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Wednesday, May 16, 2018



5.16.18 I have recently been called with concerns on the current negative news about this RV not going to happened.

I honestly do not know about the where these people get there information from nor do I accept there thoughts to this matter to be of any truth what so ever nor do I want them to think that I am downsizing there opinions and I will urge them to respect this factual opinion from me. I personally will urge all involve in this RV to maintain the faith and keep there currencies close for when we are contacted with the 800 # so that you may move around rapidly to do what is expected YOUR EXCHANGE.

World governments, military and financial institutions are all coming together to get this event completed, this has been the news given to us and the current affairs at this timeframe. 
I and many millions of you around the world have been waiting on this investment ( as inspired by the Bush EO where he stated that it was  ok to invest in Iraq and its currency ), look folks if this is to be a lie I do not think that a President of the United States would place his signature on a EO like this one.  " There Will Come A Time When This War Will Pay For Itself." he said that, not I, humm I wonder why ? ​

So from my prospective I say hang in there for we are about to receive and please do not let any negative thoughts or writings intervene and change your focuses and your accomplishments of your hopes and dreams. As soon as the 800 # is available we will get it across to all involved.

Don't you think for a moment that this will not transpire for we have been assured that no matter what they say out there and what they are willing to do to try to stop humanity from living in peace and prosperity that that will never happen for this GCR and RV will occur " NO MATTER WHAT " end quote.

God Bless, Na'maste, Happy Journey's,


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