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Friday, May 18, 2018


Guru Breitling:  new coalition gov has to do with transparency and the three new VPs have alot to do with it , it will help iraq move forward… all sides will win on that one  On the bounty , if they retire the larger denoms, it will not be based on a market float , they will just have a price set , a bounty and a timeframe to cash in.  May 22nd is a date to watch for but not a rv trigger.  

.86 is not low , how is it we are ther richest country on the planet even with all the debt . it is about a buck and people keep saying this is low ? i dont understand that . on the 2015 on up it will rv many times , until it get to $3.22.

should we be thinking about buying the dong at this time, will it take a long while before it rvs?  Breitling: post rv buy it.  my goal before this chat is over is ti break all the 10 commandments.  

ali is shutting down , ali sold dinar to other dealers , so they are forced to shut down… they have people who they pay as advertisers to pump the dinar chatter up , wont name names but you will know by the rates, 5+ 6 + 7 + , so figure it out , has any of them ever offered to answer any tuff question or go through the in-outs with you ? no they just pump sell and then dump and they do it every weekend , you know why ? most people get paid on fridays and at the end of the month you really see the pumping. should make you mad.  

miranda: Do you think this could go on for another 6 months or do you think this should happen by the end of June?  Breitling: June

Danielle904: I am new to all this, what exactly does the EO 13303 mean or not mean to us?  Breitling: we can invest in Iraq

Danielle904: Do u do any research on Dubai, I heard there might be some interest in investing there.  Breitling: dubai is a perfect place to invest and do international banking , i have alot of freinds with homes in dubai , go visit and then get an idea before you invest

shasting: Does Iraq have a clue of how much Dinar is floating around and the amount of cash they will need for RV?  Breitling: yes, they know exactly

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