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Friday, April 20, 2018



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. The song “The Final Count Down”  is appropriate. When we first talk we talk about how it is going over in Iraq, China, something like that. I know we are in the position right now our President has given the option whether Iraq wants to go before we go or after we go or it will be sort of a simultaneous thing with their rate being seen about the same time we get our Tier 4, which is our Internet Group, started with the 800 or toll free numbers. 

There is a slight possibility we could go slightly before Iraq or a possibility Iraq will go and put their rate out or we could almost do that simultaneously. What we do know is China has already has already announced they have a gold back currency, gold back petroyuan.

​What is going to happen is you got China with that, Zimbabwe next, and then you got the United States with or without Iraq at the same time. Let’s call it that way. My understanding is that is the procedural order things are and are continuing to occur. ​
Bruce:  There is something to be said about timing and about the release of liquidity into our financial system and into our economy.  This is a great concern. I have mentioned this before in terms of job creation as a certain amount of us will no longer keep our jobs or go to retirement. There will be another group will fill those jobs if they continue. Then there will be a whole other group that we will create jobs for with our humanitarian projects. So there is sort of this balance of employment that we are very concerned about so that we not see job numbers go way down for example of the RV and the time we go in for our exchanges. Then all of sudden we see it go way up after that. It has to be something that is manageable and understandable by the markets.

Bruce:  The other thing that is going to be important is the release of liquidity into the economy. For a long time I have told you they have a daily release limit. Talk about boundary.  There was a daily release limit on the amount of funds that could be released into the economy. They had a number in the vicinity of 508 Billion. That sounds too low. Don’t hold me to that. It was a number and it wasn’t to succeed that number.  I am going to say 580 Billion sounds too high. The point is there has been sort of a limit that could be released into the economy. I am going to say yes they have decided this is going to be a big difference. This is going to be much larger. They have set those boundaries out. The numbers are going to be so much bigger.

Bruce:  They know how many Zim holders there are roughly. Do not know everyone that has been gifted, but they have an estimate for that. It is important because there is going to be a lot of us that would use the Redemption Centers, and a lot of us will be doing Humanitarian Projects. We will talk about higher than screen rates. We will be asking for those if we have Humanitarian Projects. They have a percentage of people that will do that, and a percentage amount of people that will take the screen rate and so on.

The point is the Treasury needs to update the numbers they imagine we will have going forward with the RV. You might say they should have done that two years ago. Well they did it two years ago. They continue to do it I believe as late as today to kind of get an idea what will be in terms of liquidity.  This is something they will run through in algorithm if they haven’t already started. It is something they will try to calculate through the computer so they can get closer what the liquidity will be.

Bruce:  Many of us will use the Redemption Centers and use the structure payouts which to me is a real good idea. Last time I told you we will go 10, 15, 20, or 25 years for your term for the payouts. There is the expectation you will have a percentage which it will be up to you to choose the percentage of how much you will like to have designated toward your humanitarian projects. Then a certain amount of percentage how much you determine to use personally.  You guys remember I talked about the God fund which is my Humanitarian project fund which I would save all the Zim for all that, but realistically our Redemption Center people at the top can’t believe we would use that high percentage for humanitarian projects.

​They do not feel comfortable with a number over 80 percent.  It is almost not to exceed limit. So you might have to rethink as I have what my limits might be and recreate new boundaries for the amount for humanitarian and the amount for personal use. Think about that. They are perfectly fine with a number well under 80 percent. If you want to use 70 or 75 percent for Humanitarian they feel that is more than adequate in their minds. You decide it. The choice is up to you. However, you might find resistance if you try to go more than 80 percent for humanitarian projects. I am just telling you in advance.

Bruce:  Now let’s talk about for a minute what is on the screens. All the currencies were on the screens yesterday except the dinar. It kind of comes up and it has been off. I can’t tell you today whether it has came back on or didn’t come up. It really doesn’t matter. We know it will be there by the time we start. It is just interesting that it keeps popping in and popping out sensibly for the changes in the rate. It is hard to say, but I think realistically it is not a wait on Iraq anymore. It is much bigger than Iraq.   This is more of a global thing.

Bruce:   Let’s talk briefly about the meetings that have been going on. There have been very high level meetings going on this week from Monday through today about 2pm in the New York area or around New York. This is really interesting because they have achieved a lot in terms of our Treasury meeting with other people from other top government agencies, international agencies and some of you may have seen today where Christine Lagarde had been interviewed by  Liz Claiborne along with Steven Mnuchin who also had been interviewed. That was played today at 3pm EST in a show before the markets closed. It was a cool interview. I recorded it and there was some good things said.
Bruce:  Interesting about Christine Lagarde is that she mentioned the terminology that our President has used time and time again which was “leveling the playing field”. That is making the playing field level again. This has to do with trade policies which our President is deeply involved in and passionate about, and also has to do with essentially with currencies and the value those currencies have with various countries. Which this GCR is going to do is in a very real way level that playing field in a way it has never been leveled before. So we are all looking forward to that.

Bruce:  Also which is amazing to me there is a start of the IMF Spring meetings tomorrow at 8am. This is going to go for 3 days until Sunday afternoon. You may say so what they have meetings all the time. Well, what is interesting about this are these meetings, these very individual sessions are going to be televised or broadcast on Face book, not Twitter, but another Social media, and on YouTube, and another one.

There will be 4 media type broadcasts things that will be on. You got that happening starting in the morning. First thing in the morning you have from my understanding a Press conference. That is not going to be televised. The Press is going to report what they plan to cover during the 3 days of IMF meetings. We will get that type of report where we normally see financial news. I find that interesting, but what I find most interesting is the sessions normally run between 45 minutes and an hour and half.

Bruce:  Those different sessions will be covered and televised. I do not mean on TV, but broadcasted on Face book, YouTube, and the other two. That is going to be interesting, but one session is going to be interesting is a session Sunday afternoon between 12:45 and 1:30 EST, meeting in Washington DC. It will be televised 45 minutes Sunday afternoon, and what is interesting is it is one of the sessions dealing with foreign currency. What struck me is it is very specific, very important, and maybe it will be something to do with global currency, having to do with our gold back dollar. Remember the only ones that will see this is those who are attending the IMF meetings. I just find it very unique and cool.

Bruce:  The other thing about timing is our understanding is and we don’t have this verbatim, my understanding is our USN or gold back dollar is supposed to be going into effect 72 hours after the RV starts. We would have the RV and then the gold back dollar about 72 hours later. That is interesting. We also know this thing has been movable, it has changed, it has changed. We know that. One minute the Intel is true and hour later it isn’t true. We know that this thing changes. That is what has happened for years.

​That doesn’t surprise us anymore, but what does happen is there are I am sure some form of pretty specific time line for when this is to do down. Some of that has to do with the fact that we are not going to wait too much longer since China has announced their gold back currency, Zimbabwe has pre-announced their gold back currency, and we should be next. Then Iraq will be right with us, behind us, or ahead of us. It is hard to say yet. It is a little unknown now. The point is we are sort of being put on a time line.
Bruce:   I can tell you the President is in favor of everything moving through. My understanding is he has signed off on everything, and it is really in the hands of the Treasury and maybe the IMF to do the actual release. So we are in very good position right now for everything to come through. I can’t say any differently or better. I am excited where we are. We are in an amazing time right now and I just want to thank everybody for tuning in. I think have put out what is important for us.

​I do expect to receive the toll free numbers and when I do, I will put them out on our two websites: thbigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com.  This is my last time to tell you maybe, if you have not registered on our website, register your email by going to bigcalluniverse.com.  Do that and Bob will see that and an email will go out to everyone that registers with the toll free numbers. That is one way you will have them. I will also put them out on thebigcall.net website, and put them out on a couple of other locations online. I am honored to be told I will receive the toll free numbers, and I do not know the time or when. When it does happen I will wake up quickly if it is overnight, and I will put them out right away.

Bruce:  Thank you all for listening tonight and I appreciate you being faithful to God and to others in the community. Thank you. Thank you to Big Call team, Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you Big Call Universe listeners all over the globe for listening who listen to our call, the replay, and find us other ways. Thank you everybody again. Everybody have a great night and we will see you when we see you. Good Night.


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