Monday, April 30, 2018


Good Day everyone - this is a LOVELY Spring Day! So many of you are calling and saying, Deb it's another Monday, why are we still waiting to go to the bank? 
Email and text messages are coming to me that you guys are loosing your hope and joy in this RV/GCR endeavor. First I have shared its not wise to put your life choices that are for now based on a future event. 

As with any investment, you take daily thought of what you have now and then prepare for what will be and until that day, you don't make unwise decisions from a projected but changeable outcome. 
We KNOW IN OUR KNOWER this RV/GCR will SUDDENLY come to pass. We KNOW that when the facilitators have their GLOBAL tasks in place we will see this. 

In the mean time. take out my past emails and muster up some JOY and HOPE in what we have walked through in past encouragement words I sent to you, muster up some of that FAITH that you have read and KNOW IN YOUR KNOWER that a promise given by the Father will come to pass.
Let Joy, Hope and Faith be the fuel that you remind yourself that no matter the length of the wait, the outcome is promises and until then I will concentrate on TODAY, prepare for tomorrow, remove my emotions, set my sites on the positive, take some breaks from the never ending never coming to pass "guru prognostication" and operate in true JOY, HOPE and FAITH. 
Now that's a report with a prescription that will bring results - AMEN??? AMEN!!!
All my best to you,


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