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Monday, February 19, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 19 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 19 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington,

A. Feb. 18 2018 7:42 pm EST TNT Update,#2 from TNT  2-18-18

1. 800 Numbers from the Districts were ready to be sent to corresponding banks and various information providers (that included us).

2. A single district could have multiple 800 numbers to utilize for appointments.

3. Zim: The cap was 100 Trillion Zim per person at the prevailing rate at the time of exchange. This cap was in effect until further notice. (Meaning you could only exchange up to 100 Trillion Zim at one time. The rest of your Zim could be exchanged at a later date. Each time you exchanged you would receive the rate showing on the bank screen at that particular time.)

4. 100 Trillion could be from any combination of 100's and 50's from the Trillions, Millions, Billions and Thousands series.


B. Feb. 18 2018 11:15 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 18, 2018 Intel, RV Alert https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Alliance picked up massive energy spikes originating around Thompson Peak, Idaho. The Cabal attempted to open a portal once again at a hidden base located under the Sawtooth Mountain Range. The base was identified as another Cabal-MIC D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base) and was shortly destroyed by the Alliance.

3. All recorded Cabal-MIC D.U.M.B.'s have been destroyed or captured. The Alliance continued to search for newly built or unrecorded Cabal-MIC D.U.M.B's via acquired intelligence. These D.U.M.B.'s must be neutralized as they might contain leftover Cabal-MIC military assets.

4. The recent false flag shooting in FL was the result of CIA MK Ultra programming.

5. Corrupted bankers continued to be arrested on a daily basis and the Cabal cleanup operation was nearing completion.

6. The plan of action to bring in the new financial system remained on track. The new financial system must be brought in before the old financial system collapsed.

7. With a smooth transition as the goal, the RV window was closing as it must begin shortly in order to bring in the new financial system.


C. Feb. 18 2018 7:48 pm EST  - The Office of POOFness - 2.18.18

1. Susan: Updates continued to support that the Prosperity Packages were ready. My information remains the same: Any Moment!

2. Some first funds were filtering in and we would begin the work this coming week.

3. On Wed. Feb. 21 I expect to issue a blackout. From that point on we would be very busy, but would advise on progress, not details.

4. We probably will see action on the RV and finally move forward to begin the work.


D. Feb. 18 2018 1:45 pm EST Weekend Update from TNT 2-18-18

1. Sat. Feb. 17: In Iraq Jabouri indicated that the budget would be complete in a week, while Abadi, at the Germany Security Council Summit, agreed to get it done.

2. Sun. Feb. 18: At the conference the Baghdad/Erbil Crisis came to an end. The Kurds were happy with results of the Article 140 debacle and agreed to cast their vote.


E. Feb. 18 2018 7:42 pm EST Bank Story, TNT: "Hold on to it" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/Bank Story

1. On Feb. 16 Friday afternoon, I went to a local Wells Fargo branch. I asked the helpful young man if his branch handled foreign currency. He enthusiastically said they did.

2. I asked if they used a Delarue (sp) machine or book? He said they have a program on their computer that they use.

3. I mentioned I had several foreign currencies. He asked, “like Dinar?” I said yes, Iraqi dinar. He said, “I have a customer who has some. I told him to hold on to it, but not too long. We had a currency that revalued, but the rate and the note changed so quickly, people missed out on it and the note wasn’t exchanged by the bank. You’ve got to move fast on that.”

4. He didn’t have a rate for the Rupiah, and couldn’t find the Rial or Dong on his computer. He told me to check back later.


F. Feb. 18 2018 "Behold a Pale Horse" Bill Cooper, 1991: http://a.co/0IZY9ra Milton William (Bill) Cooper -- Q Clearance in 1992 CNN Interview

1. In 1991 former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member Bill Cooper revealed information that has been kept in top secret government files since the 1940s.

2. In his 1991 book "Behold a Pale Horse" Cooper covered the assassination of John F. Kennedy, war on drugs, secret government and UFOs, plus correctly predicted the lowering of the Iron Curtain, fall of Berlin Wall, and invasion of Panama well before such events occurred

G. Feb. 18 2018 8:52 pm EST, Anon Patriots: Anonymous Patriots: We The People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason Aim 4 Truth | By ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS

1. The Anonymous Patriots have written extensively about Comey and Mueller’s crimes, but this is the first time we are listing crimes they have committed under the protection of “National Security” which were, in fact, crimes against America.

2. Many of these crimes have been reported on extensively by the American Intelligence Media. A suggested reading list is attached at the bottom of the report.

3. Read More: https://aim4truth.org/2018/02/18/we-the-people-make-official-charges-of-28-counts-of-treason/

H. Feb. 18 2018 10:00 am EST: Greg Hunter - Charles Hugh Smith: All Currencies will see Catastrophic Drop

I. Feb. 18 2018 9:11 pm EST Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz -- Blow by Blow from The InformerWe now know the THING in Washington, DC is: (1) foreign with respect to us; (2) functions in territorial and municipal international jurisdictions foreign to us; (3) functions as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmen services; and (4) it has been this way since the beginning.

J. Feb. 18 2018 7:50 pm EST Von Reitz: Anna Von Reitz: Another Reply to Manna "With Truth and Integrity"

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