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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. What I am getting is really amazing because where we are right now is interesting.

We got people that are under gag orders. We got people that we normally hear from that we are not really hearing from as much, but we are still getting information here and there that is coming through that is allowing us to draw a picture where we think we are.

To be completely honest with you which I am, we were looking for this to occur this week either Tuesday….(muffled). The fact that we have not received that yet is just an indication that when we thought we would have this and everybody was prepared for it we thought, it just didn’t happen yet. We don’t know exactly. People ask me who is holding it up. Why hasn’t it gone? Who is holding it up?
It is hard to define that specifically as a person or an agency that is holding it up. So I try not to go there. Realistically it is hard to pin that down anyway. We do hear time from time certain things occurred that happened, but to be completely frank it is difficult to narrow it down to know what is exactly happening.

Bruce: When we talk about Iraq, we talk about have they moved forward. Have they put their rate out in the CBI that kind of thing. I do know one thing we got the owner of the Central Bank of Iraq working in conjunction with Dr. Shabi. DR Shabi has made a comeback to oversee I think to be part of this whole process for the Central Bank. Abadi is working with those two and who knows who else in conjunction with bringing everything forward.

Bruce: We know a lot of amazing things that we were looking for happen already. We were looking for today a number of agencies inside of Iraq to be paid today. We were looking for that. I have not been able to confirm whether they got paid or not. It is sort of something that we haven’t been able to narrow down yet.

There was a group of everyone you can think of that needed to be paid to be caught up and paid at the new rates. We will set that aside and say what else. We do know that. We do know the ATM machines are loaded with and ready to go with the lower denominations, but it does no good to have them unless you have the new rate to be effective and be useful.

We are waiting for those ATMs to be turned on. We don’t know exactly when that is going to happen. We also heard that Iraq may actually make this weekend kind of a holiday with tomorrow which is their Holy Day, Friday, be consider a holiday as suppose to just being a Holy Day. It might be significant to see what that turns into.

Bruce: In terms of our timing where we are, we know for example the Paymasters everywhere around the world were given flexibility the ability, the green light, to begin pay outs. That was new. We haven’t had that.

That occurred I believe yesterday at 6 o’clock on the west coast. That is a very positive thing. It shows us movement. That is what we are looking for, movement for this to move along. The other thing we are seeing is that Tabletop meetings everywhere started to payout today around lunchtime.

They started to pay out the funds that were tied to those tabletop meetings. These were regarding the Zim. They started to become liquid today. That is a positive thing. Also w heard Tier 1 and Tier 2 were being paid out. That is a lot of SKRs made liquid and so on. Tier 3 are looking to get started tomorrow. That is what I am hearing, and that could include groups and private groups that you guys probably know about. That is a positive step in the right direction in terms of that.

Bruce: Let’s talk about the other information which is where do we stand in terms of announcements. Is the USN something that would be announced? I am looking for it and I will tell you why. I heard something this afternoon that we are looking for President Trump to make an announcement in the Rose Garden tomorrow afternoon.

I don’t know what that announcement will be specifically. It will happen tomorrow, and we understand there is another announcement coming Saturday right prior to lunchtime. That is another thing. Is the President going to make that announcement? I do not know that, but we are looking for another announcement.

Could either of these two be about the new USN, about a gold back currency? It is hard to say. I think it is possible. I think the timing for it is about right because we heard a lot of things this week would be our week, but so far it has not.

Tomorrow is Friday. Maybe some of these things will occur. Some of these things should occur Friday and Saturday around lunch time. We are looking at the possibility of getting started anytime I heard dates from Saturday, not too much about tomorrow, but I heard Saturday till Monday possibly into Tuesday. I am not hearing anything beyond that personally just to let you know. I feel we are at a great place in terms of everything having been done, everything ready for us.
Bruce: Rates are on the screens at the Redemption Centers. All currencies. Finally the dinar showed back up again and was still there today. The other thing is the employees are ready. They are still on red alert and on standby at the Redemption Centers. They have been getting into work a little earlier than normal or earlier than they had been. That is an indicating I thought a possibility of an earlier start.

Now it is hard to say from that where we are specifically, but I believe that we are in a really good place for this to be revealed. We do not need the USN announcement however to move forward with our part of the redemption to get Tier 4 started. It might be required for Tier 5, the so called John Q public.

That maybe be required before they get started. However, we are looking for movement on that, and I think security is still in really good shape. I believe everyone is signing off on their particular aspect of it as ready to go. I heard things about from certain bankers to indicate we are right there. There is nothing else to do.

Also heard some Zim redemptions taking place in Europe. I think that is very positive too. Now has it made its way over here yet for us? No, not really except for Table top meetings and paying out Tier 1 and 2 with Tier 3 looming.

Bruce: That is overall the jest of the Intel right now. I want to thank everybody for listening and being so faithful because I knew it is tough for this to go week after week, and yet it seems nothing is happening from your perspective.

I can tell you a lot is happening, and we are moving forward with this. We are not in the doldrums with this. We are moving forward, and I am comfortable we are still moving forward. I know our President and the Administration have very big ideas for us moving forward, and I even believe there even was an Executive Order signed yesterday that would allow for funding to come forward to help a huge amount of people around this country.

I believe to some extent it is tied to prosperity packages or prosperity programs as some people have referred to it. We know the Prosperity Programs will start going out about 2 to 3 hours after we get the go ahead to set our appointments. That is the soonest they will go out.

Bruce: I am encouraged by the type of language that was sort of discussed in the Presidential order. It just portends well for us moving forward to have everything we always wanted to do. One thing that did come out was you know there are a lot of people that will leave their jobs after this goes on.

There are a number of people that will quit jobs, retire, do all that, and why wouldn’t they right? At the same time there are a lot of people to filling in those jobs. A lot of vacancies will be filled in. Also a number of job creations will take place with our projects.

What I think the government is concerned about is the loss of jobs with the funding of the blessing. Those coming out and with people leaving their jobs. Those job numbers will be a little strange, and we got to supplement those with new jobs and hires. It could kind of be an interesting mix how that comes forward.
Bruce: Keep in mind when you go in for your appointments, if you want to do humanitarian projects, keep in mind infrastructure and what that would mean. Of course new hires, employment, and as well as longevity of your project. Can you come up with a project that will go 20, 30, 50, even 100 years?

I think we can, and I think we are not only with Veterans Retreat Network, but also with Rebuild America. There is no real end point with Rebuild America. That continues on, on, and on. That is our legacy. I think that will be the legacy of the Big Call as well as working with our Veterans and try to get them situated with good paying jobs, retrained, relaxed, and essentially rewired for an all new future. I think all of us will be getting ready for a new paradigm we are about to step into.

Bruce: Thank you everyone for coming in and for being faithful. We will look forward to talking to you or not talking to you Tuesday which will be our next call time. We will see what happens till then. I want to thank everyone for helping. Thank you Sue, Bob and Pastor Steven. Thank you all Big Call listeners in the Big Call Universe. Thank you all for listening.


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