Monday, May 14, 2018

"Are we Being Played?" by Robyn , 14 MAY

We're told that tier one two and three have been contacted and in the case of one and two, have exchanged. How is this possible if the Iran Syrian deal requires another week of delay. Somehow tier 3 and 4 are being treated with a different set of protocol. In other words the elder's and the alliance are treating the internet group with different rules. If you look at the Asian and other Bric countries, they have booming stock markets the last few sessions. I recall reading a year ago that the elders wanted to give the third world countries an advantage regarding letting those countries gain a trading advantage over the western countries. I think they are following that protocol. 

This would contradict the shotgun start that we are being fed repeatedly. If anyone else feels this is disinformation, just read a bit further. 

The Iran deal is a distraction as promised by the alliance. The only thing is, the distraction is aimed at us. I just can't understand for the life of me, why the alliance don't simply give these third world countries higher value in country up front, rather than prolonging and angering the western countries with these constant promises and false delays. 

I realize the Alliance and the Elder's are of the best mind's out there, but I sense their strategy is burning out the motivation of some humanitarians here. Many of us are just plain worn out by these pump fakes. 

One final thought regards the core groups pp, farm claims, cmkx,etc. (These groups have to go with tier4). Cmkx is pretty much done with the major court cases but still the Depository Trust Corp and Cia Blackhats, are trying not following the court orders they've been given. to quote a member of the Whitehat interview a few years ago, (and Bix Wier) , Cmkx may have helped clean up the stock markets, and shareholders have no done enough to warrant a payment. 


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