Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Tebow: CBI came out and said they were not going to float their currency. Now are you going to believe the CBI or a guru ***** ***** ?

Spectra: once again the CBI ............WINS ...........MY VOTE...

Zig: Not saying believe.....saying consider.....big difference......

Tebow: I consider what the CBI puts out over and name calling guru.

Zig: CBI will never tell you "exactly" what they plan to do....Never.....

​dinard: Sounds like a bunch of lefties silencing people's opinions whether they believe them to be true or not lol

Spectra: dinard it is demonstrative for them ...they loose people..in the END I JUST LAUGH AT THEM...They show their true colors time and time again....

Spectra: belittling you base is like cutting off your right hand....
Spectra: Maybe some people like to pay the monthly dues while being abused not me.....

dinard: Spectra true but at least they don't seem to have ulterior motives as far as keeping people hooked on their every word by telling people what they want to hear. Even if I disagree their being themselves which is what's cool I guess

Zig: I would never pay anything to be at any forum or chat...
Zig: I never believe that they need the money to JUST pay bills.....

Rescue guy: So, question . Say the RV does happen this coming week, where does the actual rate get posted?

Zig: The only place to ever check the rate is https://cbi.iq/
Zig: Anything else you ever hear out there is CRAP......made up *

Rescue guy: Ok. That's what I thought .

xyz: Iraq reveals the value of its assets at the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Iraq governor Ali al-Alak on Thursday revealed the total assets in banks operating in the country.

"The total assets in banks operating in the country amounted to 200 billion dollars," Al-Aalak said in a speech at a session of the investment partnership in the forum of investment and reconstruction opportunities in Iraq.   LINK

JoeSchmoe: Zig so ZIG, i have a question about your buddy SandyF, since you seem to know alot about him

Zig: JoeSchmoe I don't know much other than from another forum....always seemed intelligent....but no, do not know him personally.....

JoeSchmoe: WHAT?!?!?!? is his purpose for being in here, spreading his so called knowledge about a LOP? Is he really that concerned about all of us that he wants us to 'see the light'? Does he HOPE it will happen the way we all hope it will?

xyz: JoeSchmoe am not saying anything ... my ears r all yours ... please proceed

JoeSchmoe: I really want to know his purpose   : or is he really THAT bored?
JoeSchmoe: surely he has relayed to you his intentions zig?

Zig: JoeSchmoe : I always think he gives his honest opinions.....no agenda IMO....from knowing him elsewhere....Relax....lol

JoeSchmoe: why waste his time trying to convince us of a LOP?  : did he ever tell you, or anyone?

Zig: He has had Dinar 14 years or so....

JoeSchmoe: and yet he thinks LOP

Zig: Just puts out that possibility....

JoeSchmoe: NOOOOOOOOOOO.....his words aren't POSSIBILITY
JoeSchmoe: he has an agenda, plain and simple

Zig: Who cares what anyone thinks???

JoeSchmoe: you seem to....playing both sides of the coin :laugh

Zig: I try to spark discussions.....

Rescue guy: LOP or get outta Dodge

​JoeSchmoe: lol, instigator

xyz: Zig intelligent is not a possibility --- its a fact \

Zig: I have no idea how this will play out for us.....consider everything....

JoeSchmoe: so you will be satisfied with a lop  : ah you know what i mean lol
JoeSchmoe: he SHOULD be satisFIRED

Rescue guy: RV or bust

Zig: Satisfied??....Of course not....tman23 also considers that possibility.....

JoeSchmoe: i see tman play both sides too  : almost as if they are TOLD to do it

Zig: Just considers all variables....

JoeSchmoe: more than that, on sandy's part
JoeSchmoe: and same goes for Kap. WHY does he care if we believe his float theory or not?

xyz: Zig have never seen tman use keyword possibility

Zig: Why are people so afraid about what others think???

xyz: Zig we are NOT variables ... we are constants

JoeSchmoe: keep dodging it lol

Dave: JoeSchmoe Wrong Dave

JoeSchmoe: good: Wink: you DONT wanna be that dave lol

Zig: Nothing what other people think will happen ever bothers me....

Spectra: dinard to each his own...i really dont care is much as looks....um just bored...lol

JoeSchmoe: dinard??where is he

xyz: Zig There is no great genius without some touch of madness. -Aristotle

Spectra: xyz thats a fact

JoeSchmoe: tell you what though...IF we all get screwed on this, won't it be the biggest flop in the history of scams? Evn though this isn't realyl a scam

Rescue guy: :laugh

xyz: Zig Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. -Salvador

JoeSchmoe: zig without xyz is........?   : a yin without a yang?  : an i without a ching?

xyz: Zig Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan

Spectra: We loved with a love that was more than love.  Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!"

​Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.   All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted — nevermore!

JoeSchmoe: lol   : jk    : srry'

Spectra: "Nevermore!"

Rescue guy: How can you fly like an eagle when you hang out with turkies

xyz: Zig The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. -Albert Einstein

K2Kutter: I use several currency exchange websites to check from time to time. Please someone check this one and confirm I'm reading this right. The Zim has radically changed. It's reading 0.00276 right now.


xyz: Zig imagine a LoP aka redenomination as defined and advocated by guru sandyf. How would @Zag benefit?

Rescue guy: I thought the ZIM was dead

K2Kutter: When you say dead, what do you mean?

Rescue guy: No good. Junk. Not being handled   : Fit don't take my word for it.

Zig: xyz : We wouldn't benefit much if it all....Never said I liked what he said....LOL....Nor believed it.....I believe nobody but consider possibilities.....Nobody is my GURU despite what you may think.......

Spectra: repetition .................................. :Really?

K2Kutter: Rescue...am I nieve to think it's still a currency I possess that I can exchange it any time when I chose to?

xyz: "Am a strong believer of LoP", therefore I am a LoPPer

Rescue guy: Well, if I understand correctly, only currencies that are on the open exchange market is excepted

Dave: Rescue guy Bingo

Rescue guy: At this moment, the Dinar, Dong, and ZIM is not on the open exchange

K2Kutter: That can explain why some sites don't have every one. Thanks. So this site has it and the rate to USD is high. I haven't gone any further with it. Thought I would talk to a few people who might be more involved

Dave: Rescue guy Not on Forex

blackgold: To tell you the Truth i don't care if there is a LOP, RV , RI or a Float, Just give me something, I don't care how it happens

K2Kutter: Rescueguy do you have a minute to go to XE's link and check it?

Rescue guy: Dave yes. But, FOREX is a private brokerage. They set their own rates according to the movement on the open exchange

Rescue guy: K2Kutter I have before .

Dave: xyz nor does negative reinforcement.....slap!

xyz: I refuse to accept that float/LoP/etc gurus are smarter than dinard

Dave: No currency exhanges/banks accept Dinar
Dave: in canada

K2Kutter: I have been going to their site for months and it changed this week. I mean if I can exchange my zim today at that rate I would.

Rescue guy: Or USA, as of yet

Baxter: You cant exchange that zim... anywhere on this earth..

Spectra: im sorry to announce the ZIM IS dead........ 

​K2Kutter: Dave I've seen that to. Why do you think they don't

Spectra: dead on arrival


Dave: .....I still think they are chapter7 ...that is why

K2Kutter: I see

Baxter: do me a favor.. and just burn that JUNK

Zig: Spectra Hmmmm.....doesn't sound sincere.....lol

Spectra: K2Kutter you still hanging here ...see we all deceided a long time ago the zim is going no where.....

Rescue guy: Hold on to any currency you have. Just in case

blackgold: People laugh at the Zim, but the IQD ain't doing much better

K2Kutter: Spectra I've got to imagine that when the country does restructure there has to be some value in the currency and they transition to a new currency.

Spectra: K2Kutter They need a whole new currency ...and some big time planning..

Baxter: K2.. ZIMBABWE... has NO currency....NONE

blackgold: Zimbabwe actually has a new currency, it just isn't doing that well, they haven't learned how to fool the world like a broke US can    : A fake stock market

K2Kutter: poor country

blackgold: Insolvant banks  : I'm taking about the US : We never recovered from the last crash

​xyz: did u folks read this?

xyz: Saleh Saleh: Iraq is on the verge of a banking boom

start of financial institutions to work on the dissemination of services among the Iraqi community in conjunction with the week of Arab financial inclusion, which started yesterday in most Arab countries, represents an important step to communicate and benefit from regional experiences and start the stage of departure where the world ended,

and the advancement of the national economy through The interaction with all segments of society without exception to be the results for the benefit of the national economy through the positive interaction between the banking system and the citizen and launched yesterday the effectiveness of the week of inclusiveness to continue its activities for 7 days, targeting all segments of society in different places and sectors, This interest stems from the important positive role of financial inclusion in the reality of the national economy.

 Financial services

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh praised the step and promised the task and the Iraqi financial sector and said: "As far as the financial coverage to mean in essence the delivery of financial services to weaken the income segments of society,

a renaissance led by the government and the Central Bank together to make the issue of the resettlement of government salaries, which constitute With pension payments and social security, accounts for about 45 percent of GDP. "

"Banking mechanisms and the benefits of using electronic payment methods for banking will help expand the phenomenon of financial coverage to double what it is today," he said, adding that "the number of adults involved in banking operations will exceed 20 percent of the adult population, Credit and the granting of loans with the guarantee of home salary will also increase public abuse with the banking system. "

xyz: "Iraq is on the verge of a banking boom in the next few years and this renaissance will be able to achieve its objectives thanks to the rapid progress of banking information technology in the digital banking era," Saleh said. Banking Education The Director General of Payments in the Central Bank of Iraq, Suha Abdul Karim, has shown "the central quest to develop the financial sector and banking through the development of infrastructure that enable financial institutions and banking to improve services and accessibility by all segments of society,"

noting that "In This framework brings attention to the week of financial inclusion and turn it into a carnival for the delivery of services and the participation of banks in a practical way to contribute to the banking education of services, especially for women, as well as for the students, whether schools or universities, Mia Banking ".

​Mainstream products

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: "The activities of the Week of Financial Inclusion started yesterday in all parts of Iraq, in order to increase the dealings with the banking sector."

Financial inclusion means that the financial and banking products and services are at reasonable cost to the largest group of groups, institutions and individuals, especially low-income segments of society, as opposed to the financial exclusion that excludes these segments.

Financial inclusion requires the capacity to exclude these segments and the ability of individuals and institutions to obtain On financial services and their effective use in a responsible manner and financial inclusiveness without financial education. The conscious consumer is more aware of the risks and rewards associated with financial products and more aware of his rights and duties.

"Tariq will witness the launch of the Financial Inclusion Week, which involves all banks and financial companies operating in Iraq, in order to educate the public on the importance of finan
xyz: "Tariq will witness the launch of the Financial Inclusion Week, which involves all banks and financial companies operating in Iraq, in order to educate the public on the importance of financial coverage, which will reflect positively on the economy.

 Paiement added that " the Central Bank and the Association of private banks to supervise directly on the organization of financial inclusion Week , which was launched in conjunction with the Arab countries ,

 " noting that "Iraq wants to increase the number of dealers with the banking sector to large proportions because it will make citizens enjoy banking services available to the public Loans, electronic payments and others.

" Tarek pointed out that "the events of the week of financial inclusion include the Iraqi banks to display their products in public places that it deems appropriate from universities and commercial centers and others," noting that "

Development Agenda

International Financial Inclusion Expert d. Sadiq al-Shammari stressed that "it represents an important dimension in the overall and sustainable development strategy because it has an impact on improving the chances of growth and financial and social stability.

The G-20 has shown an important goal in the economic and financial development agenda. Financial for all by 2020 for its effective role in fighting poverty and reducing unemployment worldwide. "

International statistics for 2014 show that nearly one billion of the world's adult population still do not have access to financial services, although the global average of adults with bank accounts has increased to 62 percent from 51 percent in 2011, according to the Global

Financial Services Circular.

"The rapid and rapid development of ICT has contributed to the emergence of many innovative financial services and business models such as mobile banking and branchless banking, as well as improved access to individuals and enhanced financial coverage," he said. The direct impact of the South Islami

xyz: "The rapid and rapid development of ICT has contributed to the emergence of many innovative financial services and business models such as mobile banking and branchless banking, as well as improved access to individuals and enhanced financial coverage," he said.

​ The direct impact of the South Islamic Bank relations director Jamal Shaker al - Rubaie said the "speed in the variables and the technological race puts the media in the forefront of the direct means of influencing public opinion , because the media 's role is to create cultural awareness and orientation in the community."

"Today, the media has diversified, thanks to scientific progress. Perhaps scientific studies have given the media many ways and means to influence the public opinion. This task is not easy and at the same time is not impossible because the convictions are different towards the goal pursued by any institution. And acceptable. "

He stressed that "financial inclusion will impose itself when banking culture is an important part of the life of the individual and to support that step we have to provide infrastructure for various sectors to facilitate dealing with them very easily and be close to the reach of the individual in the city or village,

I am in order to break the frequency of some and the banks to create attractive ways to attract the customer and graduated from traditional frameworks inherited through contracts while retaining lines of safety and confidence and banking standards.

Short loans "Financial inclusion requires a comprehensive range of financial services including bank accounts, savings, short and long term loans, leasing, mortgages, insurance, salaries, payments, local and international remittances and retirement plans, as well as the protection of the problem and the strengthening of financial capacity," said Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi.

"Expanding participation in the formal financial system or achieving financial inclusion is not an end in itself but a means to achieve

xyz: "Expanding participation in the formal financial system or achieving financial inclusion is not an end in itself but a means to achieve an objective because of its important developmental role in human development, improving the standard of living, empowering women, promoting equal opportunities, financing small and medium enterprises, reducing poverty, Thus achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic growth. "

Economic life

In conjunction with the event, the International Company for Smart Card (K-Card) organized a workshop on the dimensions of financial inclusion and importance in economic life, and participated a large number of employees of the company in this workshop, which was attended by international experts, Sadiq Rashed Al-Shammari.

Participants reviewed the stages of interest in the economic life of the family and the national economy through reliance on financial inclusion, and presented successful global experiences in this important chapter and how some economies have been able to achieve important successes through financial inclusion.

The participants interacted with this step, where consensus was reached on the importance of working towards spreading awareness among the community about financial inclusion and its role in achieving development for all segments of society and in all cities and towns.

xyz: @Zig done

Dave: So the short version is come to bank.......

xyz: Dave how is Canada? Any plan visiting niagara falls soon?

JoeSchmoe: xyz not reading that without cliffnotes.
JoeSchmoe: I only saw 'on verge of banking boom WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS"
JoeSchmoe: don't plan on being here that long. I have a life....I need to find

Dave: JoeSchmoe Just banks selling their benefits that are now available to new customers

chattels: Continues to decline in the dollar exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the fourth day

26/4/2018   BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:  We saw the US dollar exchange rate on Thursday, down in front of the Iraqi dinar in the stock markets for the fourth consecutive day.

Where the sale of the dollar in the exchange rate to fight in Baghdad today record 119 thousand and 550 dinars and the purchase price of 119 thousand and 500 dinars for $ percent.


Sandyf: @blackgold: So sandyf said because of Saadam Iraq's currency was devalued. - You really need to stop telling the lies. I did not say the currency had been devalued, it was Brigadier General Hugh Tant.

 If you have a disagreement with Tant's version of events then bring forward the minutes of the UN and IMF meetings where they forced a devaluation of the Iraqi currency. I am fairly certain I am not the only one that would be interested to see them.

sandyf: @JoeSchmoe: If Are you of the opinion that the Iraqi cabinet never discussed the redenomination or take a decision to postpone it you would be saying that the CBI were telling lies when they said otherwise. I fail to understand why you claim documented information is something I made up, I have to assume it is because you have no credible answer.

Zig: sandyf : Hi....some people think that you are my Guru....LOL...I hardly know you other than from Seck....

JoeSchmoe: sandyf firstly, I did not say that. Secondly, I do question your reasons for always trying to convince people of this? What do you have to gain? Are you that bored?

JoeSchmoe: Why do you always come here and push a RD? Do you not own dinar? If so, then why try to convince others that it is a lost cause, when you yourself will lose too?

JoeSchmoe: Do you want people to feel as down as you may feel on this lost cause?
JoeSchmoe: awe he is gone, came back too late. Wonder why he quoted my name in his rant above lol

JoeSchmoe: In any case, he SANDYF , is obviously trying to convince us all that this is a lost cause. So that begs the quesiton...WHY???    JoeSchmoe: anyway,bbl

Baxter: If you want to get into the technical aspects of a redenomination, they did that back in 2003 when they introduced the new IQD and did away with the old.

Now in present day we can look at the redenomination of currency in circulation as an action due to the results of an improper monetary and economic policy that leads to hyper inflation.

Iraq went from hyper inflation to an inflation rate that is considered well within above average IMF standards. So if they were going to go to a 2nd redenomintion, why haven't they done so? Because they have no intention of doing so

The IQD will remain pegged to the USD because of the protection factors when they put the currency on the international market. Why? Because the IMF has maintained that the peg to the USD is an ideal situation for Iraq.

Zig: JoeSchmoe : If Sandy sees your posts I am sure that he will reply....Check back.....

JoeSchmoe: Zig well I could care less about his explanations of all of his theories and why it will RD. I just want to know why he is trying to convince everyone that this is a lost cause? What's in it for him to do so?

JoeSchmoe: If he owns dinar, as you said he does, then what gives?

Baxter: it is not going to redenominate... PERIOD....

JoeSchmoe: there are ulterior motives, guarans

Baxter: their inflation rate is zilch...: they have no reason to do it.. none

JoeSchmoe: Baxter the only reasaon I could see them doing something like that is to screw us all
Baxter: they dont care about us... we are nothing

JoeSchmoe: but as I said, I just want to know his reasoning for trying to convince us of all this?

Baxter: He is just driving you crazy... just ignore his b s

JoeSchmoe: I look at people's motives in life   : im out for a bit. Lemme know if he says anything when I come back, if he does answer my direct questions about his motives.

Spectra: JoeSchmoe :yes: : JoeSchmoe none of it adds up your right

Baxter: you want a redenomination...look at zimbabwe....... and look what happened
Baxter: they went to the trillions..: their inflation rate went to over 1000 per cent a month
Baxter: iraq is less than one percent... so why redenominate?

Clay: Bax are u giving up on this

Baxter: * NO

Clay: oh good just got here thought u were

Baxter: I think we are closer than ever.... lets see what the election brings

Clay: agree

Baxter: it certainly is not going to redenominate... thats nuts

Clay: saw u were talking no redenomination
Baxter: no.. its not...

Clay: got ya now    Clay: but it will rise in value

Baxter: thats what zimbabwe did... and look what happened..: iraqs inflation is less than one percent

Clay: right 

Baxter: there is no reason...

Clay: so   Clay: @Baxter I've seen


Baxter: thats wrong too... you dont have to work to have inflation

JoeSchmoe: back for a sec, did mr sandy F come back?
JoeSchmoe: ZIG if you can, copy my question from above please and ask him when you see him

Tebow: heard Sandyf gets a kickback for people selling back to dealers

JoeSchmoe: Tebow is that serious, or just an educated guess?   : wouldnt doubt it.

Tebow: what I heard

JoeSchmoe: then we can say that kap gets them too  : as well as other gurus and antigurus

dinard: Tebow give me credible sources on this juicy gossip. 


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