Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Current GCR/RV Situation Intel Summary from R104525, 8 MAY


1. *O*: Last adjustments for long-awaited Peace in Syria between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Geopolitical question answered for Gesara, with last meeting of correct answers already scheduled to take place this week. 

2. *G*: Forex rates, while still floating, are visible on the screen and ready to stop at any time. Economic system operating and ready to go. 

3. *i*: While everyone waits to start flapping their wings, everything is ready and the flights will be level. 

4. *R*: Global bales will stop weighing (Wednesday) 48 hours before the announcement May 12, Thousands will fill their eyes with the prosperity seen. 

5. *D*: All banks in the world would have the same rate on the screen when the new rates appear in the Forex. All together at the same time, all will go at once, as soon as the rates reach the Forex, 48.72 hours after the announcement of the RV. 

6. *O*: Eyes facing the skies, as the Flash Bangs will no longer exist. And now the remaining Cabal only remains to accept and soften their hearts or be banished from the New Age.

7. *R*: The # 800 to go up and down the hill, with nothing else to hold him.

... Fasten your seatbelts ... The driver will leave ...

R104525 / INTEL RLL

International Monetary Fund:

Supports Iran's decision to unify the IR exchange rate of May 4, 2018 The Iranian government will need to accelerate economic reforms, including plans to reform its entire banking system, if US President Donald Trump withdraws of the international nuclear agreement Signature of international powers 2015 "The prospect of a US withdrawal from the nuclear deal will increase uncertainty, and uncertainty will require some measures to ensure market stability," said Jihad Azour, director of the Middle East and Asia Department Central Bank of the International Monetary Fund. in an interview with Bloomberg. More recently, speculation about the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal has put pressure on the Iranian economy, which has pushed the Iranian rial to a record low. According to Azour, politicians in Iran need to solve the problems of the banking system in Iran, the country, which places difficulties in lending to small and medium-sized enterprises. The fund urges the Iranian authorities to recapitalize and structure the Iranian banks that Azour said earlier that Iran's decision last month to unify the exchange rate in official and free markets to support the riyal was "a step in the right direction." has lost almost half its value since September, partly due to fears that the United States will leave the nuclear deal Iranian officials said last month that they were consolidating the official riyal exchange rate and its free market price for a flat rate of 42 thousand rials against the US dollar. Azour believes that this unification "helps eliminate distortions and improve the competitiveness of the economy.

Planning Minister Maher Hammad Johan announced that the government will launch the implementation of the National Development Plan 2018-2022. The Ministry of Planning, Maher Hammad Johan, announced that the government will launch the implementation of the 2018- 2022 next Wednesday "Next Wednesday we will launch the 2018-2022 National Development Plan under the auspices of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," said Johann in a speech at the seminar organized by the Institute for Progress Development Policy at the headquarters of the station. "The plan will include several steps to improve the business environment and achieve economic development and environmental sustainability. Development of the private sector and others. "The plan also includes a focus on the development of education, health, women, youth and social development." The private sector now accounts for 37% of GDP and is expected to be a partner in the services and production sectors through the national program . development

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