Thursday, May 17, 2018


Delta says that the Rate today was spoken to him again.… $.86 and in 2012 they will try to collect the 3 zeros denoms in 6-8 months then when ready to do the 2nd revalue it will be about $3.44 at that time in 2012 after the denoms are collected… This year will be the RV for sure and in 2012 after the 3 zeros are collected THEN we will have the $3+ RATE – THEY CAN’T START OUT WITH A HIGH $3+ RATE they can’t do that…. All the stores will be told it RV’d first so they can adjust their rate of prices as they can’t divide $3+ rate at first but the $.85 is easy first… We hear lots say it may come out at $4+ we might have another revalue in 2013 that will come out close to $5.00 – Dinars should be worth about $.26 x 10 -= $2.60 if they don’t revalue slowly they will have more inflation if it comes out with a high rate…

Delta feels from 22nd to first of June is the best time for RV….. THE GOI has to announce the adjustment of the currency before they show it to the UNSC… it puts us now to the 27th to do this… If they wait till the last nano second which is July 1st it will happen – all good news coming out of Iraq.

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