Thursday, May 3, 2018

BLUWOLF: "We Are On Track And Forever Blessed", 3 MAY

5.3.18 After seeking confirmed information, I am lead to the optimistic assumption that we are just moments away in receiving the 800 number that will relieve our world from economic stress and crashes.

​I for one know who I am and where I come from, how humble a man and how helpful a friend in me and I urge all to sort out what makes you great as an individual in God. Do right by your family and do right by the people of your nation country.

​My hopes with this RV and GCR is that poverty and hunger will seize to exist and that all persons no matter from what nation or religion can be at peace knowing that God's children came forth and lended a helping hand. Pay it forward everyone and you make sure that you inspire and let the people you help know that they are to do exactly the same to someone else in need when they get back on their feet. Place God's 10% in a trust and let it mature to gain interest and once that interest is returned to you, then and only then will you start to help the needy. 

Same principle is to be applied with your personal assets. I guarantee that your personal wealth and God's will never run out of money ever.

Make sure that all debt accounts pending will be erased or paid out to 0.

You must take a new and responsible lead in life. Do not go into this like that reluctant lottery ticket winner and go crazy spending all this money on lusk and junk, for you will be broke by a years time, I can guarantee that to be a fact.

If you be a God good steward you shall be blessed if you won't then you just won't be blessed.

So it won't be long now, have your paperworks ready for we are on the highest level of alerts.

​Happy Journeys, Na'mastes, Bluwolf

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