Thursday, May 3, 2018


US announcement about the new role of the coalition in Iraq Issued an official statement from the US Embassy in Baghdad on the latest functions of the International Coalition against Da’ash in Iraq. 

“At a ceremony held in Baghdad on April 30, the tasks of the Joint Task Force’s ground force were terminated, marking the end of major combat operations against Da’ash in Iraq and the announcement of a change in coalition responsibilities to focus on providing Support and training for Iraqi security forces. ” He added that “the ceremony included the special tradition (Balff flag) where the flag was lowered for the unit and announce the end of its mission.” 

In September 2014, the United States formed an international coalition of some 70 countries to support and support Iraq in its war against the Da’sh, which occupied three provinces after the fall of Mosul in June of the same year. More than 5,200 US troops are deployed as trainers and advisers deployed in military bases in the country. The Iraqi government announced on the ninth of December last year the final victory on the call and carry out operations to clean up and control the sleeper cells. Reconstruction of liberated cities destroyed by military buildup and military operations remains the most important challenge facing the government.
CBI Governor On Thursday, the Governor of CBI, Ali Al-Alak issued a statement that the total amount of assets in Iraqi banks operating in the country estimated at 200 million U.S dollars.
He pointed out that the inflations rate will not exceed 2%.
He delivered his words during a speech at a meeting of Partnership in Investment in the Forum of investment opportunities and reconstruction in Iraq.

The cash credit provided by Iraqi banks amounted to 30 billion U.S dollars.
Al-Alak added in his statement that the Iraqi Central Bank ordered all Iraqi banks to change the organizational structure.
They should focus on the establishment of risk units and fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
The Central Bank of Iraq has developed the payment system and it will be launched very soon for payment using a mobile phone.
The CBI launched the unified system last year and it was known as IBAN for all accounts.
Point to be noted that after the successful implementation of this system, Iraq is now one of the 47 countries in the world using this system and it efficiently facilitates the process of money transfer.
Al-Alak added that MasterCard will establish an institution in Iraq to train young people for using credit cards.
He said that the inflation rate or increase in prices in the country will not exceed by 2%.
He also added that the coming period of time will witness a significant amount of decrease in the inflation rate in Iraq.
It will be done after controlling the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and cancel the marginal price of the U.S dollar in making it equal to the official price.
This step of CBI will support the purchasing power of Iraqi citizens.
It has shown a major indicator for businessmen through the stability and the best working environment.
Al-Alak pointed out that the U.S dollar exchange rate is considered best at the current stage.
It has offered an ideal price and provided confidence to local and foreign investors in managing their previous and current activities.

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