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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Masacre" - GCR/RV HAS Intel Report - Yosef - , 30 DEC

New Year’s Day as recorded on the Julian Calendar comes this Monday at midnight.

Most to all nations start the new fiscal year at this time.

It would then make sense to begin any new gold backed financial system also at this time.

All redemptions would then fall in 2018, in accordance with the recently passed tax reforms (aka GESARA).

To accomplish this release, it would stand to reason that private redemptions could begin as early as Sunday midnight 12/31/17 because both Sunday and Monday are Federal holidays, thus no new accounts would technically be active or functional until Tuesday, January 2, 2018.
Just in time for the public release of new FOREX rates… and technically, everyone would go together, private and public, even though the privates would get a slight processing head start due to pent up volume.

This end of year release strategy would also rectify the old system in 2017 and place all new deposits, business, growth statistics into 2018, which would not be reported until first quarter 2019. That would buy the “explainers” of why there’s so much global growth suddenly a full five quarters to set consciousness in the media.

With this economic strategy as a possibility, expect a New Year’s political massacre to occur around this time… be that Trump firing Mueller and ultimately forcing his resignation in the weeks and months that follow, as well a Bibi Netanyahu in Israel an President Duma in South Africa, etc., etc., etc… one giant and sudden purge of old system world leaders, which will ultimately help serve as to the explanation of why things got suddenly improved, and so much better, in 2018.

This seemingly negative "New Year’s Day Massacre” has long been seeded in the media already, and you’ll start to hear more it the closer we get to New Year’s Day.

However, the planning for such an event is decades in the making and ultimately related to the financial system transition… which was not the case in 2001.

Thus the big difference from then and until now is the depth and length of preparation by the new powers that be, which means decades of implemented geopolitical, financial, diplomatic, investment and military strategy successfully accomplished.
The end result of which is the seamless transition of the financial system, less public knowledge, and with only a handful of alert citizens aware of what truly went down to arrive at this historic day.

If you’re reading this, it means you are one of the few that was pay attention to events globally at this level. Mazel Tov!

Your prize is a large and generationally transcendent bond/currency transaction that will last less than one hour. All those weeks, months, years and decades for an exchange/conversion that lasts minutes… yet will change every life you will forever touch with the remaining time your soul has left on this earth. Talk about one tight window and narrow crucible.

 Also, how highly favored and blessed we all are to be in this position, alive, with breath and full consciousness. Sobeit. Beitso.

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