Thursday, April 12, 2018


Recent reports now claim that the Cabal's "fake alien invasion" plan was for the Mirader Empire to pose as the Galactic Federation and invade the Earth. The Mirader Empire would then show up as our "saviors" fighting off the fake Galactic Federation posers.


This development was concerning to the Alliance as the sleeping masses would be led to believe the Galactic Federation are the ones invading us.

The Cabal's plans have been exposed and thwarted once again. Thank you, Alliance.

In other news, Trump's recent EO reducing poverty in America was a key occurrence.


The Prosperity Package program authorization is covertly embedded in this EO.

The Prosperity Packages will be initiated once GESARA is enacted.

The stock market is still on course to collapse either by rising or plummeting.

800#'s have already been prepared for delivery.

High expectancy for the RV tomorrow.

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