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Friday, April 20, 2018


4-20-2018  Walkingstick  I said it and I still stand by what I said... They complied, with the necessary.. outstanding obligation/s in the 1st quarter

4-20-2018  Newshound Guru chattels  If Shabbibi did not know and if he did, could not say when the dinar would have value, and the delete the zeroes equates to value on the dinar, why would Iraq " announce " or foreshadow such a change with an advance public educational campaign ? Kinda silly I think, eh?

4-20-2018  Newshound Guru sandyf 
 I haven't seen any sort of estimate for some time. Back around 2010/11 when the dinar dealers were in their hayday it was estimated that appoximately two thirds was outside the country, around 20 trillion…Obviously without any factual basis and some of the theories about who actually has dinar is questionable. The one thing that we do know is that in 2003 it took around 6.5 trillion new dinar to replace the old so a good indication of how much was in Iraq at the end of 2003…The rise in the amount of currency in circulation has far exceeded the rise in population and it should be borne in mind that currency that has migrated across local borders is still outside Iraq.  I would not think it unreasonable for somewhere in the order of 50/60 percent of the currency to be outside the country. If that were the case I can see it being a major headache in terms of a redenomination. There could be severe repercussions if Iraq were to say that the IQD can only be exchanged in Iraq.

4-20-2018  Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  …the first quarter shows that the 3 Zeros were lifted (Trillions down to Billions) and the currency expenses got lesser over time as well…the assumption on not only my part is that they in fact are getting the NOD from the USA now…Now think about where we are today and the list of items we have completed to date. It is lengthy…Also, keep in mind there have been meetings that came and went as of recent like in, (EU / IMF / WB), ones finishing up today with the AMF and the IMF in DC finishing same day, Sunday.  All this should give us all a peace of mind that we are in fact watching the process finish. imo  I am not sure if my view is the correct one…evidence kills the notion for after the Elections.. [Post 2 of 2]

4-20-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   The song “The Final Count Down”  is appropriate…There is a slight possibility we could go slightly before Iraq or a possibility Iraq will go and put their rate out or we could almost do that simultaneously.   All the currencies were on the screens yesterday except the dinar. It kind of comes up and it has been off…We know it will be there by the time we start. It is just interesting that it keeps popping in and popping out sensibly for the changes in the rate.  …It is hard to say, but I think realistically it is not a wait on Iraq anymore. It is much bigger than Iraq.   This is more of a global thing…I can tell you the President is in favor of everything moving through. My understanding is he has signed off on everything, and it is really in the hands of the Treasury and maybe the IMF to do the actual release. So we are in very good position right now for everything to come through… I am excited where we are…

4-20-2018  Intel/Newshound Guru Delta  "The dinar is down against the dollar in the local stock exchange100"....1195 & 1197 ......VERY NICE THE LOWEST IN THE MARKET SO FAR........HUGE...CBI SELL IT TO BANK AT 1190… [Special NOTE: The lower the number the STRONGER the rate to the dollar = what we want to see!]

4-20-2018   Newshound Guru Militia Man   This sure looks to me like Abadi with a prominent Religious Man has just announced that Iraq has initiated the stage of reconstruction, construction and investment phase for Iraq's future…They are also telling us that they have the Interests of the US in mind as well…In other, words the We (W) Are (A) Ready (R) words were heard in Washington. imo When Abadi does speak in respect to completions, activation's, implementations or even paying with past tense, I listen.  There is a lot of data to support that the process is almost 100% complete, a side from the CBI posting an international rate for the IQD that is on their website for the world to see, not just in Arabic. That imo is the 100% and is coming regardless now... [Post 1 of 2 stay tuned...]

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