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"Yosef’s Last Post and a Few Other Things" by The Blackbird , 13 APRIL

Long time no post, but I had to do a Fact check on Yosef:

Yes 1 metric megaton is worth about $44 million

(1 ton = 2,000 pounds)
(1 pound = 16 ounces)
(1 ounce of gold = $1,342)

2,000 times 16 times $1,342 equals $43 million USD

But 100 megatons of gold is:
100 times $43 million equals $4.3 billion USD NOT $4.3 Trillion USD 

And 10,000 megatons of gold is: 
10,000 times $4.3 million equals $430 billion USD NOT $430 Trillion USD

Not sure how that changes the point of his post, as it was mostly just another ego-booster for our beloved actor/entrepreneur, turned monetizer and Universal Law violator. I think he has a good heart, but he is corruptible unfortunately. 

Potpourri of thoughts:

As for ZIM, I am pretty sure there will be only two ways to redeem our ZIM (at 1 to 1) and that ain’t happening soon; for most that won’t be included, sorry but everyone has free-will to make choices, discern, and do the research. And hitch their wagon accordingly, remaining benevolent, empathetic and incorruptible. That is fact .

Good luck on Rupia, Dong, rial and others. Those can be rv’d traditionally at 1 to 1 and that means pulling in notes, lopping, etc then RV. Like Iraq has done, and that took years. That is MHO. 

As for Lazerus’ Cabal-like response to Yosef, the amount of money electronically added to the system through redemption and humanitarian project funding will not change the price of much. There are already Trillions of dollars electronically out in the hands of the elite and inflation has marched on and devaluation of FRNs has already hit rock bottom and each has already reached their equilibriums...meaning we’ve seen the price increases of commodities and luxuries already. And there is such an inventory of high price items that are offered to the elite and will be purchased by new billionaires such as real estate, cars, boats, jewelry, bulk gold and silver, fiat crypto currencies, “money out of thin air”/Ponzi scheme stocks, etc. that billions of dollars will not make one difference anymore. Sorry. Facts.

Note I’m not talking about Trillionaires as very few of us will be redeeming ZIM at $1 to 1, and project funding will be where trillions will hit the banks, and that will not be hard to spend on fixing the system (labor, infrastructure, farms, changing education, changing business, etc) as our world needs so much Change. 

Lastly, with respect to IQD, most if not all gurus are FOS, especially those making or asking or begging for $ from this very beat up Dinarland. I suggest if you want to hedge your bets, exchange some of those 3 zero notes for some lower denoms like 500 notes. Legally, Iraq CAN LOP if they choose to, (do the research on how currency revals happen) and no BS spewing guru can refute that. That is Fact. So you are guaranteed a nice ROI on the lower denoms (cannot be LOPPED) if and when the real rate hits forex. If they LOP, you still made some nice change. Expected rate should be $4 plus if Iraq ever needs to list IQD internationally on forex. 

On that note, in reality they pump out 4.1 million barrels of oil a day, and it only costs them $3 a barrel, maybe less. So at selling price of $65 a barrel, they make a nice profit everyday. Broke? I think not. Less than 30 million people, and a small group of politicians there are slowly but surely getting rich. Iraq is an abundant country. So, even at a $10 profit a barrel, they make $41 million USD a day. That’s $1.2 billion USD a month. They’ve been functioning just fine at 1170/ dollar to the outside world. In-country its a different animal that is simply not concerned about us Dinarians. Facts. 

Opinion: stop listening to Bruce and Tony and Beni and PT and Oootah and ZAP and footforward and other intel folks that say the same crap over and over and are making money on their calls. Even Jordan Sather is fitting in this group. They are all corrupted and being used. Yes, they come off as being so spiritual and doing everything for you, and enlightening us, but discern why someone would spend their time building an audience, what is their real agenda, and who also is using them for their bigger agenda? You’ll find $ and power and ego as the root of the answers. And Capitalism is great, but the US is not a capitalist nation folks. And taking money from this desperate captive audience is criminal if you really analyze it. They may not be breaking “laws” but they are doing harm to others, mentally, physically and financially and that violates Universal Law. And as Schultz would say they really “know nothing” that we enlightened don’t already know. 

So as Randy says, breathe. And meditate and study Chakra. Find your way to Love and using your power in your Heart. Open your third eye and try to use more of your brain. But everything else. Forgetaboutit. Lol. 

Shout out to Heisenberg, you are a Rock, and will be a part of our/my team soon if you want. Guiness for us all, or at least our own non-Cabal knock-off brew for all. 

Everyone, if you can, stop smoking and lose the grain alcohols. Med-beds are coming but not for everyone I’m afraid. Fact. 

Patrick, love u and IDC but OD really is a marketing tool, and putting it out there everyday violates Universal Law. IMHO. 


The Blackbird


"Re: Yosef’s Last Post and a Few Other Things" by blueray 

Most of what you say makes sense. Not sure where you get your '' Intel '' on exchange rates, or who will be ''allowed'' to exchange. If your post is just opinion, you are as likely to be correct as anyone else. After more than a decade of guru roulette, predictions that never materialize, confusing financial info with religion & abject desperation for so many, it would be amazing if anybody knew what was really going on.

Perhaps you aren't familiar with Troy weight versus the Avoirdupois weight system.

Specifically, gold is automatically assumed to be measured in Troy weight. The old saw, "What is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold" illustrates this. The answer is a pound of feathers. Your bathroom scale uses 16 ounces to the pound, Troy uses 12 ounces to the pound. 

1 troy ounce = 1.097 Avoirdupois ounces. Troy is ''heavier,'' but has a 12 ounce pound.

1 Avoirdupois ounce = .911 troy ounces. Avoirdupois ounces are ''lighter,'' but have 16 per pound.

1 - 16 ounce ( Avoirdupois ) pound = 1.215 Troy pound.

This could throw off your calculations by a bit.


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