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Monday, April 9, 2018

Common Sense has Left Dinarland" by Truthseeker, 9 APRIL


It's been weeks since my last post because I'm still trying to determine our true status.

I find it interesting that we still have (some) Intel providers saying, "it's ready and could go at any minute". What I find even more interesting is that the majority of these Intel providers have been stating this for many, many years. Yet they still have a following . . . . . . To me that doesn't make much sense, but I guess when you add desperation into the mix, a good majority of Currency Holders are just looking for something to cling too. I understand the desperation that some Currency Holders are facing, but in all honesty we have to face reality, and the reality of the situation is No One Knows when the RV/GCR will occur, NO ONE! Now before you get all twisted up on me, please understand what I'm saying; I'm not saying the RV/GCR will not occur, all I'm saying is I doubt the NPTB will provide the Dinar Community any kind of a "heads up" just before releasing the RV/GCR. If that were to occur, we'd have approximately 30 million Currency Holders all ready to pounce . . . . Sorry I just don't see that happening. 

So let's look at what we know; we know for a fact Iraq is in rebuilding mode and they are making some good progress on a daily basis even though it appears they're moving at a snail's pace. The reality of the situation is they're moving forward at a steady pace. Now top that off with the fact that most world economies are struggling just to stay afloat, we've got the ingredients and pressure necessary to someday force the NPTB into releasing the RV/GCR. My advice to Currency Holders is to place your currency in a safe spot and carry on with your lives . . . . . Instead of riding all the Intel providers posts and various news articles from around the world, get prepared! Now when I say "get prepared" I'm not saying count your currency daily, I'm saying I advise all Currency Holders to have "plans of action" in place for whatever scenario we get presented with. Have a plan for high rates (IMO not likely), medium rates i.e., $3.00 + for the Iraqi dinar (possible), and low rates i.e., 1 to 1 scenario for the Iraqi dinar (most probable).

 Also, take some time and build up a "prepping supply" or food, water, medicine and supplies. I know this sounds a bit dooms dayish, but there is a chance the banks may be shut down for a unknown period of time during the worldwide change over from fiat currencies to gold backed (i.e., asset backed). This is something I feel most Currency Holders overlook by thinking "that will never happen". We need to understand the fact that the world revolves around "credit" and if all of a sudden the credit dries up, the entire world comes to a halt! That's not meant to scare anyone, that' meant to wake up the sleeping masses to reality. If that were to occur and you were not prepared, how long could you and family live if all stores, banks and the credit were shut down? Most Americans could probably survive 3 to 5 days before panic set in. Please don't be one of them!

So with all that being said, I'm advising the masses to prepare for all scenarios. I do feel the RV/GCR will someday occur, but No One can provide the rollout plan no matter who they're connected too. The RV/GCR is a fluid "ever changing" situation that will happen when it happens!

Stay positive, organized and alert, and do not stop praying!


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