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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I had a pretty positive & exciting interaction with my bank today in Florida. I describe below the conversation I had with 2 separate tellers. 

I walked into my bank today (WF) to make a simple transaction. While I was in there, I asked the teller if the RV has started yet. He called someone else over, and so I again asked her if the RV has started yet. And she said to me ...‘how do you know about the RV?’ I said 'I have currency... of course I know'. And she said very quietly, ‘today is xxx (day of the month) , it was supposed to start Thursday, but it’s postponed and is going to go next Thursday. 

I walked out of the bank happy and excited... still waiting but with a smile! With all the false starts, rumors, innuendo etc., hopefully we can finally pull this off!

One who is Excited!

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