Iranian goods without rival, which will negatively affect the Iraqi economy and domestic goods, the fact that the importer below the quality level and less price."

A danger hovering over Iraq

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment, Abdul Salam al-Maliki says in his speech to (One News) that: "A withdrawal from the nuclear agreement will have a significant return on the whole region, especially as the situation surrounding Iraq divided between supporters and opponents of this withdrawal."


http://oneiraqnews.com/index.php?aa=news&id22=5000&iraq=انهيار التومان بعد العقوبات الامريكية ..هل سيجعل اقتصاد العراق على كف عفريت؟

Spectra    im·passe    ˈimˌpas,imˈpas/Submit     noun    a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock.

Spectra    The collapse of the Toman after the US sanctions .. Will it make Iraq's economy on the verge of impasse? )
Nawara al-Aqabi

Whitelions    Spectra no inpass Abadi have continually moved away from Iran limiting them to small bis. deals and telling them to get lost when they tried to forse him into some thing he did not want . BUT he will not take Trump trying to do the same and has told him so .

Spectra     Whitelions ok thats good

JoeSmith     Has anyone seen any news on the market rate today?
JoeSmith     Has anyone seen the article about arrest warrants for 33 officials in Iraq?

Tebow   LINK

Tebow    Joe   Smith above

JoeSmith    Tebow that's incredible that at the time of elections Abadi is doing this. I read earlier this week that 50 officials had stolen over 288 billion dinar had their bank accounts cleaned out and the money returned lol I wonder if Maliki will be arrested...

Spectra     Thats good news ..they need to clean up ..
Spectra     Sadrists call on Iraqis not to vote for Maliki and his coalition

SpectraSadr threatens corrupt two million march in the parliamentary elections

SpectraThe Central Bank decides to open a window to sell foreign currency in Dar es Salaam Bank

The Central Bank of Iraq decided to open a window in Dar es Salaam Investment Bank to sell foreign currency for purposes of imports from abroad.

The central bank said in a statement to the public site by Deputy Governor Munther Sheikli and briefed by "Economy News", "For the purpose of opening a window to sell foreign currency for purposes of imports from abroad, the Central Bank decided to open a window through the Dar es Salaam Investment Bank (under trusteeship)

To submit applications for the purchase of the dollar for the above purpose to go to the bank referred to submit your requests at a reduced rate.

Tebow    Spectra seems like international banking to me 
chattels     Iraqi politics ‘not even close’ to achieving women’s equality: female voters By Robert Edwards http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/090520184

chattels    Iraq to close borders, airports for election By Rudaw


chattels    Maliki threatens: Beware of civil war after the elections
Release Date: 2018/5/9 20:10 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73544

 Chattels   [Ayna-Baghdad] threatened the head of state law candidate for the elections Nuri al-Maliki, the outbreak of "civil war" in the event of "manipulation of the results of the elections," in a clear sign that it may fuel violence, relying on the "card sectarianism," in the event that did not win According to the agency [Sky] Emirates.

xyz    A group of researchers have discovered a possible new cure for baldness using a drug that is used primarily to treat osteoporosis. https://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translom&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&u=http://www.knoozmedia.com/336366/-

chattels    " ................in the event of "manipulation of the results of the elections,"
chattels    From the master manipulator himself.

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