Monday, May 7, 2018

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "First Position", 7 MAY

Issue #385 May 6, 2018

As of Sunday 6pm EDT...

African Elders released their sovereign minerals to back the world financial system (April 2018).

The Chinese built, controlled and overseen financial system is “hot” with all contact systems and personal in place to receive, process and convert asset backed currency redemptions at revalued rates (April 2017).

The Iran Nuclear Program that recently was thought to be “pulled back” via Israel and US, was just a walk away tactic to squeeze more out of the deal for each nation (April 2016).

Every other nation in the nuclear deal (Russia, China, UK, Germany and France) have committed to holding fast and true to the original agreement as of Sunday May 6, 2018.

The Rothschild representative is in the White House right permitting Trump to release the RV by signing the extension on the Iran Nuclear Program, which will allow Iran to continue their participation in the western world financial network.


We have been told at that all call center and redemption center bankers / security personnel are still in “first position” as of midnight Friday and have told to be expectant tonight for the release though the rest of the week. Nobody was allowed to go home from either AM or PM shift since Friday night.

ZIM rates are floating exactly in parallel which the Chinese Yuan, but in 100% reverse of the CNY’s FOREX value.


We’re still anticipating a replica of the Nixon Saturday Night Massacre and Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein to be fired as to create a flash-bang for the RV release. Possibly a Monday Morning Massacre now.

Both Netanyahu and Trump will now start the legal process of being removed from office, and remaining cabal operatives from superpower government.

We shall see.

God is with us

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