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Thursday, April 19, 2018


geek - An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Geeks are “collection” oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer.

nerd - A studious intellectual, although again of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia.

Rescue guy without a clue: So xyz collects math books

dinard: @xyz wow i just realized im a ***** nerd

Spectra: intellect verses wisdom
xyz: @Rescue guy without a clue f(xyz) = -zig

Spectra: i prefer wisdom

Rescue guy without a clue: :laugh : I do wisdom once in a great while

Spectra: most people dont know what wisdom is...

xyz: @Spectra Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.

Rescue guy without a clue: But don't hold me to it

Spectra: @xyz one thing is true you cannot teach it yes you got that right

xyz: @Spectra Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.

Rescue guy without a clue: Wisdom is experience

Spectra: “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ― Albert Einstein

Rescue guy without a clue: See, experience

Rescue guy without a clue: Duhhh

xyz: @Spectra A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. -William Shakespeare

dinard: @xyz nice so when everyone is calling me a fool its really a compliment right?

Rescue guy without a clue: How many times can you put your finger in a light socket and get zapped untill you figure not to do that. 10, 20 times

dinard: @Rescue guy without a clue actually breaker should trip if that happens so only once

Rescue guy without a clue: @dinard not really ,

dinard: @Rescue guy without a clue yes really. its not like im an electrician or anything

Rescue guy without a clue: @dinard I was

dinard: @Rescue guy without a clue back before they had circuit breakers?

Rescue guy without a clue: Never used them: Too expensive: :laugh
Rescue guy without a clue: Anyway, wisdom is experience through time

Spectra: well we might not be too wise sitting in here!

dinard: were all a bunch of dinards

Rescue guy without a clue: ;dont no;

Spectra: speak for your self

Spectra: @dinard you claimed that name

dinard: i didnt claim it i earned it through lots of hard work
dinard: coming up with a name as cool as dinard is no easy task

Spectra: i like this one-Denarius

Spectra: The denarius was the standard Roman silver coin from its introduction in the Second Punic War c. 211 BC to the reign of Gordian III, when it was gradually replaced by the Antoninianus.

dinard: originally worth 10 *

xyz: @dinard :Really?

dinard: @xyz de·nar·i·us dəˈnerēəs/Submit noun an ancient Roman silver coin, originally worth ten asses. a unit of weight equal to that of a silver denarius. an ancient Roman gold coin worth 25 silver denarii.

dinard: @xyz dont be hating on the messenger

dinard: thats a whole lot of booty
dinard: funny how they used booty as a backing for currency. much better than this fiat system we got going on

chattels: The dollar against the Iraqi dinar on April 18, 2018 18-04-2018 04:02 PM Baghdad News - Iraqi dinar market prices of the Dollar against, on Wednesday, in Baghdad and the south of the country and Kurdistan. Price Iraqi dinars per dollar 100 US general tendency to demand below the average exchange fight (Baghdad) ALkeafah Stock Exchange sale / 120.150 dinars price ..... Purchase / 120.100 Dinar http://www.baghdadnews.info/index.php?page=article&id=36187

chattels: Courtesy Dinar Alert

xyz: Barzani: No agreement with America for the return of Peshmerga areas of conflict and support the actions of Baghdad    LINK

chattels: Influential Iraqi cleric warns of election fraud By Rudaw

chattels: " Muqtada al-Sadr met with Netherlands Ambassador to Iraq Matthijs Wolters on Wednesday and called for international supervision of the elections."

xyz: 4-18-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 [So your info about banking here matches with that from Kurdistan?] Yes, they are all saying ‘by the end of the month’. I don’t care what they say; I watch what they do, and they are all preparing for this to happen.

Zig: 'happy-dance Ray is never wrong!!!!

xyz: @Zig thank you  xyz: @Zig what time is your guru coming?


dinard: we are being blessed with a guru appearance?

xyz: I'm fine with being a little bit of an instigator. -Ted

JoeSchmoe: Oh bummer, I saw Kaps name n the que, was gonna ask him something: now he gone

Zig: @JoeSchmoe : Really??.....Kap!!....Get back here and chat!!.... :Really? .....lol....Your fans await!!.....well maybe not Tebow.....

xyz: Kap hearsay that he might be having a call now.

Kaperoni: Hey JoeSchmoe

Zig: Hi Kap...tell us what you'll be discussing on your call tomorrow...Any questions for Kap??

Kaperoni: xyz, no call today. Our call is tomorrow   Kaperoni: hiya Zig

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni Hey. Please don't get defensive when I ask you this...but I was just wondering what your purpose was by coming in here and always trying to prove your point of a float? Do you really care that much about all of us that you don't want us to be disappointed? Or are you that eager to prove that you're right?

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni I truly don't even feel as if anything may happen, but I don't care either way anymore

Kaperoni: lol Joe, no I don't. But I do care about the nonsense posted daily by lying gurus

JoeSchmoe: well some think your stuff is nonsense. Everyone seems to have shtuff they can back their words up with. So no one will truly know until the end, whatever the outcome becomes for us

Zig: I think many people think that people like Kap have a "Hidden Agenda".....

Kaperoni: As far as the float, there is much more factual evidence supporting emerging countries transitioning off a peg to a float than to a mythical rv that there is not one bit of evidence to support

JoeSchmoe: anyway, watching a bsball game, just came back during commercial and saw the above.thx for responding

Kaperoni: Joe, those who think I am way off base have obviously not spent time reading how monetary policy and emerging markets work   Kaperoni: See ya Joe

Zig: Kap...regarding Dinar Alert, do you know how much is required of a member to donate before they have total access to the website?

Kaperoni: Zig, no idea  Kaperoni: I think its up to each person
Kaperoni: I donate $10 sometimes  Kaperoni: others may do less or more

Zig: Baxter, a member there, donated but has no "forum" access....

JoeSchmoe: On ipad in other room, so forgive spelling....

Kaperoni: Not my site I am just like the other mods there who post

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni why do u care so much what gurus say?

Kaperoni: Joe, I have met many who have lost everything because of them

Tebow: Kap CBI put out no Float!

Kaperoni: So I prove them wrong time and time again
Kaperoni: Tebow get over it   Kaperoni: ur wrong

Zig: LOL

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni u make your point every time u come in wherever. So why keep doing it when obviously most dont believe u
Kaperoni: Not to mention a float is the only option

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni it just serves to make ppl think u have an agenda

Tebow: Kap so the CBI is lying?

Kaperoni: I have many articles from the CBI

Zig: MOst don't want to consider that Kap may be right because they want an overnight RV.....Rich Quick!!

Kaperoni: Some say they will float, others may be interpreted that they will not or cannot at this time
Kaperoni: in either case, a float is the only option

Tebow: What did the CBI say, NO FLOAT!

Kaperoni: Zig correct
Kaperoni: Tebow why do you keep saying that>  Kaperoni: ?

JoeSchmoe: @Zig hmmm....lol,u do like to play both sides of the coin huh

Tebow: Because that's what they put out not me

Kaperoni: Tebow go study monetary policy and come back in a month and then tell me what they will do lol

Zig: @JoeSchmoe : I keep an open mind...

Tebow: Kap you ignore what they put out if it doesn't fix your gradual theory?

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni u do realize that u have a win win scenario. Win if ur right, and happy if ur wrong

Kaperoni: I read what the IMF says Tebow, they know what they are doing

Tebow: What I'll just trust the CBI. Believe they know more as to what they are going to do over you guru!

Kaperoni: Sure Joe, but they cannot RV or RI so its all BS

Zig: Either way we all make money...lol....who cares how??

Tebow: No your BS

Kaperoni: Tebow what if the CBI was saying we cannot float now?

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni i seem to remember u saying long ago that it could start the float at 1 to 1

Kaperoni: Does that mean they never will?  Kaperoni: lol

Kaperoni: ur translations may be wrong  Kaperoni: Tebow ur BS

Zig: NOW is what I read....never said never....

Kaperoni: and stupid  Kaperoni: lol

Tebow: They will float after the true rate of the dinar is in the world market

Kaperoni: lol

Kaperoni: impossible

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni did u not say 1 to 1 start long ago?
JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni or close

Zig: You and Tebow will never agree on anything.....

Kaperoni: Joe I mentioned like 8 years ago they may go to a 1 to $1 but that has been proven impossible

Tebow: What now I'm stupid because I do not believe your BS! Your the stupid one!

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni and if they do start there,I suppose it will be proven possible to u

Kaperoni: No, they will float the dinar from 1186 gradually to counter inflation

Tebow: Selective article to fit your theory!


JoeSchmoe: easy boys,this has been going respectfully.

Kaperoni: Tebow seem to me u have selected an article to fit your theory

Tebow: same as the last 99 calls same BS

Kaperoni: A article that you do not even understand   Kaperoni: lol

Zig: See why Kap loves coming in here???

Kaperoni: It is mathimatically impossible to RV or RI

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni u see, many dont share your point of belief,albeit not as expressive as tebow lol.

Tebow: Understand when someone is full of BS

Kaperoni: 66 trillion dinar in circulation lol

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni so why continue to tey to prove it

Tebow: 66 trillion BS

Kaperoni: that is 4 times the worlds money supply
Kaperoni: Tebow you trust the CBI so much go read there financial report

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni well then u have to go into the lop camps

Tebow: show some proof as to 66 trillion? Can't!

Kaperoni: No Joe, I am in the camp of solid monetary policy 
JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni do u agree that they have lqds already,albeit not in circ yet?

Kaperoni: Tebow its in print

Tebow: last financial report 2012 according to your friend sandyf.

Kaperoni: like weakly

Zig: Why do people get so emotional about this??.....Just wait and see...

Kaperoni: not to mention the CBI quarterly report

Kaperoni: Idiots want to believe, there is a RV or RI. there cannot be one

Tebow: Now calling people idiots,

Kaperoni: I call then as I see them

JoeSchmoe: im gonna start being an anti guru and say it wont happen. I wanna be popular and get alot of attention. Then if it happens i will still be happy and can just dissappear

Kaperoni: If you are to stubborn to read factual information there is no help

Tebow: People not believe your BS so you call them idiots!

Spectra: Sandyf and Kap do have a lot in common !
Kaperoni: For those who wont read, just know this the IMF has spelled out what is happening in Iraq
Kaperoni: It is well documented

Tebow: No FLOAT!

Kaperoni: Tebow lol

Tebow: you forgot to read that one!

Zig: People need to :chill out: about all of this.....

Kaperoni: This is really very simple
JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni U will be here til the end trying to prove your point.....WHY..

Kaperoni: the CBI is pegged to the dollar under Article XIV

Tebow: so what tomorrows call same as the last 99? Just change the date. Make it easy on yourself

LeLe: Wow! I thought we were no suppose to call people names?

Zig: Will Enorrste be on the call??
Kaperoni: The IMF has told the CBI to get in compliance  Kaperoni: zig yes

Zig: Good

Kaperoni: and accept Article VIII as soon as possible
Kaperoni: to sent a message to the world financial community

Zig: @LeLe : People get heated about this....

Tebow: and a true rate to be put on the dinar

Kaperoni: That Iraq is open for business Kaperoni: lol Tebow ur rate is 1186

Tebow: yes now you got one right! Bingo!

Kaperoni: there is no such thing as a arbitrary value

Spectra: @Kaperoni no LOL it is not going to float !

Tebow: but that's not the true value of the dinar

Zig: Let's have some other people ask questions!!!

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni r u saying that 1186 is a true reflection of that countrys worth?

Spectra: @Zig :) are you having fun?

Zig: Meatball??

Kaperoni: Spectra its the true value

Zig: @Spectra : Always fun when Kap visits.....LOL

Tebow: Wrong minus one point!

Spectra: @Kaperoni no it is not
Spectra: @Kaperoni read just the same as you do! But know better

Tebow: Why has the CBI been trying to remove the 3 zero notes from circulation? juh?

Kaperoni: Once capital markets are integrated internationally, vast amounts of money may flow into and out of the country in a short period of time

Kaperoni: Do any of you know what that does?  Kaperoni: No I would guess
Kaperoni: This will make it very difficult for the country to maintain a fixed exchange rate.

Tebow: no were idiots remember> LOL

Zig: Sandyf said there was no "imposed" value...

Kaperoni: So they have to move off the peg to a float, there is no option
Kaperoni: Tebow that is sooo true

Spectra: Maybe KAp was s sandys buddy !

JoeSchmoe: I think EVERYONE is wrong,and we r all gonna get screwed

Kaperoni: Tebow the CBI has not removed any notes

Tebow: we know who the real idiot is Kap

Kaperoni: in fact the money supply has grown

Zig: @Spectra : Keep an open mind!....

Kaperoni: If you understood the auctions you would know they cannot reduce the money supply

Spectra: @Zig I'm Listen but the words don't resonate !

Kaperoni: Because the auctions are based on a balance to dollars to dinar

Zig: Hey we can disagree....that is what people do....

Kaperoni: if you reduce one currency or the other, it creates demand
Kaperoni: and throws the entire concept out of wack
Kaperoni: Think of the auctions as a teeter taater

Spectra: Speaking of outta wack? This float theory is just that

Tebow: :garbage:

Kaperoni: Spectra the float is the only option: well documented : factual

Tebow: CBI says no float

Kaperoni: written in imf docs

Tebow: maybe after a true value is given to the dinar

Kaperoni: lol

Tebow: lol

Kaperoni: will never happen
Zig: @Tebow : So you believe it will increase a lot overnight?

Tebow: float yes  Tebow: yes

Kaperoni: lmbo   : with no proof: no facts

Tebow: yes you have none

Kaperoni: no evidence of such

Tebow: facts either: just a theory

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni , but r u saying the golfer guru is wrong too?

Kaperoni: yes Tebow believes in miricles

LeLe:  I don't believe in the float theory.

Kaperoni: Joe dont know golfer

Spectra: @LeLe :)

Tebow: I don't believe you

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni bgg

Kaperoni: joe, if you only knew

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni ?.

Zig: We just go around in circles.....

Kaperoni: But for those who like the truth and facts, tomorrow will be a great conference call
Kaperoni: Everything backed up by facts

Zig: BGG has always disagreed with Kap if I remember correctly.....

Tebow: with your so call float from 1186, how are they going to change salaries, bank accounts, prices of goods, contracts on a daily basis as the currency floats?

Kaperoni: He might be a dreamer too zig

JoeSchmoe: @Zig correct...but IF I ONLY KNEW...

Spectra: Face it No GURU likes another

Kaperoni: Tebow how do 86 other countries who float do that?
Kaperoni: Do you know most countries float?

Tebow: they don't float from 1186
Tebow: so you believe the true value is the current fix value of 1186

Zig: Well hopefully any float would move fairly quickly...

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni im gonna start calling u Pennywise

Kaperoni: oh there is a min to float from? lol

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE

Tebow: the current rate is 1186 LOL

Kaperoni: We should call the 3 other countries in the middle east who started to float last fall

JoeSchmoe: from where what : point: 1180?

Kaperoni: zig, its directly related to how fast investment comes into Iraq

Zig: Any feelings about the Vietnamese Dong??.....many have that as well......

Tebow: investment is coming!
Kaperoni: The problem with most dinar investors is they think the dinar can revalue to some random number

Tebow: not at the current program rate

Kaperoni: it cant  Kaperoni: program rate is a myth: nonsense guru speak

Tebow: like your BS

Kaperoni: you all been lied too: over and over: time and time again

Tebow: no we question BSers

Spectra: Sanctioned the currency KAP

Zig: That is what sandyf wrote...No imposed rate....

Kaperoni: zig agreed

JoeSchmoe: sandyf me

Kaperoni: not possible: the only thing that can happen is the world can set the rate
Kaperoni: that means float

Spectra: Hog wash !

JoeSchmoe: @Kaperoni okay pennywise,your chats have been entertaini g as per usual. Time to enjoy my game.

LeLe: I call BULL****.

Kaperoni: well Spectra bring me facts of a arbitrary rate.

Tebow: no the CBI can set the rate, they changed it many times over the last 14 yrs

Kaperoni: ah no

Zig: @LeLe : Wow....you never say that!!!....LOL

Kaperoni: the CBI floated to reduce inflation

Tebow: ah yes

Spectra: I don't need too I don't have a web site like you and make money !

Kaperoni: they stopped the float and pegged

Tebow: pegged so not the true value

Kaperoni: and the IMF impossed an adjustment from 1166 to 1184 for reporting purposes

Tebow: what a RV

Kaperoni: As agreed in 2015 for the new Stand By Agreement with the IMF

Tebow: and the IMF can't adjust from 1183 to a true value

Kaperoni: no

Tebow: you just said they did above for reporting purposes, which is it? huh

[pm]Zig: Thanks for dropping by, Kap...will promote your call tomorrow...only fair as you are the only one willing to come here and take some heat.....LOL

LeLe: Here's the float ;$$$ ;$$$ ;$$$ ;$$$

Kaperoni: Well I am done. Ill be back at it tomorrow teaching you all the truth about the dinar lol

[pm]Zig: LOL

Kaperoni: Lele good luck

Tebow: spewing BS once again!

Kaperoni: later all    Kaperoni: keep dreaming

Tebow: keep spewing



Tebow: did anyone see any proof or facts?

Spectra: Nothing wise in my eyes ! Spectra: No proof no facts

Tebow: only that we are all idiots who don't believe him and his float theory

[pm]Zig: We appreciate Kaperoni visiting....he has guts to face you peeps!!.... :yes:

LeLe: @Tebow he must don't have dinar.

[pm]Zig: ;boxing

JoeSchmoe: @Zig wish we could put him and bgg and tony and sandy in here together,and let them all debate

[pm]Zig: TOO BLOODY.....LOL

Tebow: @Zig split decision as no one knows what the CBI is going to do~

JoeSchmoe: i wonder what kap would do if everyone believed him? He would have no audience anymore: i honestly have seen no one believe him except for enorste

Tebow: he reminds me of Hillary, calling people idiots who by his BS, deploriblies : don't by

Spectra: He should not do that it looks bad for him

[pm]Zig: I agree....I don't like Kap calling people idiots....
[pm]Zig: So it's fair game to go at him the same way....IMO....people get too emotional about this!!!!

dinard: wooooow i missed it    dinard: @xyz you believe overnight RV? 
​sandyf: @chattels: @sandyf You sound as though you allow for the possibility of private exchange groups ? 

- I have never indicated anything in that direction whatsoever. It is an interpretation created by some to distort what has been posted. Low level trading on the forex markets is effectively a private arrangement between client and broker, divorced entirely from any government monetary policy. It would not be out of the realms of possibility for other entities to create a similar arrangement in a similar market environment.

sandyf: With people quite ready to dismiss audited accounts out of hand there is obviously little point in posting that the unaudited figure from the CBI for IQD in circulation at the 31st March 2018 was 42.172 Trillion.

sandyf: The idea of floating the IQD will always be a possibility but not an option normally taken by emerging markets. Growth rate is normally measured in just a few percent per year, China's highest currency appreciation reached 3% per year.

 If Iraq was to outperform that and say reached 5% per year, then in 25 years time the IQD would be 328 to the dollar. At 10% per annum it would take around 23 years to reach parity.

sandyf: Strange as though it may seem there is more to life than the dinar. Living in the sticks and responsible for your own maintenance there can be other priorities.

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