Thursday, April 12, 2018


GJHHonor:  Bank Story
I went to the bank with a friend that was going to Israel until April 21st and she asked me to have power of attorney over her account and currencies and the lady that was helping us kept asking me what kind of investment are you waiting for , so I finally told her the whole story about the Iraqi dinar and the  other currencies she wrote them down, then she call the wealth manger and asked him about this and then he told her yes he was aware but we had to wait until it goes then they will help us.

Then I told the banker to go buy some and told her where and she wrote it down , I told her to get Iraqi dinars and the VNN dong. The said thank you for the info.

Usually they start to tell us this will never happen and it is a scam , not this time. Come on rv.
My friend on the way out from the bank said I was just waiting for herto say this was a scam , but she did not do that we were surprised .

Anyway just a small bank story it is positive. Please do not ask to which bank in Canada I do not want to get this lady in trouble. But if Ray wants to know I can tell him ,maybe if he pm's me sometime.


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