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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


OK......here we go with my story from 12:45pm ET 4/17/18

Local WF in the Big Bend area of north Florida (200K population approx.)

I was there cashing a check that was given to me written on someone's WF account. I do NOT have an account at WF.

There was a question pertaining to the check, so the teller assisting me had to go seek direction from the branch manager. I was the only customer at the teller counter at the time. I began having small talk with another teller that was standing at her terminal at the teller counter.

I said, "how's the new foreign currency upgrade/change over going. I understand that everyone has been going through training for it and that so far the tellers are happy about the change."

I continued by saying, "I'm sure being able to handle it all on one screen makes it a lot easier to expedite the transaction without having to bounce back and forth from screen-to-screen."

​She replied, "oh yes, I haven't been trained yet, but most of the tellers and staff have been." She continued, "They do like it much better, they say it's a quicker process now which is good because we've been told that the bank is going to be dealing with some different currencies than before which could increase the number of foreign currency customers."

She Said, "we don't know exactly which currencies or when, but it's supposed to be sometime soon."

Now, at this point, I decided to just nod my head and I asked one final question and I said, "when do you have the opportunity to be trained?". She simply replied, "they're working on scheduling it."

At this point, the teller I was working with and the branch manager came over to me, still no one else in the teller lines but me, they transacted my business and the teller I was working with said to her manager, "this customer had a couple of questions pertaining to foreign currency," and looked at me and said this is our branch manager and she can answer any questions you have.

I said, "oh no, I don't need any assistance today, I had just heard about the new foreign currency system and the training that's been on going pertaining to it and was just wondering how it was going."

The branch manager responded with "oh yes, we've almost gotten all foreign currency staff at this branch fully trained and they are able to help customers with the more common currencies at this time, but you have to have an account here."

I replied, "oh, of course, but this isn't just a WF foreign currency system upgrade, it extends to many different banks across the country." She nodded her head and said, "that's exactly right."

I didn't push for what currencies were being added and tried really hard not to say anything that would cause them to shut down with what info she was sharing.

I am going back next week and will open a savings account there and hope that I can build on the dialog that occurred today. I certainly didn't want to give them any reason to feel they need to shut down.

APPY, I have heard much the same at my WF here and can confirm the training and system upgrades as well. Nice job positioning yourself to get the answers you were looking for. Just like a Good Investigative Reporter. Congrats

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