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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


“No Zim For You!”

There is a completely separate private banking management structure set up for Zim redeemers pre and post RV.

Every Zim redeemer will have their own family officer, investment, estate and trust manager for the life of their RV wealth.

Asian had decided it wise to keep all Zim redeemers separated from the general US currency / banking population.

60 HSBC regional offices already quietly opened in North America (46 in United States, 14 in Canada).

If necessary, these family wealth officers will travel to clients.

All locations have been placed in major population centers and very easy to access.

Zim Specific Family Offices are designed to answer all questions 24/7/365, provide any traditional brick and mortar transaction services and maintain an on-going wealth relationship with new clients.

Basically, the goal is to permanently remove Zim redeemers from retail banking system at the time of redemption and give them every reason through service never to re-engage the environment.

Only HSBC will be providing Zim specific redemption family offices for this sector: Zim Ultra High Net Worth level (ZUJNW).

Be aware all major US banks have been removed from the long-term management of Zim deposits due to past fraud and current moral indiscretions.

They are receiving this same information now. “No Zim for you!” And eservedly so. All of them equally guilty of treason against humanity.

Private AIIB overseers have also authorized future Zim related sanctions against Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, TD, Scotia Bank and Bank of Canada.

Meaning, if you want to redeem Zim you must do so directly with an Asian controlled bank on US & Canadian soil.

All western banks have been deemed unworthy of Zim processing and management as all are potentially still corrupted at the start of he RV.

The rest of the world doesn’t trust any of the large European & American banks due to historical precedent and modern digital theft crimes.

Governments will still be receiving the funds through AIIB, with similar treatment using a T1 office that manages each nation’s annual operating cash flow for a period of time.

All national budgets must first be approved by their sovereign parliaments or legislatures to be considered eligible for funding.

In return, all complying nation’s receive guaranteed investment products for pensioners and non recourse infrastructure funding for greater good projects through the public face of the AIIB.

AIIB will be contacting Zim holders directly through email using their currency purchasing accounts accessed by existing currency dealer records.

800#s can them be shared to gifted Zim holders and greater community from this starting point.

Each email will have it’s own accompanying code that will be requested at the time of your appointment setting, qualifying original Zim purchasers as the private redemption pool or internet group.

Gifted redeemers can still make redemption appointments less a code, but will have no latitude in negotiating higher humanitarian project sovereign rates.

VND, AFA, IRR, IDR and IQD currency holders will be treated 100% differently in separate facilities with completely different rules of engagement pre and post RV.

They will be simply participating in an everyday currency exchange. No pomp, no circumstance or no fanfare.

The Zim is a completely different animal on every level and will be treated as such by global banking powers, including long-term wealth and protection oversight.

God is with us

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