Tuesday, May 1, 2018


5-1-2018  ***  Dinar Guru News Update ***  The dinar CBI Official Rate and the Central bank of Iraq's reported Market Rate for the dinar is listed in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar on the left side of this page... The market rate has continued to slowly rise in value for the last 4 months.  [REMEMBER the lower the number here the MORE value to the dollar the dinar has...in this case LOWER is better.]  The last CBI Market Rate update was 1195 on 4-29-18 and has been under 1215 since March 15, 2018 and has been under 1200 since April 23, 2018.  The difference between the CBI Official Rate and the CBI reported Market Rate is now down to 11 dinars.  When considering the CBI's commission for selling dinar (the gurus report this to be 6 dinar)...the difference between the Official and Market rate is only 5 dinars.   Stay tuned for what the gurus think all this means for the future of the dinar...  [the latest guru posts will continue below...]
5-1-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]   The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system.  In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project.  The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF.  Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this - the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week)  The financial inclusion ENDED TODAY [Monday].  Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018.  Now the thrust is to educate the citizens.  To include = Inclusion.  Contracts will now be done in ONLY the local currency.  Iraq’s currency!  The dollar was always used to bridge them into any contract, any agreement.   The CBI is saying we have control of our exchange rate. 

5-1-2018   Intel Guru Delta
  [via sunny]   Looks like they are ready to pull the trigger...Believe CBI is taking advantage of election confusion...They got the final green light.   They are about to do this.  

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    Why does the US Treasury want these notes? The US Treasury plans to act as a broker for Iraqi oil. They will get oil credits for up to $32 a barrel. So if oil is selling on the open market for $70 a barrel the US Treasury buys it for $32 and sells it for $70 to other countries making a profit of $38 a barrel. WOW! This is also why the big push for the US to become oil independent. They can then sell these oil credits instead of using them for themselves.  Yes, this is how the war will pay for itself (per GW Bush). As least this is the plan. So for this plan to work the citizens holding the dinar must exchange them.  [post 1 of 2]

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   [...CBI docs say 4.5 Trillion Dinar in circulation. Can you explain where the "money" would come from to exchange in U.S.?]   The money for the exchange comes from the VALUE of the dinar, plain and simple. This is why the CBI needs to make sure the dinar can hold its value. Remember it is just not our exchanges but the trading on the open market also where trillions will be traded each day, not a one time shot like ours.  ...But it is a bit more complicated if you only want to know where our billions maybe even trillions of dollars is going to come from...  The money is simply going to come from the US Treasury that funded the banks for his event. The Federal Reserve has taken I.O.U from the Treasury Dept. The Treasury set up accounts at each bank for this funding. Then in order to get their money back from the I.O.U. they must turn in the IQD. They are then credited for the notes in a leger...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:   "Iraqi Supreme Court: Article 140 is in force and must be implemented In the simplest terms: it was predicted, Article 140 was one of the 3 main issues needing solved before any major market shift could happen…

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