Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Five year plan launches on Wednesday.  The CBI has held meetings around the world and in those meetings, given the description and shown pictures of the lower denom’s, the smaller notes...New currency is the lower denom’s. ...Expect to see large easel boards or small billboards all around Iraq with the description and pictures of the lower denom’s as they continue to educate the citizens.  The pictures will be of the front and back of these smaller notes. The description and photographs on these billboards - are of ALL the lower denom’s to come out.  (Not just the 200’s, 50’s, but all the smaller notes)...  [Guru] Walkingstick has 6 banks, 16 ATM machines.  WS firm will have these signs all over the place.  Their 500 employees will all see them.  IMO, this will be happening soon.  It’s the next step and it’s coming. 

  IMO, they are about to describe the RI of the IQD and description of the lower notes to the world!   Does not appear to me to give any reason for any further delay.  They have met with Central bank governors of the world.  IMO this is pushing the button of the launch and the receiver has the ball in the end zone!  The CBI governor of Iraq (Alak) has said he is ready to distribute the LD’s.  I don’t know when.  He has not said when.  Realize, soon can be a few days or a few weeks, but I really doubt it would be the end of the month.  The CBI will be sending texts...through mobile phones...to the citizens about the new currency...new electronic banking...ATM’s. 

Last Monday thousands of citizens picked up International Visa cards. They are International and they are reinstating their currency!  They have prepared certain things with no three zero’s in them.  In the budget, in the payment salaries, in the currency rate.  BTW oil is about to go insane.  Prepare to pay at the pump... oil to reach $100.  I don’t know if the billboards will be released on Wed. but I do know the 5 year financial plan will be released...Exchange centers and banks are on the cusp of the RI and they understand it.  Banks all over the world have increased their reserves.

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