Wednesday, May 9, 2018


So much information between Thursday and was pointing to this already happening.  …Ultimately it seems it comes down to Iraq. Are they ready? 

…Here is what Iraq is doing starting tomorrow [Wednesday] morning in Iraq…they have a…brand new Economic Development Program which starts tomorrow. It is a five year program. It involves so far 57 countries, 360 companies. 

If you were going to start that program tomorrow and go 5 years with it, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have your currency at an internationally tradable rate? …It is crucial they have that rate out tomorrow before they start this program which is due to start tomorrow. The other thing is the Qi cards that are new, the Visa cards, that have the oil revenue sharing money on them …

Those funds are accessible and usable tomorrow [Wednesday] morning. We are also hearing Iraq will have a rate out tomorrow morning…that their ATMS will be turned on.  Their lower denominations have been loaded in them for awhile, and they will be accessible, available. Iraq should be rocking and rolling tomorrow morning.  I think the Forex rates that were sent over to us Sunday night or Monday have been finally approved here. These rates came over from London. We are getting the impression the rates are not only been approved, but are solid, no rates flashing. That is good. 

 They have decided everything is in Go Mode…the last the latest information I got…came from sophisticated bankers from New York was that this was going down shortly.  We do not know what that means exactly, but I feel very confident where we sit…I am feeling very good with the timing where we are.

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